This guide will show how the speaker of the UE Boom 2 is removed. This is an extensive and intrusive process which removes most components of the speaker.

  1. Remove the D-ring located at the bottom of the device, opposite end of the power button.
    • Remove the D-ring located at the bottom of the device, opposite end of the power button.

    • Remove by twisting in a counter-clockwise motion.

    • Removing the D-ring will allow you to be able to remove the rubber port cover revealing the headphone jack and charging port.

  2. Remove the rubber stripping using a metal spudger.
    • Remove the rubber stripping using a metal spudger.

    • Work around the edge of the rubber stripping slowly prying up the edge.

    • Continue removing the rubber stripping down the side.

    • On the bottom, unscrew the four 15mm Phillips Head #2 screws, using the Phillips Head #2 screwdriver.

    • Pry up at the location marked, and remove the plastic end cap.

    • Repeat these steps on the top of the speaker.

    • Carefully un-loop the cable and unplug from motherboard.

    • Pull out the battery, and handle with care.

    • Using the metal spudger, pry up the plastic tab on the inside.

    • Pry up around the entire inside circumference.

    • Repeat on the other end.

    • Using the metal spudger tool, pry up the inside edge of the mesh lining.

    • Working down the strip on both sides. Careful as to not rip the mesh.

    • Unscrew the two 5mm Phillips Head #1 screws, using a Phillips Head #1 screwdriver.

    • Using the metal spudger, pry open the edge of the cover.

    • Using the metal spudger, pry the plastic casing up.

    • Repeat on the other side of the speaker.

    • Pull each cover off.

    • Using the metal spudger, specifically the pointy end, find the gap between the speaker and billow (the large speaker-like object next to the speaker).

    • Pry the metal wire up and out at exactly this gap, then slide down wire towards one end to pop it out completely.

    • Once one end is out, use fingers to gently pull off completely, so as not to bend the wire to aggressively.

    • Repeat previous process for other side of the speaker and billow.

    • Using the metal spudger, work it under the billow (circled).

    • Work the billow up around all edges, and pull out of casing.

    • With the billow removed, pry up the pink rubber seal with the metal spudger, and remove.

    • Do not use excessive force with the metal spudger, doing so may damage the seal.

    • Now, begin to use the same technique for the speaker.

    • Be sure to remove the speaker slowly, as there is a cable attaching the speaker to the motherboard.

    • Once speaker is detached from casing, remove cable from motherboard.

    • Connect new speaker by attaching the cable to the same place where the old speaker was just taken out of.

    • If both speakers are blown out, repeat steps 14-16 on the other side.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, very good tutorial, you got your 30 points ! ;)

But the main question remains to me : where to get a new speaker as UE doen’t sell spare parts and I don’t find any replacement on internet … any help more than welcome …


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did you managed to source a replacement speaker? im having the same problem

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