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This guide will give you the know-how on how to transfer over photos from your Camera/SD card to your Apple Device

Notice: Steps/recommended adapters were sourced from this apple document

Supported SD cards and image-transfer protocols

  • Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)
  • Mass Storage Device protocol
  • SDSC
  • SDHC
  • miniSD
  • microSD
  • MMC
  • SDXC

Flash or USB thumb drives aren't supported for image importing.

If you're using a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, these iPad models transfer data at USB 3 speeds:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch

All other adapters and iOS devices use USB 2 speeds.

  1. Transfer photos from a Camera/SD Card to an Apple Device, Choosing the right Adapter: passo 1, immagine 1 di 2 Transfer photos from a Camera/SD Card to an Apple Device, Choosing the right Adapter: passo 1, immagine 2 di 2
    • Connect the adapter to your device. The male connecter of the adapter will go into the Apple device.

    • If you have a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, you may notice a Lightning port beside the SD cart slot. This is intentional as it allows the user to either plug in any devices with Lightning cable ports, such as wired earbuds or the Lightning to USB cable

    • If you are using the Camera Adapter, make sure that the appropriate cable is plugged into the camera first, then plug the USB end into the Camera Adapter into your Apple Device

    • If you are using an SD card, make sure you plug the SD card facing UP. Check to make sure that the SD card's tab is pushed up, allowing data to be read/written

    • If the previous steps were done correctly, you should see a tab called Import. Photos should automatically open to the Import tab. If it doesn't, open Photos and tap Import.

    • Next, Tap Import All to import your content, or tap specific items, then tap Import

    • When the import is complete, you might be asked to Keep or Delete the media on the camera or SD card

    • You can import content only to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can't export content to an SD card or digital camera.

    • One you have imported your photos and chose to keep or delete the imported photos on your Apple Device, remove the SD card, followed by the adapter connected to your device

    • If you don't see the Import tab, follow these steps:

    • Make sure that your digital camera is on and in the correct mode to export images.

    • Disconnect the adapter, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect it.

    • Unplug the digital camera or SD card, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect.

    • Restart your iOS device and turn your camera off and back on.

    • If one is available, test with a different digital camera or SD card. If you can import media with a different digital camera or SD card, there might be an issue with the data on the camera or SD card. Try to import the data to another device or computer, then use your digital camera to format—or reset—the SD card.

    • Reformatting will erase all the images on the SD card. Check the manual for your digital camera for more help.

    • Apple camera adapters can import multiple types of media files from your digital camera or SD card. If the format isn't compatible with iOS, you won’t be able to view them on your device, but can import them to your computer later. Apple camera adapters can import only content that was captured by digital cameras.

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