For many laptops the WiFi card is under the HDD cover and replacing is very easy operation.

To change the WiFi half mini PCIe card on this laptop, you must to disassemble the bottom case.

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Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.
  • Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.

  • Use cutter and plastic tool to remove the Keyboard, held by 7x locking clips.

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Remove 7x screws from the upper case.
  • Remove 7x screws from the upper case.

  • Disassemble the HDD, RAM Memory cover and remove the HDD (just for safety).

  • Then remove 12x screws so you can start with disassembling the bottom case.

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  • Use a plastic tool for separating the bottom case from the laptop.

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  • Here is the WiFi, Bluetooth half mini PCIe card.

  • Disconnect 2x antenna cables (luetooth and WiFi).

  • The mini PCI card is held by one small screw.

  • .

  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This card is mini pcie (express) not mini pci. A small quibble but it did cause me to waste time looking at it.

mknoy - Replica

You're right, my mistake.

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