In this guide we will show how to access and remove the plastic covering and protecting the LCD display.


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  1. The first step to any repair operation is to remove the front cover.
    • The first step to any repair operation is to remove the front cover.

    • Grab the back of the calculator with one hand and the cover with the other.

    • Pull the cover off from one of the sides for easy removal.

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  2. Orientate the calculator with the top facing towards you.
    • Orientate the calculator with the top facing towards you.

    • Slide the locking tab,found on the top part of the calculator, to the unlock position.

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    • "Locking Tab"

    • To remove the back cover, slide the cover away from the locking tab towards the bottom of the calculator until the cover no longer slides.

    • Then with the front of the calculator facing down, pull up on the back cover.

    • The calculator should now be orientated with the front facing down, as shown in picture 2.

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    • The Batteries are now exposed and the calculator is face down with the back towards you.

    • Remove the bottom batteries by pressing the battery towards you while pulling it out from the far end.

    • If you can not do the previous step with your finger try using a flat ended tool such as an Ipod opening tool.

    • After the bottom battery has been removed push or slide the other(top) battery towards you until it is fully exposed in the battery slot.

    • Now simply remove the battery.

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    • Using a Philips Screwdriver #00 unscrew the twelve 11.8mm screws shown in the picture and located on the back of the calculator.

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    • Unscrew the 19mm screw located near center of the back of the calculator.

    • Remove the panel being held by the screw.

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    • Using the same Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the remaining three 11.8mm screws.

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    • Using the Ipod Opening Tool pull up on both sides of the rectangular module while keeping the rest of the calculator flat on a surface face down

    • You may get a lot of resistance from the module. Do not use too much force as you risk damage. Use small amounts of force to work the module out.

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    • Pull out the rectangular module when it is finally loose enough.

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    • Now pull up on the back cover of the calculator while holding the rest of it flat on a surface.

    • Be careful not to tilt the front of the calculator at this point. The keyboard buttons are now unsupported and will fall out of place.

    Some models might require removing the two battery screws before the back cover can be pulled up. These screws are somewhat smaller than the others but can easily be removed with the same screwdriver.

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    • Lift one of the ends of the sticky black strips located around the screen.

    • This process will be facilitated by the use of the Ipod Opening Tools or a similar tool.

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    • Start to remove the strips by pulling them outward carefully. Lift one end of the strip and peel it down to the other end.

    • If the strips are sticking to each other you do not need to separate them from each other, simply continue pulling outward on the strips around the edges.

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    • If one of the remaining strips is sticking to the others and can not be easily removed, use a tool such as the Ipod Opening Tool to start pulling the strip up.

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    • The yellow circles and the spots on the other side of the screen from the circles represent circular tabs holding the plastic screen cover in.

    • Use a flat tool such as the Ipod Opening tool to separate the screen from the tabs.

    • When removing the screen, the top part of the tabs holding the screen will break in order to allow for movement.

    • If tilting the panel to remove screen, be careful as the buttons may fall out. To avoid this, keep rubber cover over buttons during operations and keep angle of tilt at a minimum.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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