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Ecco la guida per sostituire lo speaker in un MacBook Pro da 15" del 2016-2017. Nell'ottobre 2016, Apple ha lanciato un nuovo MacBook Pro, con un nuovo design e nuove funzionalità, che includono la Touch Bar, la nuova tastiera a farfalla, un nuovo schermo e nuovi speaker. Ma queste funzioni hanno generato lamentele per la loro fragilità. Apple ha annunciato un programma di sostituzione per le tastiere e gli schermi, ma non gli speaker, nonostante molti utenti hanno riportato di un problema col volume. Apple sostiene che gli speaker sono incollati alla scocca superiore e non possono essere sostituiti singolarmente, costando quindi 600€. Ho quindi deciso di sostituirlo da solo e scrivere una guida a riguardo.

  1. Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017, Speaker: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
  2. Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 2, immagine 1 di 3 Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 2, immagine 2 di 3 Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 2, immagine 3 di 3
    • Lo speaker è incollato alla scocca con un adesivo molto resistente, quindi ho usato un asciugacapelli per scaldarlo ed ammorbidirlo prima di rimuovere lo speaker.

    Step 1: CAREFULLY unlatch the cable connection to the motherboard.

    Damon Hamm - Replica

    Slide a thin sparger underneath the cable starting from the direction of the fans and towards the batteries. The connector lifts straight up to disconnect

    Damon Hamm - Replica

    Does not show how to disconnect speaker from motherboard. Thanks.

    Richard Carey - Replica

  3. Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017, Rimuovere lo speaker (il passaggio più difficile): passo 3, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017, Rimuovere lo speaker (il passaggio più difficile): passo 3, immagine 2 di 2
    • Dopodiché, infila un metro in metallo tra lo speaker e la scocca. Stai attento a non danneggiare le celle della batteria.

  4. Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 4, immagine 1 di 3 Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 4, immagine 2 di 3 Sostituzione speaker MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017: passo 4, immagine 3 di 3
    • Io ho usato del nastro biadesivo per incollare il nuovo speaker. La cosa importante in questo passaggio è di non lasciare delle fessure mentre tagli e applichi l'adesivo. Anche una minima fessura distorcerà i suoni.

    • Inoltre ho notato delle differenze strutturali tra i modelli 2016 e 2017. Lo speaker di destra è del 2017, mentre quello di sinistra è un modello del 2016 preso da iFixit. Il materiale fonoassorbente è leggermente diverso, come puoi vedere nella terza immagine, non sembra ci siano differenze nella qualità audio.

    Bei mir ist sogar der originale Kleber genau richtig im Gehäuse kleben geblieben.

    Ich habe Ihn dann nur nochmal mit dem Fön erwärmt und den neuen Lautsprecher feste (und vorsichtig) daraufgeklebt.

    Andreas Martin - Replica

    welche Kleber kann man benutzen?

    Adolfo Leyh - Replica


Dopo diversi mesi da questa riparazione la durata della batteria è calata drasticamente, quindi ho portato il mio MacBook Pro ad un Genius Bar. Ho chiesto se potevano sostituirmi la batteria anche se avevo sostituito da solo gli speaker, e hanno risposto di sì. Infine, gli speaker e la scocca superiore sono stati cambiati. Comunque ho paura che si romperanno ancora poiché quando li uso per ascoltare della musica o altro ogni tanto gracchiano.

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Takashi Miyazaki

Membro da: 13/01/2019

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is battery draining is related to speaker replacement? as I get it’s not, but just wanted to double-check

I’ll need to do the same replacement after I’ve damaged my speaker when I was opening my MacBook to change thermal paste, so great news you can change to case after a repair like that, thank you

Dmitry Petrov - Replica

Has anyone done this repair and what there any problems?

Charles Lampard - Replica

Are these speakers located directly under the back /bottom cover? I have the MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) touch bar and I see in some videos people going through so many steps trying to get to them so I’m a little confused by this 3-step tutorial.

Seba KL - Replica

Where can I buy the right-side speaker component, 2017 model? As you noted in the 3rd step section, you find the structural differences between 2016 and 2017models. When I search the 2017 model right-side speaker in ifixit. com here, the component seems to be only 2016 model as below:

MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2017) Right Speaker

Also, do you have a video tutorial of replacing speakers? If then, much appreciated!

Kyungil Kong - Replica

Sorry I didn’t record the video of this repair. You can find it on eBay, the link is here :

but I’m not sure if it would work perfectly because it is used one. So I recommend you buy the right speaker on iFixit though it might be 2016 model because I couldn’t tell the difference of sound quality between 2016 and 2017 model.

Takashi Miyazaki -

Thank you. I am suddenly wondering what kind of glue is good for use to be replaced with a new speaker part, as you noted that you used a double-sided tape.

As for the 2017 model speakers, I am leaving a piece of information for someone who wants to repair speakers.

That seems to be a genuine 2017 model of speakers.

If not, please correct and suggest other 2017 models. By the way, I am appreciated for Takashi Miyazaki  suggesting one in iFixit website.

Kyungil Kong - Replica

Yes, I think it is the real one! As for the tape I used for the repair, the thickness was 0.6mm if I remember correctly and it was suitable for taping on metal.

Takashi Miyazaki -

What type of double sided tape did you need to use?


Buckley Robinson - Replica

I ended up using a plastic pry tool instead of a metal ruler (worried about the battery), but otherwise I found this guide excellent. It took me about 15 minutes, so the estimated time might be a bit on the long side - almost all of that time was carefully prying up the old speaker.

The iFixit part that is linked comes with adhesive now! Not sure when that changed, but obviously makes the replacement MUCH easier.

benjaminbarad - Replica

Did this replacement solved muffling sound issue? Here is the video where the volume triggered muffling issue is demonstrated

Alex Bokhankovich -

Bein Doppelseitigen Klebeband am Temperaturbeständigkeit achten (3M)

Sebastian - Replica

here is a video of the speaker replacement

Sebastian - Replica

Hey Guys, another question here: so you think these replacement speakers are original ones?

I replaced them with cheap china speakers a year ago, and surprise surprise.. they sound like crap.

So just to be sure that I will buy the good sounding ones.

Thanks in advance!

Florian Zuber - Replica

I’ve tried two speaker replacements so far, and each gave the distorted / buzzing sound with no bass / loudness compared to the left one. I verified this by panning audio to the left and right in system preferences. The process to take out the speaker was not that bad. I used a hair dryer with an attachment to isolate the heat to the side of the MacBook top case and keep away from the battery / board.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

fitzgeraldbranen - Replica

It looks like it is the actual replacement speaker and not adhesive / poor installation as I was suspecting. The replacement parts from here are similar, but the clear tubing is a little different and seems like just bad parts from China. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing the same, but shout out to iFixit’s team for being super awesome to work with.

fitzgeraldbranen -

I bought the speaker directly from ifixit US and yep, I have the same problem. The speaker seems to be the issue here clearly.

No bass (checked with a third party equalizer to verify) very thin mid and a very odd buzzing.

MrWegl -

Same here. Bought speaker from iFixit and after installing it (not that hard by the way), Sound continues distorted in particular with bass. Keeps happening only on right speaker…

Nuno Lima -

Done this on my 2017 model. Thanks!

Mei Okubo - Replica

Don’t you have to disconnect the battery first?

Just a quick question.

willim1 - Replica

How can I tell which speaker is muffled L or R?

Bethany Kross - Replica

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