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Usa questa guida per sostituire una batteria usurata. Se la tua batteria è gonfia, prendi adeguate precauzioni.

  1. Rimuovi le dieci viti seguenti, che fissano il case inferiore a quello superiore:
    • Rimuovi le dieci viti seguenti, che fissano il case inferiore a quello superiore:

    • Tre viti con testa a croce Phillips da 13,5 (14,1) mm.

    • Sette viti con testa a croce da 3 mm.

    • Nel rimuovere queste viti, nota come escono lievemente angolate. Devono essere rimesse al loro posto nello stesso modo.

    Step 1 (technically step 9 - replacing the base plate) Apparently one of my screws was a micron or two smaller than the others. This screw belongs to the hole above the optical drive, which is also apparently a couple of microns smaller than the others. It took seven attempts to figure which screw had originally been in that hole; all the other screws were too large, but fitted perfectly everywhere else.

    Bizarre much?

    Will - Replica

    It might be a matter of how the screws are driven in, and not that they're slightly different sizes. When I reassembled my MacBook, a couple of the screws, including the one over the optical drive you mention, were hard to drive in and jutted up a little bit instead of sitting entirely flush. Swapping screws didn't help. The solution was to unscrew them and drive them in at a bit of an angle - perpendicular to the slightly curved surface of the back plate where the screw holes were, instead of fully vertical with respect to the ground the Macbook is sitting on. Doing it that way, the screws were easier to drive in and they all ended up flush in their holes. Didn't matter which screws they were. (I swapped a few around just to check after reading this.)

    Andrew Janke -

    I had no such screw issues. Either there are differences in manufacturing lots or I just got incredibly lucky during reassembly!

    xtophr -

    I discovered a great way of organizing the screws. I used an ice cube tray and added the screws in order, keeping the different kinds together. So when it came to reversing the steps, the screw order was an added control step to returning everything in its place.

    leonie - Replica

    Great advise! Love it! :)

    Ririds -

    I used to do that and that worked really great until I bumped it by accident and the entire tray went on the rug! I spent the next day sorting things out.

    Now I use these:

    The lower ones 50 to a package. I mark them w/ blue tape. Often if it's part like the fans, or the optical drive I'll tape the screws into/near the holes where they belong. I did this a lot especially w/ the bottom screws from MBPs until I'd done so many I knew exactly where the longer ones went.

    Richard Sato -

    I wrapped the screws in a piece of blue masking tape and wrote the number on the little pouch I made. Then I stuck the blue tape pouches on the underside of the case bottom in order.

    Roscoe -

    I take double-sided tape, put that on a piece of paper, stick the crews to that, and label them.

    jelimoore -

    Best I've found is a bead sorting tray. They're like $5 at Wal-Mart and they have a lid that seals up and won't let them jump between containers.

    maccentric -

    I take a sheet of paper, pierce the screws through the paper, take a pen and box the screws and write out what step they belong to.

    Nils -

    @Will, in my case I had the same result as you did. As a reminder to myself the next time I need to open the computer, I put a dot of white paint on those two screw's head and a very, very thin ring of white on the very edge of each hole, that way I'll know they go into those two holes.

    Roger - Replica

    Actually the four screws on the bottom were not threaded all the way up. I didn't check to see if the thread gauge was the same on them, but it wasn't until I had about four screws out (I didn't take them out in the order that the bottom all came out first) that I noticed a difference. I then took out the rest of the bottom ones to see if they matched the two that were already out that weren't threaded to the top. They did. So I went under the assumption that those were all bottom screws and when I put it back together everything went fine with no resistance.

    So there are three types of screws: Four for the bottom, three long ones as indicated and three others that might be slightly smaller than the bottom ones.

    wresnick - Replica


    Although its more than a year since your contribution, I thought you might be amused to know that it is not just that the screws go in more easily when at an angle, Apple actually drilled and tapped the holes at a 15% angle. I too had tried to drive them in straight. An Apple "genius" - I was in for something else - clarified the design for me. It was done so that the screws lay flush on the angled part of the lower case. Nice design, but since Apple encourages DIY memory and drive changes, they could have mentioned this little ... trap.

    H Stahl -


    Intel Core i7, 2,2 GHz, RAM 16 GB

    Mountain Lion

    May someone help me?

    I have installed the second drive with ssd 840 evo, but when I try to copy the file from the new drive to the main hd this in not allowed (errore -36)

    Piero - Replica

    To my knowledge you can't transfer a single file more than 4gb. I advise compressing to a bunch of rars to split the file size and moving them individually

    1982sketcher -

    Hey everyone, here's the very best way to PERFECTLY organize your screws AND keep track of the order of the procedure: Get a piece of plain corrugated cardboard and a pen (I like using a Sharpie). For EACH step of the disassembly, draw a simple diagram of the layout of the computer on the piece of cardboard, with dots or Xs where the screws are located. Right after you remove each screw from the computer, poke a hole in the cardboard in its corresponding diagram position with your screwdriver and place the screw in that hole. If there are other non-screw related parts to be removed, you can add notes below each step diagram to remind you of where they go or how they should be placed. This cardboard method is great not only because your screws will not go flying or get mixed up by accident if bumped, but each screw goes EXACTLY back where it came from and you can keep the cardboard as a template for future use if necessary!

    - zerø K

    zeroK - Replica

    for all the mac 2011 owner. we should pressure apple to accept their fault. they gave as a piece of junk while they took our $2000. -betrayed apple fanboy

    mindful - Replica

    These instructions worked great for me. I ordered a replacement battery from Key Power (on Amazon) for my 15" Macbook Pro (mid-2010). Cost was $74 shipped.

    Battery came with 3 different screwdrivers to help with installation. I just needed the one size though, since my 2010 seemed to use all the same size screws.


    Marcos - Replica

    During re-assembling (put the screws back in), it is important to note that the 3mm threaded holes are not completely vertical, but bent a little bit such that the hole direction is rectangular to the tapered surface. The force of the screwdriver must point towards the direction of the hole. Otherwise the screw gets jammed

    kusi - Replica

    There is a FOOLPROOF WAY TO ORGANIZE ALL SCREWS and other parts removed.

    Print the repair guide.

    Yes, the actual photo of the bottom of the laptop with the circles around the screws.

    When you remove the screw, tape it to the photograph.

    You will tape the screw to the exact location that you just removed it from.

    Same thing with any part you remove.

    splashzoneent - Replica

    Thanks Splash!!! I used your suggested method, and it was perfect: kept all my screws, and i was able to, very easily, put them back in their correct place. I greatly appreciated your feedback. Thank you for sharing!!

    Tommy Kedar -

    Thank you!!! This worked fabulously - even the I.T. people at my workplace were excited as they never thought to do that before. Replacing the battery took about 10 minutes!

    nclarke36 -

    Worked like a charm! Took less than 20 minutes.

    It's Oct. 2015, and the fan cost me about $10. it was the same brand/model...

    SUNON MG62090V1-Q020-S99 .


    1- no T6 screwdriver- was careful using needle nose players to loosen 2 screws protruding up, then use a small phillips to push real hard into the T6 slots, SLOWLY turn , also used a small flat head screwdriver (for eye glass repair) was able to grab thread on T6's, made a small mark with screw driver across the top so I could see when it started to turn.

    2- no spudger -made one; cut a little strip 1/2" x 1 1/2" of plastic. couldn't get it to slide under plug, there's an edge where plug fits. so lifted old fan out, pulled upward on the plug it popped right out with very little effort. I used my home made spudger to push the new plug into place.

    3- download free "Macs Fan Control" This is how I was alerted to the fan not working in the first place. Program shows temperature of all key components in the computer.

    cheers- Durango CO!

    Dgodrummer - Replica

    Watch the video first, read the entire tutorial and all the comments before you start, and spread a white towel on the floor so you can find screws when you drop them. Watch this first --

    kevicoll409 - Replica

    The link above is no longer available.

    Kristina Graham -

    Please be aware that you CAN do this replacement with MUCH LESS work. I successfully replaced a trackpad (TP) in this model WITHOUT removing a lot of what is described here. I think i mainly removed the logic board (LB) anchor screws along the TP side and was then able to lever up the LB just enough to get the cable unplugged and snaked out. Followed the reverse and done. Maybe not for all, but it worked for me. // Re screws: i print out the images here of the multi-screws locations and then tape the screws in place on the print-out.

    Danno - Replica

    Is it necessary to ground oneself to prevent static damage to logic board, etc. when replacing the speakers?

    If so, what is the best way to do this?

    Do you wear wrist strap designed for this purpose? To what metal object do you attach the clip and wire? I’m assuming the aluminum case isn’t going to work.

    Sibyl Smith - Replica

    I will be buying a battery from you and using your instructions. I just installed a new CD/DVD using your instructions and 1) I feel like I owe you something and 2) Although more expensive, I have the confidence your battery will work. My current battery is the original with 1399 cycles in 7.2 yrs. A tech buddy had bought me a replacement and I installed it. I had just installed a new OS and the kernel_task went going nuts, using 90% of the CPU. Hours on the phone with Apple did not resolve the issue. On a whim, I put the old battery back in and Voila! But I cannot risk my battery swelling and going south on me. I am also going to buy your installation tools. Yeah, I already have them. But you can never have enough tools…or beer. And you don’t sell beer.

    Pete Banks - Replica

    How did that work out if you don’t mind me asking? I’m a bit nervous and been on the fence for a while. Mine isn’t swollen but it’s dying after an hour which is problematic.

    Shawn -

    The instructions say that I am removing PH00 screws. I found that my MBP, mid ‘12, Retina has pentalobe screws instead!

    jsandersonq - Replica

    This laptop definitely originally shipped with Phillips screws—but, Apple has been known to replace Phillips screws with pentalobes when one of their devices is brought in for service. Sorry for the rude surprise! Fortunately the correct driver is easy to find nowadays. [Blatant self-promotion alert!] If you support free repair manuals, consider picking one up from iFixit. Good luck!

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Me, too, and it’s plausible that this machine has been serviced by Apple in the past, replacing the screws as Jeff Suovanen suggests.

    iFixit shipped a pentalobe bit with the kit, but it’s too large for the actual screws, so it looks like I now need to get another bit. But what size?

    Jeff’s link is to a driver with a P5 bit, and that page links to a P2 screwdriver, but since I don’t know what size I actually need (and I don’t have a micrometer to hand) I’m reluctant to buy two on spec.

    Norman Gray -

    (The bit in the kit appears to be a P6, so I’m inclined to order a P5 and see what happens)

    Norman Gray -

    To keep track of screws, I used the suggestions above by taping a photo of the lower case to a piece of corrugated cardboard and inserting/taping the screws in place. Also, as some have noted, the screws go back in at a slight angle; they are angled toward the center of the unit.

    Kristina Graham - Replica

    I have the kit for replacing a 4th gen iPod battery and the screwdrivers look like the same spec – do the plastic opening tools work as a spudger?

    Philip Machanick - Replica

    If your vision, like mine, is getting too fuzzy to be able to distinguish between a tiny Phillips screwdriver and a tiny Tri screwdriver, there’s an easy way. With a Phillips (or a Pozidrive) you can get two opposite wings to reflect the light from a lamp or window straight towards your eye at the same time. With a Tri (or Penta) you can only get one wing to reflect at a time, however much you twiddle it.

    Alan Waller - Replica

    There’s a very easy way to avoid cross-threading a screw thread, any size.

    Put the screw into its hole and start by turning it gently, slowly BACKWARDS. When you hear a little “Click!” sound, the male thread has just passed the opening in the female thread and is in exactly the right position to enter into it correctly when you start to turn in the correct forward direction.

    Remember, all drivers except hex (Allen key) and TorX need pressure to avoid slipping out and damaging the head. So even when you want to turn it in with LOW moment/torque, keep the CONTACT PRESSURE high.

    Alan Waller - Replica

    After reading this page on iFixit several times, I just could not face all the work of replacing the Logic Boards on two MacBookPro 2011s even if I was prepared to pay approx 400 USD (which I wasn’t). Then I read the reviews of a couple of folks who’d stripped down their machines and put their logic boards in the oven and, it worked! I wondered, if I just used my new Steinel Hot Air Tool (heat gun in my language) recently delivered from iFixit, on the logic board in-situ, without removing it? So I removed the battery, hard drive, and RAM and unplugged all the leads I could see WITHOUT removing anything else physically. Then using the 500 degrees set on the gun (setting 2) I ‘played’ the gun over the logic board for about 60 seconds on machine one with the restart problem (plus latterly, not completing start-up). Long story short… it worked! I spent a long time getting the s/w to load, but the commentary is too short to let me relate that part… ping me if I can help you do the same!

    Ian Black - Replica

  2. Solleva con entrambe le mani il case inferiore in prossimità della presa d'aria per estrarre le due clip di fissaggio al case superiore.
    • Solleva con entrambe le mani il case inferiore in prossimità della presa d'aria per estrarre le due clip di fissaggio al case superiore.

    • Rimuovi il case inferiore e mettilo da parte.

    After pulling out the lower case and put it back on, the lower case doesn't stick well with the left clip. What should i do now?

    Januar Wiyogo - Replica

    What is the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed in this MacBook?

    michael - Replica

    16 GB is the max

    Bradon Kelley -

    I can’t get the back panel off !! Removed all 10 screws but the panel is still on. Not a quick easy lift like in the picture of videos on youtube what going on…are the hidden screws locking tabs?

    Tachyon - Replica

    Solved the tabs were hard to get off to the point I thought I was going to bend the back case off before it would let go.

    Tachyon - Replica

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  4. Rimuovi le due viti Tri-point da 7,4 mm che fissano la batteria al case superiore.
    • Rimuovi le due viti Tri-point da 7,4 mm che fissano la batteria al case superiore.

    • Nota: per alcune riparazioni (ad es. il disco rigido), non occorre rimuovere la batteria, ma ciò previene qualsiasi cortocircuito accidentale dei componenti elettronici sulla scheda madre. Se decidi di non rimuovere la batteria, opera con cautela poiché alcune parti della scheda madre potrebbero essere percorse da corrente elettrica.

    • Non occorre necessariamente seguire i passaggi da 3 a 6 per rimuovere la batteria per sostituire il disco rigido. Tuttavia, si consiglia di rimuovere tutte le fonti di alimentazione dai componenti elettronici prima di operare su di essi.

    A 1/16th flathead screwdriver easily removes the tri-wing screws in this step. I could not find a Y0 Tri-wing driver at any local stores.

    Jon Daniels - Replica

    I'd like to add that for me, a 1/16th flathead screwdriver did NOT allow me to remove the tri-wing screws holding the battery in place. After several careful attempts, it became obvious I was perilously close to stripping the screw(s), so I abandoned the attempt to unscrew the tri-wing screws with a flathead screwdriver altogether. As it turned out, I didn't need to remove the battery to do what I needed to do (keyboard replacement), but it would have been a whole lot easier had the battery been easily removable.

    dave - Replica

    The Tri-wing screw driver is impossible to find in retail, amazon and ebay are great bets but they vary wildly in quality... I ordered two, and both were so cheap, and barely got the job done. It could be worth getting it here. When you do get it, make sure you push, the Y0 screws were very tight in my macbook, pressing hard prevents you from stripping the Y screw.

    Abe - Replica

    I believe they are Y1 screws, no?

    Mark -

    Short of taking out the battery is there something else I can do to protect the motherboard?

    Bruce Bell - Replica

    What worked for me was actually a set of needlenose pliers - the heads on those screws aren't flush, they actually stick out enough that it's possible to turn them from the outside. Caused some scuff marks on the finish of the screws but it's not like anyone's going to see them anyway!

    oboewan42 - Replica

    A tri-wing screwdriver sold as 'for Nintendo Wii' marked 'HFA 360/ x50' did the job. I replaced the screws with standard-head M2x6mm metric screws (M2 = 2 mm thread, 6 mm length of threaded part). Exactly, I took them out of an old hard-disk (with torx head and slightly shorter).

    akronymus - Replica

    It says "Note: For certain repairs (e.g. hard drive), removing the battery is not necessary but it prevents any accidental shorting of electronics on the motherboard." This is obviously a boilerplate instruction that is not appropriate for a repair guide.

    Well, DO you have to remove the battery? IS this one of those repairs where it's "not necessary but prevents accidental shorting"?

    Obviously, this instruction is boilerplate text that accompanies almost all the repair guides-- but there shouldn't be boilerplate text there, since this is a specific guide for replacing the Magsafe DC-in jack and not the harddrive.

    skat1140 - Replica

  5. Con la punta del dito, solleva con cautela l'angolo dell'etichetta di avvertimento per scoprire una vite tri-wing nascosta.
    • Con la punta del dito, solleva con cautela l'angolo dell'etichetta di avvertimento per scoprire una vite tri-wing nascosta.

    • Rimuovi l'ultima vite Y1 tri-wing da 7,4 mm che fissa la batteria al case superiore.

    Is removing the battery necessary?

    bname - Replica

    It is not strictly necessary. As mentioned above, removing the battery is the only way to be sure that no parts of the logic board are electrified. It is very easy to replace the hard drive without removing the battery, but it is safer to remove the battery first.

    Daniel Brauer -

    Note: removing the battery can cause a hitch with OS X 10.9 Mavericks installation to a blank drive, or at least it did for me.

    Disconnecting the battery makes the hardware clock reset to something like Jan 1, 2000. This causes the Mavericks installer to fail its self-check with the error message: "This copy of the Install OS X Mavericks application can't be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading."

    To fix this, you need to open up Terminal from the Utilities menu in the bootable OS X installer environment and use the `date` command to set your Mac's clock back to the correct time before proceeding with the "Install OS X" menu selection, as described here:

    Andrew Janke - Replica

    Thanks for that warning, Andrew.

    Max Fenton -

    Happened here too, thanks for the tip!

    Franco Bianchi -

    As a note, my Mid-2010 Unibody Macbook did not have this third screw, just two to remove the battery.

    Max Fenton - Replica

    Can anyone answer this question. I cannot afford the entire 80 dollar repair kit listed here and the tools needed only list a spunger t6 and a appears from some of these comments there are more drivers needed. I am afraid to do this anyway but not having the right tools off the bat will just make things more difficult while waiting for an order to come in...can someone list the exact tools I would need ? Any help would be appreciated...I am ready to order this but want to put in one order....ifixit, can you clear this up perhaps ?

    laurie - Replica

    One of the most important tool you should get is the head strap magnifier with lighting, it will make your viewing and capable ability much more confident.

    James -

    Answered my own question ... the list at the top of this page is dif from the list when you order the part.....

    laurie - Replica

    Taking the battery out is the easiest part once you have the Tri-Wing screwdriver

    Tri-point Y1 Screwdriver

    Tao - Replica

    And yes, taking the battery out does naturally make the hardware clock reset.... It's easily fixed. See Andrew Janke's comment above.

    It's a small hassle, compared to needing to possibly replace your logic board because a surge from your battery fried it.

    Tao - Replica

    Ne trouvant pas de tournevis Y1, j'ai utilisé avec succès une pince électrique à bouts fins pour déserrer la vis puis j'ai terminé avec un tournevis plat très fin (1.5x35)

    Ivan Keller - Replica

    I stripped the Y screw! Arghhhh. Any help ideas?

    erinandjoy - Replica

    new battery drains at the rate of about 10% a minute. i may have received a faulty one but i wouldn't have bought it if i knew what i know now.

    aozoren - Replica

    Is this a battery from iFixit?

    Scott Dingle -

    Is all of this necessary if I am just needing to put a new top to my old bottom?

    sherry williams - Replica

  6. Solleva la batteria prendendola dalla linguetta di plastica e falla scorrere lontano dal bordo lungo del case superiore. Non cercare di rimuovere completamente la batteria già ora.
    • Solleva la batteria prendendola dalla linguetta di plastica e falla scorrere lontano dal bordo lungo del case superiore.

    • Non cercare di rimuovere completamente la batteria già ora.

  7. Inclina la batteria allontanandola dalla scheda logica finché sarà possibile accedere al connettore del cavo della batteria.
    • Inclina la batteria allontanandola dalla scheda logica finché sarà possibile accedere al connettore del cavo della batteria.

    • Rimuovi il connettore del cavo della batteria dal suo zoccolo sulla scheda logica e rimuovi la batteria dal case superiore.

    • Estrai il connettore del cavo della batteria dalla parte centrale della scheda logica.

    • Dopo aver installato una nuova batteria, dovresti calibrarla:

    • Carica al 100% e poi tieni sotto carica almeno altre due ore. Quindi stacca l'alimentazione e usa il laptop normalmente per farlo scaricare. All'avviso di batteria in esaurimento, salva il lavoro corrente e tieni acceso il MacBook finché non si iberna perché è scarico. Aspetta almeno altre 5 ore, poi carica il laptop ininterrottamente fino al 100%.

    • Se noti qualsiasi problema o comportamento inusuale dopo l'installazione di una nuova batteria, può essere necessario resettare l'SMC del tuo MacBook.

    I'm having the same problem as previous commenters: the battery now drains much faster. It's the original factory unit—I only replaced the HD, which is working great.

    Is there something I am missing with the battery reconnection? Maybe it's loose?

    I just want to make sure before I crack open my laptop again.

    cmalec722 - Replica

    Fast battery drain problems might be due to a corrupted power manager circuit on the logic board. To reset it, remove the battery, press the power button for about 5-10 seconds, then reinstall the battery. I know the problem might have been partly due to removing the battery in the first place, but this is the procedure for resetting what might have gone wrong. It might also help to do a PRAM reset, by holding down Command-Option-P-R at power (not just from a restart), and let the Macbook chime twice after its initial powerup chime.

    johnsawyercjs -

    The spudger works well for detaching the connector.

    skat1140 - Replica


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I would only add one additional part (and half of a step). Get so,e Threadlock Blue 242 and apply a little bit to the threads of the screws when re-placing the back case. If you open the back up a lot, this helps keep the screws from coming undone and falling out (for years before I figured this out I used to have patches of gaffer's tape on the bottom side of my computer).

justincberger - Replica

Cela c'est bien passé, j'ai commandé un tournevis Y, mais je me suis rendu compte que j'en avais déjà un à la maison... Probablement, moins dispendieux d'acheter dans un magasin d'occasion d'informatique.

J'ai payé 42,44$CAN avec FedEx pour les frais de douanes en plus du prix de la batterie autour de 175$CAN, presque 200$CAN pour une batterie plus un tournevis Y. Riddicule!! Ebay doit être une meilleure aubaine côté prix.

Toutefois, je dois admettre que le nombre de cycle est plus élévée avec cette batterie, on parle de 4800 cycles de recharge disponible tandis que la batterie originale de Apple comptait 1000 cycles. La batterie une fois installée est chargé à 75% environ. Tutoriel très simple et facile à comprendre même pour les francophones, je le recommande.

Alyrxc - Replica

On my Macbook Pro 15", Mid 2010, a Y0 trip-wing bit worked much better than the Y1.

joelkevinjones - Replica

What kind of battery is compatible with the Macbook pro 15 mid 2010 A1286? Thanks in advance.

Zen Khalil - Replica

Replying to Andrew Optimus Goldberg: Well, yeah, but ifixit is selling the part at the extreme high-end of the price range. Plus, they dont even tell you which Chinese manufacturer they are using, so you can't check it for reliability/problems.

skat1140 -

BOF... Pour commencer, Ifixit serait bien inspiré de glisser un tournevis tri-wings qui ne coûte rien ou presque dans le pack batterie qu'il vend 80 euros plutôt que d'oublier de préciser qu'il est indispensable pour démonter la batterie et le vendre par ailleurs près de 8 euros + frais de port, ce qui est exorbitant. Quant à la batterie, on gagne effectivement en autonomie, mais sans renouer avec les scores de la batterie d'origine.

VERNIER - Replica

my battery swelled up and pushed on the trackpad so it cant be used. May I remove the battery and use the laptop only plugged in? I have been using it as a desktop anyway.

dryggirl - Replica

I have the same question

joseph cooper -

i have the same question ...can anybody answer please

joseph cooper -

Hi all. Although I cannot say for certain whether or not this will work as I have never done it personally, there is a large amount of information on the internet that suggests it will work. Most information says that it performance will suffer as a result of running the MacBook without a battery. I looked at this Apple forum link and "Is it safe to use MacBook Air without the battery?" from iFixit to find my information.

Scott Havard -

Thank you so much. I'm back up and running. 30 min.

bovane00 - Replica

Smooth and easy, but an additional, probably unrelated challenge. My MBP boots fine (Sosumi wake up tone sounds), but now the screen doesn't light up! Any thoughts on what could be causing that?

Bruce - Replica

Very easy operation. Many thank for the excellent "how to do it" page. The whole procedure took about 15 minutes. Hugh

Hugh Rowell - Replica

30 minutes for me too! Piece of cake. One hiccup tho: the “hidden screw” in the instructions was great, but the eyelet tab for that screw on my old battery was broken off but stayed in-place after I removed the battery, such that when I inserted the new battery it interfered with a good fit. Fortunately, I did not force it before I realized that little piece of plastic did not belong there. I know I should have noticed right away, but still just a heads-up that this can happen, especially when the swollen battery case had been under stress. So watch those battery screw tabs!

Another tip on any of the ifixit instructions: Especially for laptops jobs or anything with a million different tiny screws, I print the instructions and then for each screw as I remove them I tape them to the instructions next to the spot in the picture where they go. Never have to worry about mixing them up! Kudos for such an awesome site!

John Hallstrom - Replica

Very easy to replace the battery by the new one even though I had the exact same “hiccup” than John Hallstrom with a broken eyelet and a piece of plastic remaining in place (on the same eyelet, the one under the battery label).

The operation didn’t take more than 15 minutes including removing the dust from the 2 fans and radiators.

remyleroy - Replica

Th battery in my MacBook Pro (mid 2010 model) became swollen. I took it to the Apple Store and the removed the battery and suggested I go to a third party to get a replacement battery (and possibly a new power adapter as the one I currently have heats up and is hot to the touch). From what I’m reading here it seems as if I can do the repair myself and potentially save a lot of money. Is that right? Also what should I expect to pay for a replacement battery and power adapter?

Ronald Belvin - Replica

bonjour je viens de changer ma batterie, pour une newertech nupower 78 Wh, sans problème grâce au tuto, si ce n’est qu’une goutte de bombe à air comprimé est tombée sur l’angle de la carte-mère lorsque j’ai nettoyé l’ensemble.

une fois le portable remonté, je l’ai branché, mon chargeur ne s’allume pas, et un point vert clignote uniquement si je stimule le voyant de batterie.

on dirait que rien ne se passe???


est ce normal? j’ai branché maintenant l’ordi depuis 45 minutes.

Merci pour vos conseils

Cécil - Replica

Sorry I translate!

I just changed my battery for a newertech nupower 78 Wh, is it normal that my macbook pro 15 doesn’t switch on any more…?

when I pushed some pressurized (?) air in it to clean the fans etc, a drop of liquid has fallen on the corner of the card… except that, no problem!

My power supply does not show any orange or green light for the hour and a half

Is that normal?

thanks for your help!

Cécil - Replica

My laptop (MacBook pro 15 inch late 2011 edition) won’t turn on anymore; resetting SMC, trying other adapter, etc doesn’t work. The light on the adaptor is green, not orange, so it’s not charging. When I press the battery indicator button on the side of the laptop when the adaptor is not connected, the battery seems completely drained.

I think the battery is defective - but I find it strange that the computer won’t turn on with the adaptor connected. Before I order a new battery and change it I wonder if a faulty battery is really the cause. Any thoughts? Suggestions highly appreciated!

Marc Engelen - Replica

I recently purchased this battery and replaced my original swollen battery in my 2010 MacBook Pro. The replacement was extremely easy following these directions. However, the battery now takes EXTREMELY long to charge. Its taking over 8 hours. I have already reset my SMC. Does anyone have nay suggestions/experienced this issue?

Tim Horgan - Replica

These instructions are spot on! This battery change was so easy, I had my 15 yr old daughter perform the change. I watched and gave tips, but she followed the instructions and changed the battery without any problems. She was proud of her herself and so was I. Don’t be afraid to try this yourself. Read the instructions first, to familiarize yourself with the overall process. Then, dig in! Believe me, if you can read simple instructions, have the proper tools and take your time, you’ll change the battery in no time.

Lon Adams - Replica

With the help of this guide, I have both replaced the battery and swapped the hard drive for a SSD in my 2010 MacBook. Thanks for providing such easy to follow instructions.

nhorspool - Replica

This was a piece of cake..thanks for the helper pictures!

Jodi Hill - Replica

bien mais peut on utiliser le mac book sans sa batterie si celui ci ne sert qu’en poste fixe

alain CP oct2019

Alain c. Paget - Replica


Je n’ai malheureusement pas attendu 5h après la décharge avant de le recharger à 100% …quel impact cela peut-il avoir?

Merci de votre réponse


Gian Lienhard - Replica

Hey, thanks a lot guys - even I made it :D

Till Fesser - Replica


Je dois changer ma batterie, j’ai un Macbook Pro 15 pouces, mi-2010, pourriez vous me conseiller sur le choix de la batterie que je dois me procurer., merci à vous tous.



Jean Luc Vachon - Replica

Cool, habe Akku über iFixit samt Werkzeug bestellt. Hat keine 15 Minuten gedauert und nach SMC-Reset lädt der Akku und ich habe wieder 100% und muss keine Angst haben, dass beim 10 Jahre alten Macbook Pro ein aufgeblähter Akku das Macbook sprengt. Besten Dank für die Anleitung!!!

matthias imkampe - Replica

I’m finding mixed advice on where to ground my anti-static bracelet while repairing a MacBook. All of the metal parts inside my MacBook seem to be painted. Do you guys have a good suggestion? Thanks

Mayna Duarte - Replica

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