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  1. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015, Case inferiore: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Prima di procedere, spegni il tuo Macbook. Chiudi il display e appoggialo su una superficie morbida, con la parte superiore in basso.

    • Usa un cacciavite P5 Pentalobe per rimuovere le dieci viti che tengono in posizione il case inferiore, delle seguenti lunghezze:

    • Due viti da 9 mm

    • Otto viti da 2,6 mm

    Pulling the fan cable out was terrifying but you actually just pull on the cable itself. No way to get any leverage at the connector to dislodge it. Did come out easily but like I said, scared me!

    allison - Replica

    Draai de schroefjes voorzichtig los en leg ze op een stabiele plek neer en let erop dat de schroefje een verschillende lengte hebben.

    bwgvanderveer - Replica

    I thought I could replace my 256 Gb SSD with 512? regards

    ola m - Replica

    Do you have good Test Point Voltages? It appears there are silver colored Test points on the I/O Board. I am working on a water spill and trying to troubleshoot if both the I/O board and the Logic need replaced.

    andrew - Replica

    It's probably not necessary but may be a little safer to completely discharge the old battery before replacing it.

    Larry Smith - Replica

    tell a model that was not inferior to the speed of the one in the laptop.

    Thank you

    ilyabuhov - Replica

    Do i need to order tools separately to replace the battery i just ordered?

    anne uhlir - Replica

    im looking for a Logic Board for a

    Apple - MacBook Air® - 13.3" Display - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Flash Storage (Latest Model) - Silver Model: MQD32LL/A

    Any help is appreciated.

    Jamie Comstock - Replica

    P5 pentalobe screwdrivers are too big! The correct size for these screws are p4 pentalobe. P5 pentalobe was just able, with difficulty, to turn some of the screws. If the screws were at all tight, my p5 was unable to get them out, and started to strip the screws. A p4 screwdriver fit better and removed the screws with ease. (I was using high quality Wiha brand screwdrivers.)

    William Skinner - Replica

    I had same experience (with MacBook Air 13-inch Mid-2012) … had to get P4, which worked swimmingly

    eric -

    Very simple installation. The screwdriver heads were exactly what we’re needed, one head for the outside case screws, the other for the screws holding the battery in place. The computer started right up. Now to see how the battery holds up, but I have a good feeling about this!

    Dennis Eaton - Replica

    My P5 and the T5 worked perfectly with my early 2015 Air 13”! And it is super fast! Thank you iFixit!

    Pennny Beach - Replica

    The supplied kit and instructions worked perfectly!

    Nikolay Andreev - Replica

    Comments that the P5 pentalobe are too large are absolutely spot-on. There is no way the P5 pentalobe bit I have will work with the MacBook Air without destroying the screws. Hard target search for P4 pentalobe bit in progress…..

    joemoog - Replica

    Bonjour j’aimerais changer mon SSD de 128 Go pour en mettre un de 512 Go. Je ne sais pas ce qu’il faut prendre car il faut qu’il soit compatible avec le macbook air A1466. J’aurais vu un Samsung Evo 970 500 Go mais si je ne me trompe pas, il faut un adaptateur.

    Merci pour votre aide.

    chicco33 - Replica

    oui, vous aurez besoin d’un adaptateur, pour completez le changement.

    Dan -

    The tool kit should include tweezers for re-inserting the battery connector.

    Andre Clement - Replica

    P5 pentalobe worked perfectly for me. Instructions were spot-on. Antenna connections were a bit fiddly to refit but got them in ok.

    michaelquinnell - Replica

    Maybe the problem some are experiencing is that the designations are confusing (blame Apple rather than iFixit). the P2 is also known as PL1. The P5 is also known as PL4. The P6 is also known as PL5. So it is possible to mistake the P6 (PL5) for the P5 (PL4), meaning it (P6-PL5) will be too big, while the P5 (PL4) will be just right. Sort of a 3 Bears explanation, but it is very confusing.

    Thomas Lewis - Replica

    To add to this. In searching for the P5 screwdriver to buy in UK, as far as I can tell, it is also known as

    Pentalobe 1.2(mm)


    P4 = 0.8

    P6 = 1.5

    Just unscrewed the back case of MacBook Air 13” mid 2011, with no problems using Pentalobe 1.2

    nijafe -

    I have not replaced a display on the A1369 but have done many A1466 which is a newer 13” model. They seem really similar and its not clear why one needs to remove the logic board to remove the display. The antenna cables on the A1466 dont have to rest under the logic board but can be tucked in the hinge crevice. Cant this same thing be done with the A1369?

    Sean Love - Replica

    Did mine today - but new battery wasnt charging. Went back in and noticed the battery connector cable was not quite 100% “seated. It was sticking out by less than a millimetre! - you need to give it quite a firm push in to get it seated properly. Otherwise - all ok .

    John Brennand - Replica

    Just installed on a MacBookAir6,2 (13-inch, Early 2014).

    Was very easy.

    New iFixit battery looks great so far:

    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4922 -> 7333

    Jonathan Cross - Replica

    can you tell me which size of screwdrivers you’ve used to crack it up, please? I have the same model and size,

    hawk_lpc -

    Screw P5 Pentalobe 1.2

    Mario Verlent - Replica

    Install went flawlessly. Only challange was reattaching blue tooth antennas. Those sockets are so tiny.

    Joel Sebastian - Replica

    Installation was a little challenging at first because the instructions on this site did not perfectly match my model (late 2013 to early 2015).

    Found this video on YouTube which described the procedure perfectly

    Also the Ifixit kit I received was well put together with everything I needed and more. The calibration went perfectly and I am very pleased. Will buy again!!

    Donald Niamath - Replica

    Gently pulled out connector of old battery, then pressed and held the power switch for 1 minute. Unscrewed and removed the old battery. Pressed and held power switch for 1 minute again. I know from previous work that this helps drain charge from spontaneous recharging as the dielectric recovers. Gently “fine tuned” leads from new battery to connector till connector stuck out at right angle to the edge of battery. Held the battery by the edges and let the connector slide into the socket. Set the battery down and put the screws in all the way. Then checked that the connector was completely seated before tightening the screws. The laptop come on immediately and showed 98% charge and registered normal (checked in “About this Mac”. Very happy to this point. Now for calibration.

    Amir Zaidi - Replica

    Thank you very much for the guilde. My MBA2011 had reborn !

    Billy Wong - Replica

    Allow for electrostatics, otherwise you may cook components on the logicboard /motherboard (like I did with one of these!)

    See great advice: Electrostatic Discharge

    Fletcher Cole - Replica

    … und wenn du eines von diesen wirklich kleinen Schräubchen vermisst: bevor du den Boden aufkehrst oder mit einem starken Magneten absuchst, schau mal am seitlichen (magnetischen) Ladekabelanschluss nach … ?

    ... and if you miss one of these really small screws: before you sweep the floor or search it with a strong magnet, take a look at the (magnetic) charging cable connection on the side … ?

    Blatt - Replica

    Fot All People ha ing trouble finding their SSD


    instead press


    I just installed Monterrey with WD black sn 770 SSD in m'y macbook air 2015

    Albert - Replica

    IFixit just had me submit "my story" re. fixing my MacBook Air 2013.

    This repair was NOT difficult. The battery is enclosed in a plastic frame. It is NOT glued in like the newer models of Apple laptops. And unlike older laptops, the battery is not totally enclosed in a plastic housing. So once you remove the screws holding the batterie's frame, you can remove the battery.

    Follow the instructions. Read the comments. Also read the comments re. installing a new battery.

    Good luck. - Eric J.

    ECJohansen - Replica

  2. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015: passo 2, immagine 1 di 1
    • Inserisci le tue dita tra il display e il case inferiore e tira verso l'alto per separare il case inferiore dal MacBook Air.

    • Rimuovi il case inferiore e mettilo da parte.

    There is a nub on the inside of the case which is attached to the battery. When you try to pull it open, it appears to be attached to the plastic casing of the battery, which sometimes splits. I gently unhooked the nub from the battery before removing the case fully. This seems to happen if the battery has suffered some drop damage (plastic parts broken around screws and parts of plastic frame split). Just an FYI in case your lower case doesn't pull away easily.

    Jeannie Crowley - Replica

    To add - the slim 1cm tab “nub” is on the centre of the back cover & fits into a hole in the battery frame. I ran my fingers around the whole of the cover to eventually here it click out.

    nijafe -

    When closing this back up make sure that the antenna cable is tucked away neatly

    Gabriel - Replica

    So this is a legit back cover for MacBook Air?

    ASHANTI SMITH - Replica

    What about disconnecting the battery?

    Luke Grimes - Replica

    I bought the part and tools from iFixit and followed the directions. The mechanical part went smoothly - maybe 10 minutes to disassemble/replace/reassemble.

    Getting Catalina (the current MacOS) to install was not working until I used Cmd-Opt-R (as noted in the OWC paper sheet that came in the box) which brought up the proper installer - I believe from a pre-prepared bootable SD card but it’s hard to say. From there the install succeeded taking ~1.5 hours.

    Beware that (a) the install requires a working internet connection for verification and updates, and (b) the system must have been running at least macOs 10.13 (High Sierra) before the install in order to have an EFI BIOS that recognizes the SSD.

    Lance Berc - Replica

    As noted by others, be a bit careful removing the lower case. There is an oblong black plastic locator very near the center of the lower case. Unless you gently pry the bottom cover pretty much straight up, you will break the ends off of the locater.

    BobY - Replica

    Thanks for the detailed photos. When repairing equipment, I don’t really like to disassemble plastic parts, they can be damaged, but your screenshots help a lot. For my studies, I am writing an essay comparing the reliability of laptops from various manufacturers and the complexity of their repair, maybe it will be useful for someone to check the essay for plagiarism here essay checker, when comparing different manufacturers, I understood why people love Apple so much. The minimum number of failures. Of course, repairing it in an official service is not cheap, but with the help of such detailed instructions, you can do it yourself and save a lot.

    Nexus - Replica

    The screwdriver bit to use on these case screws is not named, but I found that my "CR-V 1.2" did the job nicely.

    The driver for the screws inside the case are named, as "T5".

    Jim Henderson - Replica

  3. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015, Connettore della Batteria: passo 3, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015, Connettore della Batteria: passo 3, immagine 2 di 2
    • Per assicurarti che nulla sia alimentato e non si possa accendere mentre stai lavorando, è raccomandato scollegare la batteria.

    • Afferra la piccola striscia di plastica trasparente attaccata al connettore della batteria e tirala parallelamente alla scheda verso il bordo anteriore dell'Air.

    • Non sollevare il connettore per disconnetterlo in quanto potresti danneggiarne l'alloggiamento.

    after disconnect the battery, press and hold 5*10 seconds the powerbutton on your keyboard to unload the capacitors

    Marcel - Replica

    how does a person put the battery connector back in?- that is the only thing i’m afraid of touching after putting new fan in.

    a smith - Replica

    I found it was possible to put the battery connector back in as the last step, however having gone through that and found it to be a little challenging, I would actually recommend attaching the battery connector before screwing back in the bracket. That way you’ll put a lot less stress on the connector cable.

    Kevin Epstein -

    When you are plugging the connector back in, make sure to give it some extra pressure to make sure it is all the way in. It may look like it’s in but needs to be pushed harder!

    Connor Dougherty - Replica

    After disconnecting the power, you may skip directly to step 18. I don’t know why someone would think it necessary to disconnect all the other stuff. There is no need whatsoever to do so. The more things you disconnect, the more things you risk damaging. Many of the parts in steps 4 through 17 are quite delicate, and easy damaged.

    The screw in step 18 is easily accessed without removing even the rubber gasket. Regarding step 18, only remove the screw. (This screw is rather long, with long threads.)

    It’s helpful to take photographs of this area before removing the screw, so you’ll know what it’s supposed to look like when you put it back together.

    AnnoniMoose - Replica

    There are only 16 steps in this repair process. I wonder whether you are commenting on a different repair.

    rmccord23 -

    What if your battery doesn’t have that clear tab?

    Carla Tisdale - Replica

    Where can i buy the battery connector?

    Bernie-Khay Dabu - Replica

    Macbook air 2015 battery connector where can I purchase?

    Bernie-Khay Dabu - Replica

    Connector socket came off, can I just glue it into place?

    Lisa Mac - Replica

  4. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015, Batteria: passo 4, immagine 1 di 1
    • Rimuovi le seguenti 5 viti che fissano la batteria al case superiore.

    • Tre viti Torx T5 da 6,9 mm

    • Due viti Torx T5 da 3,0 mm

    what is that little hole or clip in the middle o battery?

    Edy Surpat - Replica

    There’s both a hole for a screw and a clip to hold the bottom case

    maccentric -


    the battery is now delivered with a transparent plastic taped allover the new battery.

    is it needed or shall it be removed

    kind regards

    Maes Michel - Replica


    If the plastic is easily removable from the battery, it should be removed. However, if the plastic is glued onto the battery, do not remove the plastic.

    Arthur Shi -

    The centre screw (of the three 6.9mm T5 described above) seems to be a bit thicker diameter than the other two corner (6.9mm screws - although I don't have a tool to make precise measurement). Replace this thicker screw to its centre position on the battery.

    Beren Robinson - Replica

  5. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 13" versione inizio 2015: passo 5, immagine 1 di 1
    • Mentre maneggi la batteria, evita di schiacciarla troppo o di toccare le quattro celle a polimeri di litio.

    • Solleva la batteria dal suo angolo più vicino alla scheda logica e rimuovila dal case superiore.

    • La tua batteria di ricambio potrebbe arrivarti con una pellicola di plastica blandamente incollata sulla superficie superiore. Rimuovi questa pellicola quando installi la batteria.

    • Se stai installando una nuova batteria, dovresti calibrarla dopo l'installazione:

    • Carica la batteria al 100% e mantienila in carica almeno altre 2 ore. Poi scollega il laptop e usalo fino a scaricare la batteria. Quando vedrai l'avviso di batteria scarica, salva il lavoro e lascia il laptop acceso finché non andrà in stand-by per via della batteria esaurita. Aspetta almeno 5 ore, poi ricarica ininterrottamente fino al 100%.

    • Se dovessi accorgerti di comportamenti inaspettati o di problemi durante l'installazione della nuova batteria, potresti aver bisogno di resettare l'SMC del tuo MacBook.

    Personally I would like a short description on why we have to calibrate a brand new battery for what reason?

    Albert - Replica

    @albertnumber1 You can find a detailed explanation of calibration here. The short(ish) answer is that the battery charge % reading on your device is really just a guess, one that is generated by a mathematical model of what’s going on inside the chemical battery. That model needs data points (like full charge and discharge flags) in order to work correctly. Without calibration, nothing bad will happen, but you may get some unreliable battery % readings.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    1. Glad someone was able to clear up the reason we need to calibrate

    2. During the process, if for some reason, say my cat waltzing all over my desk, disconnects the magsafe for a moment while in the final full charge cycle, what impact would this have?

    joshuafiddler - Replica

    The replacement battery’s connector didn’t align with the port as easily as the original’s. Instead of pointing straight back from the battery, the cable pointed at a significant angle. In order to connect the new battery, I had to hold it a slight diagonal angle while connecting it, before placing the new battery into the chassis and securing it.

    After replacing the battery, the laptop (MBA early 2015) shut off immediately whenever it was unplugged from the MagSafe connector, despite reporting a full charge. To resolve this, I performed an SMC reset: I re-opened the case, unplugged the battery, held down the power button for 5 seconds with the battery unplugged, then re-connected the battery, re-attached the lid, and pressed the power button again. It immediately booted up as expected on battery power.

    Garrett Guillotte - Replica

    I found these two little broken tabs under the battery. Not sure where they came from, but Ididn’t put them back in anywhere.!As3YRQaTlkClgcgS6Hhl...

    Norm Hils - Replica

    These are from the old battery. Not totally necessary.

    Scott Baker -

    Good opportunity to blow or brush away some accumulated dust from a unit like mine (5 -6 years service) when the battery is out. Also at this time, used the thin probe tool to ream out some debris from the rim of the base.

    The replacement battery cable seemed too long to fit well but when I examined the original, I noted a distinct v kink downwards in that one. A gentle push down in the middle formed a V and permitted the new cable to fit Presumably without harm..

    howardmat3 - Replica

    The instructions on this step say to remove the plastic film on the replacement battery, but the introduction says to leave it on. Which step is correct?

    William Davis - Replica

    Hi William!

    Good question! If the film is lightly adhered, you can peel and remove the film.

    Arthur Shi -

    Hi how can I discharge the battery (MacBook air 2017) quickly as the battery has swollen and I need to get it out, at the moment I am running lots of apps but it still shows 6%?

    John MacMahon - Replica

    max screen brightness and run some cpu benchmark

    Daniele Carminati -

    Shorting the battery is very dangerous. Leave the computer on until it shuts down on its own.

    Manuel Jesús Flores Jiménez - Replica

    The fix kit for this battery comes with a spudger. What is it for?

    mobya45 - Replica

    Good morning, I just replaced my first battery. The light on the magnet is red now. Will that color change to green to inform me that it is fully charged? Thanks, Julie

    juliecongleton - Replica

    Re: leaving it unplugged for 5 hours after the battery goes flat - isn't that a bad thing? I thought Li-ion batteries get damaged by letting them go completely flat?

    Cool_Breeze - Replica

    Does anyone know what the four white (or red) dots on the underside of the battery mean?

    Jeffrey Utz - Replica

    I've got a problem with the second MBA 2017 I did a battery replacement on. Replaced the battery, charged to 100%. Drained the battery and waited 5+ hours. Now it's stuck on 1% and won't charge. I've tried SMC reset by opening it up again, disconnect the new battery, hold the power button for 5 sec, connect the battery again but without any luck. Any suggestions?

    Gustav Svedung - Replica

    Seems like a power cycle fixed the issue (turning the computer off, unplugging the MagSafe, holding the power button for 10 sec, plugging MagSafe back in).

    Gustav Svedung -

    Installing and conditioning the new battery was a breeze with your instructions and tool. But I get a message saying the date/time was set incorrectly. I could not reset it using the date/time in system preferences and the laptop was running hot with the fan running at full blast. Instead I had to shut it down and restart it in safe mode by pushing the shift button when I heard the start up chime and releasing it when the Apple logo appeared. Once in safe mode the date/time was correct and I restarted in normal mode. It's all good now. iFixit's comments allude to chip dependent issues and your should look at their detailed comments if you are having issues on restart after install. Thanks for a great product!

    Jonathan Kott - Replica


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Do I have to allow the battery to completely discharge and then recharge after replacement? One site said that was appropriate way to do it.

Patricia Farrell - Replica

Yes, for best results you should calibrate your battery by draining it completely and then charging it uninterrupted to 100%. Once it hits 100%, leave it plugged in for a couple more hours. Then drain it again until it shuts off automatically (make sure it doesn't go to sleep). After that, charge it up and use it normally.

Jeff Suovanen -

But thats a myth … if I’m not wrong, only nickel battery can be calibrated, the os-systems of theses days take care of it, like with all smartphones nowadays.

Christopher Winker -

@mrgrdn You might be thinking of memory effect. Calibration is still very much a thing and quite important, particularly on a new battery. Here’s some reading if you are curious!

Jeff Suovanen -

Génial pour la livraison et pour ce tuto… j’ai un mac tout neuf ! Et un grand merci pour les bonbons :-)

Gilda BERNARD - Replica

I would appreciate more detailed instructions for re-assembling the laptop. I had two major questions and some minor ones.

Major questions:

1) There is a barcode sticker on my new battery. Is it safe to leave the sticker on the battery, or should I remove it?

This question is important to me because I am under the impression that Lithium batteries are slightly dangerous, yet the sticker was not easily removed when I tried to scratch it off.

2) It was tricky to close the battery attachment tab after placing the new battery in the computer. For the re-assembly of the computer, would it be okay to do step 3, then 5, and then 4?

Minor questions:

1) My laptop is quite dirty inside. What can I use to clean it?

2) Where do I recycle my old battery?

Also, I was missing a screw from my laptop case. I think it would be nice if the installation kit had come with some extra screws.

Thanks so much for your guide! I enjoyed using it!


Virginia Burger - Replica

Hi Virginia,

1. Don’t worry about the little sticker, this little guy could contain the serial number of the battery and be useful for a warranty exchange!

2. This is not the ideal method but if you can just do it that way there is no real problem with that. Just be more than careful when manipuling the battery.


1. Some air duster & isopropyl alcohol. Always discharge any electricity in the macbook before using air duster and alcohol. And the golden rule, don’t ever take some alcohol on the circuit of the macbook. This could lead to damage if not correctly removed.

2. Apple Store or Bestbuy. You should call your city hall to get better information!

Have a great day!

Xavier Langevin -

Followed this guide to replace my battery! Very easy and simple, just make sure you get a decent set of screwdrivers and not some cheap ones that get rounded after a few uses!

Jason Lee - Replica

AGREED! The kit I got from iFixit was great! I can feel the quality of the tools!

Pennny Beach -

What’s wrong if i remove plastic film

Dome Jantaphat - Replica

Because the film is heavily adhered to the battery, there is a chance you could rip the outer layer of the battery. Since removing the film is unnecessary, it is better to leave it.

Arthur Shi -

Bonjour à tous, et merci pour ce tuto.

Je viens de remplacer la batterie sur mon MacBook et j’ai encore un problème !

J’ai respecté la procédure de charge et de décharge et le Mac se coupe toujours à 6 % d’autonomie de la batterie !!! (au lieu de 0 %)

Avec une deuxième batterie neuve, c’est pareil !

Pouvez-vous m’aider, merci.

Jean-Marc DPRS

dprs - Replica

Hi, my 13” air (early 2014) has no clear plastic tab on the battery connector, is this normal?

Thanks, Richard.

Richard - Replica

Awesomeness… PERFECTLY

Kwanza Toney - Replica

I just got a new battery ordered through ifixit. It took 3 workdays to arrive (4 because I could not receive it and it was subsequently delivered to my postal office).

The packaging was crisp with everything in order. I even got some candy for my trouble.

I installed the new battery according to the written guide, it was super clear, I didn’t feel the need for the video guide, but I am grateful that it is there anyway for those that need it or for when I would have hit a rough spot.

Now I finally have a laptop again instead of a really limited desktop. So far, it’s working perfectly.

One note: I suggest putting the calibration for a replaced battery in this guide, as I had to read it in the comments. There is difference between the calibration for a newly replaced battery (you have to drain it to zero % before fully charging it to 100% in one go and then letting it drain to zero % again) as opposed to an old battery that you want to recalibrate.


Jani Pestana - Replica

Anyone still get an error code after replacing with an iFixit battery?

joshuafiddler - Replica

Well done. Clear, concise. Made the battery replacement easy and stress free!

ronc2 - Replica


Thank you for doing these informational tutorials.

I am wondering, how to test if the battery is still good. My concern is if I do replace the battery and realize the issue wasnt the battery afterall.



Rhys Horner - Replica

Does the early 2017 MBA use same battery as 2015 ones ?

Kenadan - Replica

Question, if I do have the thin plastic film on it do I just ignore it and continue the process or do I not continue?

Chernoye - Replica

Hi Chernoye,

You can try to gently peel the plastic film. If it comes off relatively easy, you can remove it. Otherwise, leave it on.

Arthur Shi -

@jeffsu Thanks! It’s still confusing, when there are lots of recommendation to charge your battery at 15~20% and stop charging it at around 80~90% to make sure to have a good battery health … to get those electrode moving but under 15% or over 90"% there will be more voltage, higher tension on the battery. So to to drain the battery and fully charge it would rather harm it. For me it makes more sense when there is a memory effect.

Christopher Winker - Replica

It’s true, the battery chemistry is happiest when it’s partially charged (typically in the 40-80% range depending on who you ask). A full calibration probably does cause a minor hit to battery capacity, but it’s fine as long as you don’t do it too often. Once every month or two is fine for most people. The goal is just to make sure it’s working and reading accurately. At the end of the day batteries are still consumables, and nothing you can do will make them last forever! Feel free to use it as designed and not worry too much :)

Jeff Suovanen -

I did this over the winter break, and it was so easy. Thank you!

Michael Oghia - Replica

Great directions, as usual! Thank you!

Lester Callif - Replica

I recently swapped my original battery for one I bought through iFixit. No problems, the whole process went very smoothly, and I calibrated the new battery. But now, about a month later, the new battery condition is showing up as “Poor. Replace now.” Did I just get a bad battery? Has anyone else had this problem? Kind of disappointing since the batteries aren’t super cheap.

Morgan - Replica

This went very smoothly on my 2016 Macbook Air (model MacBookAir7,2). The new battery from iFixit Canada worked right away. There was a card with the battery explaining the calibration process slightly differently than what Step 5 says: according to it, I should first run the new battery down below 10%, then fully charge, then fully discharge again.

Duncan Murdoch - Replica

So easy, even a middle-aged lawyer can do it! Thank you!

Pat - Replica

Thank you! I did it!!! So proud. :) Instructions were awesome.

Maura O’Reilly - Replica

So I read the instructions and missed the note about the plastic film. As it peeled off quite easily, it felt more like a packaging protector than something critical - and I just didn’t think it was right to leave plastic film inside that hot enclosure. I peeled it off and everything seems OK. Hope it’s not necessary to open and replace it (I put it on the old battery, which I have not yet taken to the hazmat dump). Also, I emailed support and the person who responded said the cover should come off - so you might want to get that straight - or put something in the packaging that mentions the plastic. It really seemed to me to be shipping protection like I’ve seen on other items.

Jonathan Goldman - Replica

What happens if I accidental touched the battery a little bit when trying to remove it?

Rachel Wiggins - Replica

Nothing if you gentle handle with care. You can easily bend it. You kinda have to force it, if something should happen. It‘s safe and easy to replace the battery, just look at the guide … so don‘t worry, take your time.

Christopher Winker -


Guide was very easy to follow thank you. But I am still having problems. My Mac randomly dies now, even with 3/4ths battery. I am still in the calibration phase. I have attempted an SMC reset. Any ideas what my problem may be? Do I need a new battery?

I let it charge fully overnight, probably overkill.

Connor Dougherty - Replica


After playing around with it a bit more, it seems to be working!

1) I believe it was the SMC reset. I tried holding the keys for 15-20 seconds instead of just 10s. I feel like SMC reset should just be added to the end of this guide, why wouldn’t you just do this after every new battery installation?

2) I had a couple issues when the battery cable was not pushed all the way in. You really need to push it kind of hard to make sure it is properly seated. You won’t hear a clicking noise or anything so just apply some extra pressure to be safe.

Thank you IFixIt for a wonderful guide!

Connor Dougherty -


I have a MBA 13’’ early 2015 and actualy this does’n see the battery (saing battery not install). Anyone can tell me what exactly the problem is it?

Valerian - Replica

Similar problem here, battery installed followed all procedures for charging discharging, reset sms but after two days with perfect usage the battery seems to have failed. Small battery icon with x inside appears. Has to have power cable attached to work, the system does not see a battery.

John -

There is an adhesive plastic film covering one side of the battery. The original battery doesn’t have a film. Should it be removed prior to installation? This is an easy install but leaves me wondering as there is no guidance in the instructions.

Roger Diener - Replica

Hi Roger!

The plastic film that is lightly adhered to the top of the battery should be removed. I will update the step instructions to include that.

Arthur Shi -

Batterie reçue à peine 3 jours après l’avoir commandée. Montage facilement réalisé grâce aux tutoriels du site Ifixit. Tout est nickel, je recommande! Et merci pour les Haribos! ;)

Gilles Brabant - Replica

Worked like a charm! The video tutorial was precise and to the point, and the written tutorial likewise. I felt very spiffy after replacing my battery myself! I spent about $90 dollars on the battery repair kit + shipping, and maybe 20-25 minutes on repair (because I was super-cautious — 1st battery replacement). I could have spent a couple hundred having Apple replace the battery, or spent a little over $1000 to replace the laptop. This was the best choice.

Melissa Runnels - Replica

I have performed a SMC reset but my MacBook Air early 13 still not displaying an X on the battery and does not hold charge, any ideas what to do?

Carlos Giraldo - Replica

I’m having issues, too, after doing the battery recalibration. Did you ever get help for this?

Robb M -

What does one do with the old battery?

John Gosselink - Replica

This guide was very helpful. It was easier than I expected given it has a “moderate” rating - I would call it easy.

mattcross - Replica

I’m in a pickle. I installed battery no problem. I did battery calibration. After full charge as described. Everything seemed to be working. Battery indicator in menu and everything. After fully discharging battery and letting it sit for an additional 5 hours, I did a full uninterrupted charge. The power cable was yellow indicating it was charging for an appropriate amount of time, then turned green indicating it was charged.

When I turned it on, there’s no charge in battery, and the level indicator doesn’t show in menu, and it won’t let me add it in preferences. Pref. pain shows battery at 0%. I tried to reset SMC per apple instructions

Please help!

Robb M - Replica

In my System report, it says “Battery installed: NO”. I opened the case up and unplugged the battery, then plugged it back in, pressing firmly to make sure it’s connected. This didn’t work, still shows as No battery installed.

Robb M -

Same here, worked fine for two days now says no battery! Anyone find a solution to this

John -


Merci! Je suis très satisfaite de vos explications et images afin de faire le changement de la batterie de mon MacBook Air 2015. Cela est très agréable à faire et se fait très simplement lorsque l’on a les petits tournevis dont on a besoin, qui sont fournis avec l’achat de la batterie. Il ne reste plus qu’à faire l’étalonnage de la batterie afin de bénéficier de performances optimales.

Jackelina - Replica

Hey there. Looking for some help. When I connected it, initially it worked like a charm, started charging, up till 92% charged, and then it just stopped. It now alternated between saying that I am charging the battery, and that the battery is not being charged. For example, right now it says it is at 92% charged and will be fully charged in 8 hours. But soon it will probably stop showing the small lightening bolt (showing that it is charging) and will say that it is being run off of the power adapter. Thanks in advance for any help!

Jacob Earle - Replica

Nice video. Freindly and clear

Sebastian Lyte - Replica

Thank you so much for a brilliant guide! I've replaced my battery, and I'm just calibrating it. Question, though. I use this backup laptop only for 1/2 hour a day or so. Should I leave it powered on, and on the charger? Or shut it off, and still leave it on the charger? Or take it off the charger, and turn it off? I'd really like to NOT replace this battery in another year or so. Thanks!!!

pete - Replica

Two things:

I found it helpful to have a magnetic parts dish on hand, to keep those tiny little screws under control, rather than just lay them somewhere "safe" only to later scatter them in a moment of clumsiness.

And after removing the old battery, I used the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner to gently and carefully pick up the considerable amount of dust and dirt that had made its way inside the case, including in the fan blades. Then I brushed everything again with a clean, dry, good-quality paint brush and reassembled everything. The computer fired right up and showed 71% charge in the new battery.

pts - Replica

Video was perfect. Install was easy to follow. Cleaned inside of the laptop area with vacuum and 99% isopropyl alcohol (careful on some parts, it will remove OEM print on motherboard parts). Removed the thin plastic on the battery.

NOTE: The Batter power cord was a bit awkward to get in. The instructions don't tell you that you'll have to copy the original cable and bend and pry it gently into place.

Currently calibrating first charge up cycle. It is going soooooooo sloooooooooooowwwwwly.

Nathan Brantley - Replica

Macbook Air 13" Early 2015. Have alert saying Battery Service Recommended. The computer works fine, though the battery life is quite short. So, all makes sense. I'd like to follow this guide.

I've read a few comments there that folks with this same system have found the replaced battery to not be found, or not charge, and not work at all. I'm concerned there is no explanation for this, and so not sure I want to try this yet. Any updates on this?

Gene - Replica

This page seems contradictory about the plastic film on the new battery. Step 5 says:

"Your replacement battery may arrive with a plastic film lightly adhered to the top surface. Remove this film when you install the battery. However, if the film is glued on and is difficult to remove, you can leave the film in place."

However, the intro says:

"Note: If there is a thin plastic film on your replacement battery, do not attempt to remove it. It is glued on and protects the battery pack while it is inside the MacBook."

Perhaps we should remove the film if it is one piece across all 4 cells and the surround, but leave films that only cover individual cells.

Neville Reid - Replica

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