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    • Spegni e chiudi il tuo portatile. Appoggialo su una superfice morbida a testa in giù.

    • Svita le seguenti dieci viti:

    • Due viti Pentalobe 5-Point da 8 mm

    • Otto viti Pentalobe 5-Point da 2,5 mm

    • Puoi trovare il cacciavite speciale per rimuovere le viti Pentalobe 5-Point qui.

    When you say:

    Remove the following ten screws:

    Two 8 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

    Eight 2.5 mm 5-point Pentalobe screws

    Do the 8mm & 2.5mm dimensions refer to the LENGTH of those screws, or the size of the pentalobe? That is, are there other sizes of pentalobe drivers like there are for hex, phillips and torx? When only one dimension is provided, it is usually the socket/driver size, not the screw length, maybe since the length cannot be seen when the screw is installed.

    Can I suggest that you clarify your instructions so folks are confident they are only in need of _one_ pentalobe driver?

    Nerdily yours,

    Larry (whose iPhone 4S can now get through a day without 6 recharges thanks to ;-)

    larryleveen - Replica

    The 8mm and 2.5mm are the length of the screws. One pentalobe P5 screwdriver suffices for all the screws (P5 is implicitly the size of the pentalobe screw heads).

    Michael Welham -

    I sourced all the parts from ifixit, plus a magnetic project mat which I found to be very useful for organising the teardown and reassembly.

    Allen - Replica

    The magnetic mat is


    Keep the 2.5mm tiny screws away from the MagSafe connector as they will be attracted and sucked in to the magnet.

    Frank O'Carroll - Replica

    A tip an old bench tech taught me that has saved me many times: I put clear “Scotch” tape over the case screws as they became “free”. The tape kept them in place while I lifted the lid off, cleaned it etc.

    Michael Mee - Replica

    Thank you for a really smart tip! I will be using that countless more times!

    Lilljedahl -

    I’m confused about internet recovery and installing MacOS. Is all of this done before placing in the new ssd card or after. I don’t have any files that I would like to safe/transfer, is all of this necessary, if I don’t do it before placing new ssd, will I still be able to instal/upgrade macOS afterwards.

    It’s an old Mac and now it won’t start or charge, I know I will have to replace battery and put new battery first and turn on Mac before doing the ssd stuff. Since it won’t effing start.

    I’m really clueless about backing up old ssd, since I don’t need any files, besides MacOS(software) ,and is that related to the ssd?

    AMG - Replica

    The answer to your question: You need to insert your SSD into the computer before internet recovery. If you start the recovery before inserting SSD, it won’t affect the setup, you won’t damage anything. But your SSD will not be detected (as there isn’t one inserted.)

    Also, a little tip: If you bought a used SSD, go into Disk Utility and format the drive with the highest security level to permanently remove all of the previous files.

    Also a FYI: Internet Recovery will load up Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks, so I would recommend making a recovery drive from a Big Sur (or desired version) through another Mac, and a USB. You can visit this support doc:

    Hope this helps! -Dan

    danielwen -

    I got a macbook air with a damaged and swollen battery. I could remove all screws, except one 2,5 mm screw. I’m afraid it got damaged while attempting to remove it, I have no grip with the P5 pentalobe screwdriver. How can I proceed?

    Robert Hermans - Replica

    Hi Robert!

    Try some techniques found in this stripped screw removal guide. Good luck!

    Arthur Shi -

    Hello I have a macbook air they are say they do not have parts for my laptop macbook air 11 inches 2013 mid need to replace battery which one to buy

    vensilver - Replica

    Hello! This is the part you want—maybe we’re not able to ship it to you if you’re out of the United States. The battery in your MacBook Air should be the same for all 11” between mid-2011 to early-2015.

    Arthur Shi -

    The smaller screws went in more easily when I put back all the screws along the hinge edge first.

    Rachel Slatkin - Replica

  1. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 11" inizio 2015: passo 2, immagine 1 di 1
    • Infila le dita tra lo schermo e la scocca inferiore e tira verso l'alto per liberare la scocca dal MacBook Air.

  2. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 11" inizio 2015, Connettore della batteria: passo 3, immagine 1 di 2 Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 11" inizio 2015, Connettore della batteria: passo 3, immagine 2 di 2
    • In questo passaggio scollegherai la batteria per evitare di far fare corto circuito a qualsiasi componente durante la riparazione.

    • Usa la parte piatta di uno spudger per fare leva su entrambi i lati del connettore della batteria per scollegarlo dalla sua presa sulla scheda madre.

    • Piega leggermente il cavo della batteria lontano dalla scheda madre in modo che non torni a far contatto con la sua presa.

    When reassembling the connector wire needs to be bent to fit.

    GERARD SZAREK - Replica

  3. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 11" inizio 2015, Batteria: passo 4, immagine 1 di 1
    • Rimuovi le seguenti cinque viti che fissano la batteria alla parte superiore:

    • Due viti T5 Torx da 5,2 mm

    • Una vite T5 Torx da 6 mm

    • Due viti T5 Torx da 2,6 mm

    Be carful with the torque when reassembling, these screws seem able to go a little too far and crack through the plastic of the battery.

    Daniel Schlaug - Replica

    To elaborate on Daniel’s comment, particularly the middle 6mm screw seems to have a lot of range and can be over-tightened. I stopped and backed it off a little when it appeared to be deforming the cell to the left.

    Jeff Snider - Replica

    After replacing the battery (IF108-063-2) I found the trackpad click pressure to be noticeably higher. The plastic frame on the replacement bowed out some just above the logos below the center cells, pressing on the trackpad once the lower case was reattached. I used some gentle heat from a hot air gun (I used about 150º C) to soften the plastic and bend it back down. This reduced the pressure on the trackpad.

    Jeff Snider - Replica

    I'm having the same issue. I got the -2 instead of -1 battery also for some reason. iFixit is this advised??

    Amanda Silber -

  4. Sostituzione batteria MacBook Air 11" inizio 2015: passo 5, immagine 1 di 1
    • Quando si maneggia la batteria, evitare di comprimere o toccare le sei celle polimeriche di litio esposte.

    • Solleva la batteria dal bordo più vicino alla scheda logica e rimuovila dalla parte superiore.

    • Se stai installando una nuova batteria, dovresti calibrarla dopo l'installazione:

    • Caricala al 100% e continua a caricarlo per almeno altre 2 ore. Poi, scollegala e utilizza il dispositivo finché scarico. Quando vedi l'avviso di batteria scarica, salva il lavoro e lascia acceso il computer fin quando si spegne a causa della batteria scarica. Attendi 5 ore, poi carica il computer portatile ininterrottamente al 100%.

    • Se noti qualche comportamento insolito o problemi dopo l'installazione della nuova batteria, potrebbe essere necessario ripristinare l'SMC del MacBook.

    The instructions that come with the BRTONG replacement battery state the following:

    1) Discharge it to 2% (quite specific) and then charge to 100% at the first cycle after purchasing

    2) Do not discharge the battery pack to 0% as that will damage the battery pack and shorten its life (this does not specify WHEN not to do it. Only during the first cycle?)

    This is very different from the ifixit instructions above , but ifixit could be referring just to the calibration, which could be done AFTER the first cycle, and the manufacturer could be referring just to the first cycle, and not to the calibration. I am not sure what to do. But I guess I will follow the manufacturer instructions during the first (and second, to be safe) cycles, and THEN follow the ifixit instructions for calibration.

    Fernando - Replica

    Discharging the battery all the way to zero does shorten the battery life slightly, but it’s necessary for a proper calibration. Without calibration, the 2% reading is kind of meaningless, since the system can’t get an accurate % reading until after calibration (that’s the whole point of calibration). I’d follow the iFixit instructions (which are also Apple’s instructions) and ignore whatever that battery vendor sent you. You can find more background on calibration here.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    just thanks!

    liza - Replica

    What do I do with the old battery?

    John Hammer - Replica

    Good question! Please take the old battery to an e-waste facility.

    Arthur Shi -

    Does it matter what OS is running on the computer during battery calibration? (my laptop is dual boot Linux and MacOS)

    John Haiducek - Replica


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Thank you, awesome guide and just what I needed!

Curtis - Replica

No muss. No fuss. Thanks

John Colmers - Replica

How many hours can I expect iFixit’s replacement battery to last? [for the 2015 MacBook Air 11”]

Brittany S - Replica

Hello. I bought your replacement battery and replacing was easy but I had to do it a second time because the new battery seems thicker and affected the trackpad operation. I’ve tried a second time and it looks like the trackpad is lifting on the right hand side and it doesn’t click properly. Any idea whether this is something I can sort out?


Andrew Aldis - Replica

@carlyleroad It should not be any thicker and should not affect trackpad operation at all if installed correctly. Double check to make sure you ordered the right part for your specific model. If you think you received a defective part, contact iFixit customer support and they can help sort things out. Good luck!

Jeff Suovanen -

Installation went great, but even though I did not adjust anything related to my trackpad it now is slightly popped up and rattles and makes a tapping noise when I touch it (prior to installing the new battery there was no movement or sound). What can I do to fix this?

David - Replica

Please contact our customer support and we will get the issue resolved!

Arthur Shi -

David, that’s exactly what happened to me. It’s because the iFixit replacement is too thick so it pushes the mousepad up. I ended up having to junk the iFixit battery and buy a different one from Amazon. After that, all was normal again. I think iFixit have a bad supplier but as there are only a few sold then the issue isn’t being resolved. Andrew A (see previous review)

Andrew Aldis - Replica

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for bringing this issue up! I will investigate into this issue.

Arthur Shi -

Fortunately, it looks like this situation is a rare exception rather than widespread occurrence. If you encounter something like this in the future with any of your iFixit purchases, please contact our customer support and we will get the issue resolved!

Arthur Shi -

I feel like there should be some clarity about the thin plastic film you are not to remove. Is it if it just on the battery blocks, or the thin film that covers the whole battery that is easily removable?

John Hammer - Replica

Impressive good manual! No issues, no experience…no problem — and: It works! ✌?Thank you!

milan wack - Replica

After installing and calibrating the computer don’t turn on, any ideas?

Victor Perea - Replica

Very straightforward.

A good clear guide with helpful photos.

Donald Steele - Replica

I am considering this as my daughters 2015 MacBook Air 11 inch is only lasting close to 4 hours. I know using chrome uses more battery as well but it is what she has to uses for her classes. She mainly takes notes while being in the class online. Her battery is still showing condition as normal and 766 cycle count. What can I expect the battery life to be after replacing the battery?

freerider969 - Replica

There isn’t a “table” for time duration, but the battery needs to be replaced. I think that the time could double

Marc developer -

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