Replace your Sony Xperia Z3 Compact's midframe.

This involves removing the back panel and front screen, separating the main flex, reattaching it, and then reassembling.

First, heat up.
  • First, heat up.

  • And then place the suction cup and pull to open a gap. Insert into the guitar pick to cut the adhesive sticker under the back cover.

  • Finally, remove the back cover.

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Disconnect the NFC flex press connector.
  • Disconnect the NFC flex press connector.

  • Unscrew the screws holding the black midframe in place.

  • Remove back frame.

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  • Disconnect the battery flex cable.

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  • Remove rear camera bracket.

  • Release connector, but take care not to damage the electronic components next to the connector. It is best to access the connector from the bottom (battery side), and not from the side as the picture shows.

  • Remove rear camera.

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  • Release connectors and twist off screw.

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  • Remove motherboard.

  • Lift the red cover off the vibrating motor, and lift the motor with tweezers. The motor should stay attached to the cabling to the motherboard.

The cable to the vibrating electromotor snapped. Maybe a little warning about that? Sits next to the loudspeaker. Or that it's important to lift the other short side first?

Espen Klem - Replica

could be more detailled, like where the screw goes and stuff... and also lifting the board by the side like showned could bend it, i recommand entering the pointy end of the supdger in the slot starting on top, help alot

Benjamin Valcourt - Replica

  • Remove headphone jack.

  • Use caution lifting the flex cables that are stuck to the midplate.

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  • Remove loudspeaker.

what do i do with the copper coil inside under the speaker ?

genko.d - Replica

Don't forget to transfer the volume, power and camera silicone pads if these are not included on the replacement and the charging port. Needs to be done at steps 6 or 7.

Denis - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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i want to ask what is the purpose of that plastic frame that have some silver paths connecting to the main board, because i accidentally broke it and broke the one path

coleonyx1 - Replica

It is WIFI Antenna connectors

gak.vasilis.far -

I have same issue too did you fix it?

gak.vasilis.far -

This is potentially much more complicated, and fiddly, than the guide suggests - depending on where you get the midframe from, there are a number of additional parts that need moving across to the new one - specifically the rubber seals from the buttons, the small microphone channel near the bottom mic, the plastic defuser for the LED next to the headphone socket and the front camera holder. Removing the lower speaker from the midframe is likely to break it, simply down to the glue being used to hold it in. It's worth making sure you have a replacement to hand as they're fairly cheap.

Additionally to re-emphasise, be very careful with removing the mother board, the vibration motor lead is very delicate and easy to tear. Do make sure it's completely freed up before trying to remove the board!

Daniel - Replica

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