If you forgot your Password, PIN, Pattern and you can't enter into the phone menu with your Google account or if your phone freeze or can't start normally, you must do a Firmware Update from Sony PC Companion.

This will fully reset your phone (will erase all your personal data!!!) and will install the latest firmware version, available for your Xperia E.

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First you can try to enter into the phone menu with your Google account, registered from before on this phone.
  • First you can try to enter into the phone menu with your Google account, registered from before on this phone.

  • Your must be in range of WiFi network, used before with this phone.

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Search and download Sony PC Companion or use the link below.

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  • Install Sony PC Companion in your PC.

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  • From here you can update your firmware, but when you connect the phone, it must be switched on and not in security or password screen.

  • We will start "Support Zone" because from here we can flash the phone from switched off state regardless of whether there is a password.

  • Now start "Phone / Tablet Software Update".

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  • Connect your laptop to power supply since the update of your phone will take some time.

  • Now choose "repair my phone / tablet". By this way you can fully erase your phone and remove any security password, PIN etc., or change firmware if your phone have OS problem and can't be powered on correctly.

  • This is your last warning about losing your personal data.

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  • PC Companion will download some files to prepare your PC for software update

  • Your phone must be at last 80% for the update to proceed safely!

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  • Select the model of your phone.

  • You should not confuse the model.

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  • The USB cable must be connected only to the PC.

  • Turn off the phone.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button while plugging the cable into your phone.

  • Once connected, PC Companion will download necessary firmware and will upload it to your phone.

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  • Your PC must recognize your phone like SOMC Flash Device.

  • If you have a problem with drivers (your PC can't recognize your phone), search in the internet for "S1Boot Fastboot" drivers or use the link below.

  • Android WinUSB drivers

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  • When PC Companion finished with update process, disconnect the phone and switch it on.

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  • Now your phone is in factory condition, with erased custom data, without password protection and with the last firmware, available for the model.

  • .

  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Downloaded the application but it wants a Administrator password..... is there an another way to download this application?

Althea Kruger - Replica

My sony Xperia c1605 is deny pasword am using for it pls anyvody to help me out what can i do

Aweda Kabeer - Replica

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