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Follow these steps below if the Sony Alpha 5100 doesn't recognize the lens and displays an error message on the screen of your camera. You can follow this guide to reinsert a new lens to your camera. No tools are needed for this guide.

  1. Sony Alpha 5100 Lens Replacement, Lens: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Place the camera in front so the lens is facing you. There should be a small button on the bottom left side of the lens.

  2. Sony Alpha 5100 Lens Replacement: passo 2, immagine 1 di 1
    • While holding down the button with your left thumb, use your right hand to twist the lens counterclockwise.

    • Make sure that you are twisting the bottom end of the lens.

  3. Sony Alpha 5100 Lens Replacement: passo 3, immagine 1 di 1
    • To insert a new lens, align the marking on the lens to the marking on the mount on the camera body.

    • Once insert correctly, you can twist the lens in clockwise direction easily until it clicks.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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