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Remove the brush roll if there is debris blocking it.

  1. Open the garage door by sliding both of the release buttons away from you. Lift off the garage door.
    • Open the garage door by sliding both of the release buttons away from you.

    • Lift off the garage door.

  2. Use the tab on the right side to lift out the soft roller. Use the tab on the right side to lift out the soft roller.
    • Use the tab on the right side to lift out the soft roller.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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There’s nothing blocking the soft roller in mine. I can spin it by hand. Only the regular brush roll spins. Now what?

Keith Sauer - Replica

I have the same problem. The gear that is connected to the motor that spins the soft brush roller is stripped. The shaft spins but the inside of the gear is stripped therefore it doesnt turn the soft brush roller. I cannot find the replacement part

Bill Pucher - Replica

Having this same problem

Keona Taylor -

Same here…no blockage, but won’t spin

tbridge - Replica

I also have the same problem. No blockage. The brush roller works but the soft roller does not spin.

Gina - Replica

I also have the same issue. Has anyone figured out how to fix the problem?

kassandramckinney - Replica

Same problem; everything else works, but it is so hard to use because it makes it harder to push on carpet.

Kathy Shinn - Replica

My problem is the same , and no answers on how to rectify it!

Deduced Cyborg - Replica

I am experiencing the same problem with the soft brush not rotating. I have removed the roller and there is nothing to prevent it from not moving.

garden.3 - Replica

Same problem. Small plastic gear that sits on spindle was broken. Ordered new roller thinking it was part of the replacement. Not the case still need the small attic gear that sits on the spindle between the roller and drive spindle.

rugdude1 - Replica

Omg! I have the same problem too! Has anyone figured out the replacement for it?

alexlopez913 - Replica

Same issue here too. Shark wants me to replace the whole floor nozzle for $89 for what I’m sure is a $2 gear.

jenica roalstad - Replica

I had same problem as above. Seeing comments concerned me but also caused me to look for solutions other than contacting manufacturer. We solved our issue maybe this will help. The rotor piece connected to the soft roller was loose(Disconnected). My wife noticed a whole in center of rotor made for a small bolt to reconnect it. I found a bolt the right size and tightened the rotor to the soft bar and it worked! The vacuum is working properly again. Not sure how long it will last. I cannot confirm if there was an original bolt that came off or if it ever existed. I actually doubt it did as I think we would have seen it when it broke or became loose. I hope this helps others

Gene Lunman - Replica

Do you know the part number of the garage unit itself? Not just the cover but the whole bottom unit? I need a replacement. Also any idea where I may be able to buy one? I’ve searched online, ebay, amazon, shark website and no luck. I have sent an email to Shark customer service but am bracing for no help from them.

Denise Starcevich - Replica

Same issue will not turn when powered.

cillorj - Replica

I’m having the same problem. Called support - No Help - I’m just going to return this POS and purchase a different brand.

Kevin Dunn - Replica

Same problem. The coupler between the drive and the soft roller broke and now soft roller won’t turn. Have looked through all the manuals I can find but not finding any parts manuals. it is probably a $1.00 part and can’t seem to locate it anywhere

Joe Smith - Replica

The soft roller drive, the socket type orange colour plastic held in place by a small center Torx screw is the problem if the soft roller does not turn. In some cases the Torx screw is loose or fallen out, or the plastic part is worn/broken on the internal side. Try tightening the Torx screw, if still not working remove the plastic drive and look at the inner side it should have two small lugs which slot into the metal frame fitting in the end of the soft roller, this is how the plastic part transfers the drive to the roller. If the lugs are gone worn away I assume you need to buy a new soft roller I have not found that bit for sale anywhere.

David Williams - Replica

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