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    • With a plastic opening tool, gently insert the prying end in between the glass digitizer and the silver frame from the front of the device.

    I tried this with my Galaxy Tab A. I only wanted to remove the front and rear cameras.

    wmcarroll13 - Replica

    How hard do i need to push the plastic part? i tried it but i wont pop off.

    Emil Klock - Replica

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    • Working slowly and carefully, move around the entirety of the face of the device. Small plastic clips should release, if not, apply gentle outwards pressure until you hear the clips popping off.

    I used a dull knife blade and just slide it along the grove. You may have to slide the knife back and forth a couple of times but, the cover will unsnap.

    wmcarroll13 - Replica

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    • To begin actual removal of the battery itself, remove the four designated screws with your screwdriver.

    • Once the screws are removed, use either the tip of your screwdriver or a pair of tweezers to pull up the battery connector. Pull directly up and the connector should pop out.

    • Once the battery is removed, it should look as it does in the third picture.

    Gently lift the battery from the inside edge using the battery connector. The battery is hinged on the outside edge by two plastic protrusions which fit into the plastic frame where the battery is located.

    markiratcliffe1 - Replica

    Because I was only removing the cameras, I did not have to touch the battery. However on the motherboard; there are 4 screws up top you have to remove. Where your headphones plug in; gently pull up the connector away from the board. Tilt the motherboard up at a 45-60 degree angle. With a pair of tweezers, pull both cameras up (one at a time) while pulling side to side. The connectors will slide out. Then make sure the bottom of motherboard is slipped under small tabs then replace screws up top. Snap connector for earphones back into place.

    wmcarroll13 - Replica

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    • To finish battery replacement, place your new battery where the old battery was in your device, as shown in the picture.

    Don't forget to insert the battery on the outside edge first, locating the plastic protrusions into the frame around the battery. Use the tip of your screwdriver to push down on the protrusions to locate them in the frame. Once the battery is located correctly, it should sit flush with the frame that surrounds it.

    markiratcliffe1 - Replica

    No explanation of how to separate the glass from the body in order to access the battery.

    randyshelly - Replica

    Its the 1st step, pry tool down between glass and edge, all the way round. It has pressure clips

    robert.stevens89 - Replica

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Don't forget to reset the time and date when your done.

Some of the apps will not work and the operating system will not tell you that this is the problem.

cpessaro - Replica

good job for making this as least complicated as possible i completed the guide

Alburt Einstine - Replica

Great guide..... If you don't have the plastic tool, my thumb nail worked just fine

Bruce Wiggins - Replica

Thanks for this great guide.

When attaching the new battery it helped me to actually attach the wiring connector before final placement of the battery. Also, I found it easier to put the single screw in first before pushing the battery all the way down and starting the three on the other side. The cscrew holes in the replacement battery have to be PERFECT and if they’re just slightly off you can’t get the one lonely screw started if you put the other three in first.

Tkappock - Replica

I enjoied the guide it was realy easy the video was varry helpfull. I do have a question is there any way to test the batery to make sure that is realy the problem, before i go replaycing it?

John Tahos - Replica

That’s a confusing first picture, implying the seam is below /behind instead of above/in front of the card slots. Was it chosen to suggest a clearance issue requiring removal of the SD and SIM cards before the back and sides come off?

duncan - Replica

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