Potenzialmente Pericoloso
Possibilità di infortunio se questa procedura non viene seguita correttamente. Prestare attenzione e seguire tutte le avvertenze.
Flip the phone over and use your fingernail or an opening tool to remove the back cover.
  • Flip the phone over and use your fingernail or an opening tool to remove the back cover.

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Remove the battery.
  • Remove the battery.

  • If your phone has a SIM card or MicroSD card, remove them.

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  • Remove the 9 Philips #00 screws (marked in red)

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  • Use an opening pick to pry off the mid frame.

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  • Disconnect the following ribbon cables from the motherboard:

    • The digitizer and LCD assembly

    • Headphone Jack and Earpiece

    • Daughter board flex cable.

    • Antenna connector

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to remove the motherboard.

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  • Remove 1 Phillips screw

  • Remove the daughterboard.

  • The flex cable is glued, so exercise extreme caution, as excessive force can damage the cable.

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  • Use an opening pick to remove the audio jack.

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  • Disconnect digitizer

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  • Push the speaker outwards so as it is released.

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  • Use a heat gun or an iOpener to heat the digitizer and soften the glue securing it.

  • Use an opening pick to break up the glue around the edges of the digitizer.

  • You may apply more heat if needed.

  • Remove the digitizer and any broken glass.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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ivan coene

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yes, but where can I buy the screen replacement?

Roxannie - Replica

I bought it on Ebay...

ivan coene - Replica

Comment root galaxy core prime g361f android 5.1.1

soulaemen - Replica

Follow the instructions in reverse order? Do you need glue for the new screen? What kind of glue? How is it applied?

Thomas McGuigan - Replica

Nor do they show how the new digitizer plugs in...

chris smith -

Magkano po ang magagastos lcd and touch po ung papalitan

ramil cariaga - Replica

Is the Potentially Dangerous part when you work with the glass? Just curious if there was some other hidden danger?

Sara - Replica

Jup, it's only because you work with broken glass ;)

ivan coene -

I have 2 devicies.

#1 broken LCD+digi

#2 dead with fine LCD+digi

Can I swap whole screen (LCD+digi) together with frame?

Piotr Jaremko - Replica

Never tried, but i guess you could just stop at step 9...

Let me know if it worked

ivan coene -

I own and use a core prime as my phone, it has a shattered screen, verizon wont replace it because it was a warrentty replacement for my kyocera brigadir that i dropped in the ocean, it works again btw just a bit slower, but i cant afford a new phone, and i cant deal with the glass splinters any more, i dont want to spend more then i have to, are some of these required things actually needed? Like the seperation tools, can i do the same thing with say an automotive trim tool(already have one)? It looks similar at the prying tip. Maybe a high end hair dryer instead of a heat gun? (My gf has one i can use). My true goal is to spend only the cost of the replacement parts, as i do not currently have a steady income. Thanks in advance for any advise.

S1l3ntb0b696 - Replica

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