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Rimuovere un bullone spanato con testa a brugola

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  1. Rimuovere un bullone spanato con testa a brugola, Rimuovere un bullone spanato con testa a brugola: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Fai un taglio sulla testa della vite.

    • Posiziona un giraviti nella fessura creata e dai dei colpetti col martello in senso antiorario in modo da allentare la vite.

    • Finisci di svitare col giraviti.

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Use the same technique for Philips or crosshead screws.

Use a grinding / cutting disk, not a saw blade. Apply the rotating cutting disk gently, do not force or it will break.

If this is a toughened steel or stainless steel bolt (much tougher), it will be best to use a reinforced cutting disk.

Use a dusk mask to avoid breathing the dusk from the disk !

(No, I don't usually, but I should !)

Frank B - Replica

While this works it is very difficult to not ruin the material around the bolt.

What I do is use a torx bit. size one up that is slightly larger then the hole and then firmly tap it in. atttach your drive handle a turn slowly while pushing down. this will normally break it free.

Also before your get to this point try putting your allen key in the hole and smack it with a hammer. sometimes the force of the hit will cause the metal to "break" enough that the allen screw wont strip.

Jamie Mcguire -

There are also specifically designed screw extractors made for this. These tools are generally two-sided: one side is used to drill the hole, while the other is inserted to extract. If the process works, the surrounding area is undamaged.

Karl Kaufmann - Replica

Use another Allen bolt to weld over it and then you can easily remove the Allen bolt with the help of Allen key

Tushar Pednekar - Replica

And if for any reason if you can't weld then just drill the head of the Allen bolt so it's shears off. And then u can easily remove the rest

Tushar Pednekar - Replica

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