Note: This is a highly complex and expensive fix. If you are experiencing any problems it is recommended to buy a new DVD/VHS player.


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  1. With the front display of the device facing you, rotate the device 90 degrees counter clockwise.
    • With the front display of the device facing you, rotate the device 90 degrees counter clockwise.

    • Remove silver screw and then turn the device 180 degrees. Remove the second silver screw.

  2. Rotate the device so that the back faces you.
    • Rotate the device so that the back faces you.

    • Locate and remove the two side screws shown in the image.

    • To remove silver cover, pull the sides out and up.

    • To remove the front panel, first locate the nine tabs highlighted in the attached pictures.

    • Note that the tabs holding on the right side of the panel are depicted in step 5

    • Note that before removal there is an electric strip connecting the front pane to the rest of the device.

    • Remove front cover by prying open all nine tabs and and slowly separating it from the device (see images one and two). Start with the side tabs before the bottom tabs.

    • Unplug the electronic strip that is connected to the electronic panel of the front cover (image three).

    • With the cover off, locate the DVD drive and remove the four red screws circled in image one.

    • Gently lift the out the DVD drive and unplug the cable connection shown in image two.

    • Slowly turn over the DVD drive and remove the electronic strip in the bottom as shown in image three.

    • Locate and remove the six screws that are circled in image one.

    • Remove the two electronic strips that are circled in image two that connect the VCR to the motherboard and unplug the cable.

    • Slowly remove the VCR by lifting it up and set aside. It may be difficult to slide the VCR from the black pegs that keep it in place.

    • Remove electronic strips on the right, bottom center, top center, and a cable on the left side of the input board.

    • Remove two screws shown in the second image. Remove the gray connector on top of the input board.

    • Next, use a flat head screwdriver to assist you in prying the right clip while simultaneously pulling up on the input board. Unclip the component from the logic board.

      • Note that there is a clip on both the left and right sides of the input board.

    • In order to remove the DVD video processor, first locate and remove the two screws circled in image one.

    • The final step is popping of the component off of the three nodes circled in image three.

      • Unfortunately one or more of these 'nodes' will probably be difficult to remove and you will just have to pull on it until they come unattached or rotate the component to unhinge from the plastic clip.

    • Remove the back by removing the nine screws circled in images one and two.

      • Unsnap the tabs as shown in image three and separating it from the main body.

      • You will need to push in the tabs on the sides of the device while removing the back.

    • The next step is to remove the FM/AM radio receiver pictured in image one.

    • First unsnap it from the tab that holds it to the mother board (see image two).

    • Second, disconnect the electrical strip as seen in image three by pulling the tabs on the plastic piece of the electric strip.

    • Remove the black cable from the side slot.

    • Before replacing the motherboard, it is crucial to understand that this device cannot be taken apart any further without breaking solder points. So the motherboard, screen and power supply must be replaced together.

    • Using a phillips head screwdriver, remove the thirteen screws that shown in images 1-3.

    • Lift up all of the components together making sure not to break any solder points.

    • To reassemble, follow these steps in reverse order.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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