This guide will show you how to get to the LEDs and how to inspect the circuit board. If there is a faulty connection or a loose wire, this guide shows displays a quick solution.


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Use a Philips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the four 6mm Phillips #0 back screws.
  • Use a Philips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the four 6mm Phillips #0 back screws.

  • Do this by unscrewing from left-to-right then pull the screws out of the back of the fan

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Pull the front and back cover apart.
  • Pull the front and back cover apart.

  • Be careful not to pull the front cover off completely because it holds the wires.

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  • Remove the Phillips (5-mm head) 6-mm screw that holds the circuit board to the outer shell of the fan.

  • Make sure the fan is unplugged while removing the circuit board as you may get shocked.

  • To remove the screws, unscrew in a left-to-right fashion at an angle to make sure that the wires do not get tangled.

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  • Remove the top cover containing the circuit board and the wires by pulling it away from the body of the fan.

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  • Remove the circuit board from the top cover. Do not touch the other side of the circuit board as you may damage circuit elements.

  • Unscrew the four screws on the top of the circuit board in a left-to-right fashion. After pull screws out of the board.

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  • The picture reveals the top side of the printed circuit board that contains the LEDs.

  • Inspect the PCB for any faulty connections or loose components.

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  • Make sure the wires on the side of the board are properly connected.

  • If the wires have are not connected properly, res-older them to the board.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Good stuff except for the fact that the most common problem(fan not working) that is for me, the first and simplest repair listed is referred to a dead end in led repair section. I could be wrong, but still, where is the fuse and how does the ohm meter work for a fuse test again? Hey, your fixer guide is the one that brought it up in the first place. Just saying.....

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