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ian mdx

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Good video!!

Mandy - Replica

Good video!

I have a question though. What did you use to bull back the back partbof the phone at the end of the video? You simply heated the glue that was already there?

Mattia Rappuoli - Replica

Please answer, what is the glue you used in the video? Thanks.

tcatt - Replica

The glue used here is the B7000 glue, which can be found on this site under tools or from

However, it should be mentioned that it is not required to use other glue than the sticky tape than phone already has, unless you are serious about waterproofing. I removed 98% of all the sticky tape that was there hoping it would be easier to open later. Funny thing is that I still have to use heat lol. Hard to remove all that sticky.

lightmeupper - Replica

The tool to pull back the cover is Suction Handle

Something tells me it may work with a 40-50mm diameter suction cup from dollar store as well :-)

lightmeupper - Replica

I mange to replace the screen and start the phone up. But now the power Button dosen work. Whan can i do?

Johan Fritiofsson - Replica

So i just had to put the screws in again… Puh

Johan Fritiofsson -


I can’t get the home button to be in the right position, its too much inside, it gotta be pushed up a bit but I can’t get it there, how do I do that?

Max Hi - Replica

be cautious using a metal “opening tool”, higher risk of damaging the logic board and guaranteed to scratch up the metal frame. having an abundance of plastic tools is better in this case. metal is good to create the initial gap but, plastic is better once you have created a gap.

Andrew - Replica

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