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Place the laptop upside down on a clean, flat surface.
  • Place the laptop upside down on a clean, flat surface.

  • Locate the battery release button with the padlock symbol above it.

  • Slide the battery release button towards the padlock symbol and hold it there. Note that the button is spring loaded and will return if released.

    • The battery is now released from the battery compartment.

  • Gently remove the battery from the side of the laptop.

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Place laptop upside down on a clean flat surface.
  • Place laptop upside down on a clean flat surface.

  • Remove 2ea M2.5 x 5 mm screws.

  • Pull the HDD from main body of the laptop.

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  • Place laptop upsid down on a clean flat work surface.

  • Remove the Philips M2.5 x 8 mm screw

  • Loosen the screw that holds the memory compartment closed

  • remove the memory module compartment cover

  • Press the Optical Drive release lever to the right and the optical drive should slide out of the case

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  • Use a spudger to lift the notched right edge of the hinge cover, and pry it loose

  • You need to lay the LCD screen down flat to allow the hinge cover to be lifted off

  • Lift the hinge cover off and set aside

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  • Remove 4ea M2 x 3mm keyboard screws

  • Lift up keyboard from the rear to expose the connector below

  • Disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from the mother board

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  • Remove 1ea M2.5 x 8mm screw holding the EMI shield in place

  • Remove the EMI shield to expose the LCD ribbon cable

  • Gently pull up on the tab to disconnect the ribbon cable from the main board

  • Close the lid carefully and remove the two M2.5 x 5-mm screws from the rear of the case

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  • Open the lid and support the Display Assembly while performing the next step to avoid it falling down when the hinge screws are removed

  • Remove 2e M2.5 x 5mm screws from each hinge bracket

  • The Display Assembly can now be lifted free of the laptop body

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  • Remove the 2 screw covers and 3 rubber bumpers to reveal 5ea M2.5 x 5mm Philips screws

  • Remove the 5 screws and gently lift off the screen bezel (surround) to reveal the LCD panel and mounting screws which are along each side of the LCD

  • Remove 8ea M2 x 3mm (4 screws along each side)

  • The LCD display can now be removed from the top cover of the laptop

  • The inverter PCB is located on the bottom edge of the LCD display panel and is easily removed

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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