Prying the exterior housing takes some force but is not difficult. If you are replacing the speaker unit, pry off the upper half.


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    • Pry the exterior housing off the iHome iP37. You may need extra leverage to do this.

    • Note: This step is the most difficult due to the way it is attached. The glue holding the exterior housing to the internals does not break easily. You may want to use iFixit's iOpener to soften the glue.

    • Note: The process is the same for both the upper half and the lower half. To identify the halves, look for these details: the upper half has a metal grid, and the lower half has buttons. If you are replacing any other components, pry off the lower half.

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To reassemble your device, apply double-sided tape or adhesive on the existing glue and fit the housing back on.


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