This guide shows how to repair a disfunctional Palm Treo 680 LCD Screen/Touch Screen.

  1. Remove the battery cover by pressing on the small rectangular button location the back of the phone.
    • Remove the battery cover by pressing on the small rectangular button location the back of the phone.

  2. Remove the battery by pulling it out toward you.
    • Remove the battery by pulling it out toward you.

    • Unscrew the 0.266 inch top-left screw with a T6 Torx Screwdriver.

    • Be sure to remove the stylus in order to access the screw.

    • Using the spudger, remove the rubber rectangular cover located in the upper right hand side of the device.

    • Unscrew the 0.266 inch screw with the T6 Torx Screwdriver.

      • If there is a red Palm sticker covering the screw, just puncture it to access the screw.

    • Remove the remaining two 0.266 inch screws at the bottom of the device.

    • Turn the phone 90 degrees to the right, so the screen is facing the right side.

    • Use a spudger to carefully separate the back panel from the front panel to access all the various components inside the phone.

    • Separate the covers from the left side of the device as indicated in the picture. The right side contains orange ribbons that are easily damaged.

    • Take the front the pannel and notice that the screen is attached by a piece of silver tape.

    • Using a pair of tweezers, carefully peel off this piece of silver tape.

    • Remove the screen from the front pannel.

    • Obtain a small metal spudger and flip up the 2 tiny plastic flaps that hold the tiny orange ribbons in place.

    • Do the same thing for the other flap on the opposite side.

    • Flip the screen over a 180 degrees and take off the metal piece that cushions the screen.

    • Flip the screen over another a 180 degrees and place pressure on the bottom ribbon (Where my left thumb is).

    • Slightly Pull apart the touch screen from the LCD screen by placing your thumbs where my thumbs are. DO NOT PULL THE TWO SCREENS COMPLETELY APART YET.

      • This part is tricky and might take some maneuvering and a little bit of force, but it is possible.

    • Move your thumbs to the other corner of the screen and repeat the same procedure in step 9.

    • Carefully peel the touch screen away from the LCD screen.

    • Now you should have both the touch screen and LCD screen detached from one another.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where can i get the new touch scree, actually my mobile has fallen down and broken the touch scree. i am a resident in India, Andhra Pradesh, Ramkote.... please give me message at please

chinthalaprasad - Replica

These are very nice instructions. They are clear and detailed for anyone to follow. Thanks for putting together the steps and sharing it.

I have not tried all steps completely yet. But will do so. I will left with probably a question what to do with touch screen. My phone has

never fallen down nor damaged. It worked perfectly well and one fine day, touch screen stopped working. In any case, I will try.


Ravi Joshi - Replica

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