If the device will not turn on or has a broken power switch, use this guide to replace the switch.


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Unplug popper.
  • Unplug popper.

  • Remove plastic lid by picking the lid up.

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Flip the popper on its side.
  • Flip the popper on its side.

  • Remove the screws on the bottom with the Phillips #2 phillips head screwdriver.

  • There are seven screws on the base. Five screws on the perimeter (12mm Philips #2 screws) and two in the middle (15 mm Philips #2 screws).

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  • Remove the base.

  • Save the screws you took out of the bottom in a safe place. They will be needed to reattach the housing to the base.

  • Unscrew the two screws (10 mm Philips #2 screws) from the base.

  • Remove the base and set it aside for now.

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  • Locate the power switch connected to the side of the housing.

  • Carefully pinch the sides of the power switch.

  • Push the power button up and out of the housing.

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  • Now that the power switch is removed from the housing, you have to remove the wires connected to the power switch.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the wires loose from the power switch.

  • The wires should pop easily out from the power switch.

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  • Remove the power switch from the device.

  • You can now replace the power switch if necessary.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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