Use this guide to replace a broken DVD drive. Depending on your new part, you may have to swap out the four rubber grommets on the DVD drive housing.

  1. Use a metal spudger to remove the white plastic screw covers stuck to the lower case near the front of the Wii.
    • Use a metal spudger to remove the white plastic screw covers stuck to the lower case near the front of the Wii.

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  2. Remove the two 8.3 mm Tri-Wing screws hidden under the covers you just removed.
    • Remove the two 8.3 mm Tri-Wing screws hidden under the covers you just removed.

    Before you start, get a small plastic tray with at least 15 small bins in it, and put the screws you take out in each step in the bins in order. It makes reassembly a LOT easier.

    larry - Replica

    NOTE: You need a Y1 screwdriver. Be careful when buying the little red screwdrivers on Amazon that claim to fit the Wii - they don’t!! From personal experience.

    Robotai - Replica

    Just to add to Robotai’s comment, if you do get the little red/orange screwdrivers on Amazon, file off the tip. It if’s mostly blunt, it fits the tri-wing screws much better.

    jeff - Replica

    • Remove the single 5.9 mm Phillips screw under the controller port door nearest the faceplate.

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    • Use a metal spudger to remove the rubber foot stuck to the side of the Wii near the DVD drive opening.

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    • Remove the single 5.9 mm Phillips screw hidden under the foot you just removed.

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    • Carefully pull the faceplate away from the front of the Wii.

    • Use a pair of tweezers to disconnect the LED cable's plastic connector from the motherboard.

    • Remove the faceplate.

    surprisingly, this was the trickiest step for me. I almost completely mangled the wires when my tweezers slipped as I was attempting to remove the connector.

    rbelknap - Replica

    I ended up using needle nose pliars on this step.

    Awesome detailed guide made this very easy, thank you author!

    Glenn Woodard - Replica

    Can someone direct me to what I need to do? My tweezers slipped and I cut one of the wires on the connector. Where can I find a new Y plug for the wii?

    jaredslaweski - Replica

    I also broke my wire trying to use tweezers. I should have known better. I use (normally do) a spudger on one side and my fingernail on the other to gently pry these types of connectors out. I ended up buying a replacement faceplate on ebay.

    Tyler - Replica

    This was the hardest part for me. I tried using my fingernails, two different tweezers, and needle nose pliers, but I ended up cutting both the wires. Anyway, I put some electric tape over the exposed wires and just reassembled the system. Funny thing is that the LED still works and I have not noticed any difference. I'm not sure what those wires did, but they seem to not be important.

    Nick - Replica

    I also broke off the flimsy wires at the connector. To NOT break the wires, alternate pressing on the right and left sides of the connector with a small flathead screwdriver. Be patient, it will eventually work itself free. There isn't enough to grab onto with the tweezers and you'll only succeed in having them slip off, grab the wires, and yank the wires out.

    Good news is that if you do rip out the wires, no worries... I didn't reconnect them and the unit works just fine. I have no idea what those wires are even for. Power LED continues to work no problem.

    jasendorf - Replica

    I used two small flat head screw drivers, one on each side to pry out the connector. This created less pressure from me and reduced my chance of cutting the wires.

    mulkey - Replica

    This guide is really marvellous - works a treat. But I would definitely recommend needle nose pliers for this step rather than tweezers. It's really easy if you use pliers and potentially damaging if not, and you get it wrong. I had one sniff at it with tweezers then immediate nipped out to the garage for my pliers!

    thepitcanary - Replica

    Definitely a tricky step with that connector. I also cut broke the wire accidentally and was going to just give up trying to fix the Wii. However, as others stated the Wii works just fine, including the lights. I do wonder what those wire are for.

    darcaesar - Replica

    I also had a lot of trouble trying to get the connector off with tweezers. Ended up leaving it attached. It does not really get in the way of remaining steps.

    Ron Even - Replica

    Needlenose pliers did the trick for us!

    Ron Cormier - Replica

    Needlenose pliers did it for us!

    Ron Cormier - Replica

    You can save yourself some trouble at this point and skip the rest of the disassembly: See that green tab to the left of the sd card slot? THAT’S the wifi board (and that green tab, in hindsight, seems designed to make it accessible without taking apart the whole device, don’t you think?) A little careful spudging, and you’ve got it out, ready to replace! (There’s a guy who shows the process on youtube, if you want to review first)

    Will - Replica

    I got the connector out ok thanks to the suggestions here, but I couldn’t figure out how to reattach it. In the end, I just kind of threw it in and it worked fine.

    Christine Wittmer - Replica

    • Open the controller port cover until it is perpendicular to the black controller port bezel.

    • Pull the controller port cover straight up to release it from the outer case.

    • Repeat this procedure for the memory card port cover.

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    • Remove the two remaining 4.1 mm Phillips screws along the top edge of the black plastic controller port bezel.

    • Lift the bezel from the long edge furthest away from the controller ports and remove it from the Wii.

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    • Remove the two 5 mm Phillips screws above the controller ports.

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    • Use a metal spudger to remove the three highlighted screw covers stuck to the side of the Wii.

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    • Remove the following screws:

      • Two 5 mm Phillips screws

      • One 8.2 mm Tri-Wing screw

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    • Use a metal spudger to remove the two rubber feet stuck to the bottom face of the Wii near the rear ports.

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    • Remove the two 8.2 mm Tri-Wing screws hidden under the feet you just removed.

    had a little trouble with theses screws. they were just barely too deep for my 54pies bit driver kit to reach. I ended up inserting a small wad of paper into the shaft of my driver so the tri-wing bit stuck out far enough to engage the screw. (I used the tweezers to remove the paper when I was done) :)

    rbelknap - Replica

    Thank you rbelknap, this is excellent advice for those using the ifixit branded driver.

    George Squires - Replica

    You could also use the 4mm nut driver in the iFixit kit to turn the tri-wing driver. This will give you a little more reach.

    Edward Tucker - Replica

    This paper wad trick totally worked for me too!

    anonymous 779 - Replica

    • Lift the outer case straight up off the body of the Wii.

    This step could use at least another picture from the backside so it's clearer what comes up and what stays down.

    Jose Vazquez - Replica

    I used a spudger around the edges of the outer case to gently ease it upward since I could not lift it out with my fingers. Then it came right out.

    Marko - Replica

    hey marko that really helped me thanks\. als if you need help figuring which side is up, its the one with the nintendo engraving on it

    Aryan Garg - Replica

    • Remove the small Phillips screw securing the battery door to the bottom panel.

    • This screw is captive to the battery door.

    • Pull the battery door out of the Wii.

    • This is a good time to change the CR2032 battery if it hasn't been changed recently.

    The screw on the battery door of my Wii required a Phillips #000 screwdriver, which is not listed in the required tools.

    Ben - Replica

    The screw is a PH0000 (quadruple zero) requiring an exceptionally small Phillips screwdriver to remove. If this is your first time in here in a while, this may also be a great time to change the CR2032 battery.

    Steve Bonds - Replica

    • Remove the 8.2 mm Tri-Wing screw that was hidden beneath the battery door.

    Note - this screw is a machine screw (e.g. not self-tapping). It screws into a hex nut, and that nut is captive in a slot in the case. When reassembling, ensure that this hex nut is still captive, and has not migrated out to other areas within the Wii.

    dyanetti - Replica

    • Remove the two 8.2 mm Tri-Wing screws securing the DVD drive shield near the controller ports.

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    • Lift the DVD drive shield upward and remove it from the Wii.

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    • Remove the four 9 mm Phillips screws securing the DVD drive to the bottom panel.

    The two left hand screws were very difficult to relocate during reassembly. I was coaching my 8 year old through this, and this was probably the only step that he couldn't do. We dropped these screws several times, and used magnets to retrieve. Miniature needle-nose pliers gripping the 'washer' surface of the screw were too wide. We managed to purchase the 'button head' of these screws with the needle-nose and drop the screws into their hole, and push with the phillips until secure. I would like to hear how others install these screws, please.

    dyanetti - Replica

    I had the same problem as you and eventually found an easy way round it. I wrote this to be added to the instructions but it was rejected: "Once the DVD drive has been removed, remove the 4 rubber washers from the screws removed earlier and insert them into your new DVD drive. Because two of the screws are difficult to reach, it is best to insert these two screws into the washers and then slide them into place ready for securing to the base plate".

    The rubber washer holds the two screws roughly in position, you can then reach them with your screwdriver through the two holes (about an inch away) and finish tightening them up.

    Gary -

    For the two screws at the front of the chassis, use a three-pronged parts retriever to lift them out after you unscrew them.

    Walter - Replica

    Helpful tip: Use a magnetized screwdriver for the 2 screws nearest the DVD face because they are set in deep sockets

    Blake Minghelli - Replica

    During reassembly, it can be tricky to position the recessed screws. To temporarily magnetize your screwdriver, rub the tip against a magnet for 5-10 seconds. (A refrigerator magnet will do.) You should then be able to put the screw on the tip and gently lower it into position.

    Matt D - Replica

    Another method for getting the front screws back in is to insert a small pair of tweezers through the DVD slot to guide the screw in. I just dropped the screw in between the tweezers which held the screw just above the hole. Then I was able to use the phillips screwdriver to guide the screw into the hole and screw it in. Done in just a few seconds.

    Another option would be to stick a dab of hot glue on the screw to your screwdriver and then when the screw has been driven home either the glue stays on the driver and is easily removed or it stays on the screw and you just pull it off with tweezers or needle nose pliers.

    accts4mjs - Replica

    The screwdriver provided in the kit by ifixit is a magnetized screwdriver and works perfectly!

    mulkey - Replica

    If you are disassembling your Wii because, say, a two-year-old has shovelled pennies into it (yes, that was me) you will also need to partially disassemble the drive itself, which is not covered in this guide. Luckily it's really easy. Unscrew the 4-5 larger Philips/cross head screws on the top of the frame (NOT any of the smaller darker ones) around the edges, and the frame on top of the drive will lift right off. Be careful as there is cabling running to it, so don't yank it or pull it too far off. You will now be able to get any coins or other foreign objects out.

    thepitcanary - Replica

    I didn't have a magnetic screwdriver, so I applied a tiny amount of fabric glue to the head of each screw, waited a minute for it to start to harden, inserted my non-mag screwdriver into the screw head, and the screw stuck to the screwdriver long enough to insert it into the hole.

    Lee Crooks - Replica

    • Lift the side of the DVD drive opposite the controller ports enough to access the cables on its bottom face.

    • Carefully pull the DVD drive power cable out from under the plastic shroud near the heat sink.

    When reversing these steps to reassemble the Wii, at this point it is possible to do a quick test before screwing the drive to the case. This will save you a lot of time if something is wrong.

    Don't touch anything you don't have to while the case is off.

    Carefully plug the power cable into the back of the Wii, then use a screwdriver to gently press the white button next to the glowing yellow LED on the front. You should hear the DVD drive power up and whir. Then press the white button again, wait for the yellow light to come back, and unplug the Wii.

    If you didn't hear the drive start up, most likely one of the two ribbons isn't connected to the drive correctly. Doublecheck the previous 3 steps.

    Matt D - Replica

    • Pull the DVD drive power cable away from its socket on the DVD drive.

    When reversing this step, be careful re-inserting the connector. The pins are very delicate and if you aren't at the proper angle, you can bend them and ruin the drive.

    jisakoff42 - Replica

    • Use your fingernail to flip up the retaining flap on the DVD drive ribbon cable socket.

    • Be sure you are prying up on the retaining flap, not the socket itself.

    • Pull the DVD drive ribbon cable out of its socket.

    • Remove the DVD drive from the Wii.

    When reversing this step, make sure the ribbon is all the way in. For some reason I found positioning it with my replacement drive was much harder than with my old drive. The gentlest tug after lowering the brown clip would show that the ribbon was not actually being held tightly. I thought for a while that the clip itself was broken, but eventually I got it to hold the ribbon correctly.

    Matt D - Replica

    Be careful with this step. I too had difficulty re-inserting the ribbon. I even popped off the brown clip and thought I broke it. Thankfully it snapped back into place.

    Dana Kennard - Replica

    It is difficult to tell, but be aware that the brown piece is the retaining flap, not the light piece , which is the actual socket.

    Dan Neunaber - Replica

    • The following steps are only necessary if your replacement Wii DVD drive does not include the four rubber grommets along the front and rear of the DVD drive housing.

    • Insert the tip of a long, skinny screwdriver into the hole in the center of the first grommet on the rear of the DVD drive housing.

    • Pull the grommet straight away from the DVD drive housing until it is free.

    Steps 23 - 26 are only necessary if your replacement Wii DVD drive does not include the four rubber grommets along the front and rear of the DVD drive housing.

    Walter - Replica

    • Repeat the procedure described in the preceding step for the second rubber grommet on the rear of the DVD drive housing.

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    • Set the DVD drive on its side, with the two rubber grommets along the front of the drive facing you.

    • Insert the end of the skinny screwdriver into the hole in the center of the lower rubber grommet along the front of the DVD drive housing.

    • Pull the screwdriver straight up until the grommet is free.

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    • Rotate the DVD drive housing 180 degrees so that it is resting on the side opposite that of the previous step.

    • Repeat the procedure in the preceding step to remove the second rubber grommet along the front of the DVD drive housing.

    Thanks for the guide David! Fantastic instructions! Awesome illustrations! Ordered replacement drive from Amazon & fixed it in less than an hour. You've made many folks happy :)

    Santosh Doss - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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David Hodson

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Brilliant guide. I had the drive swapped in 10 mins and my son is over the moon.

Patrick Anderson - Replica

My Wii stopped reading disks and there was a bad clicking noise when trying to read disks. I swapped it out with a new one by following this guide and it works perfectly now! I could not be more pleased. Great guide!

adamhuttonc - Replica

This was exact and awesome. I ordered a drive online and installed it using these very exact and useful instructions. worked perfectly, and two little people are quite happy. Thanks again.

markstewart73 - Replica

Excellent Guide!! Very descriptive.

billyf0486 - Replica

Worked great. Replacing the DVD drive fixed my son's WII. In fact, just a week shy of his 15th birthday, he was able to replace the drive himself. First time he's tackled any repair like this. I just made sure he took his time and labeled and used the mag proj mat to keep track of the pieces.

Ed A - Replica

Oh my goodness - well done this is THE most fantastic guide. We are absolutely delighted to have fixed our Wii

THANK YOU very much!

Jo1 - Replica

Great step by step. Had to recover the old Wii after having licensed several songs on Rock Band 3, only to find that Nintendo only licenses to the console. Followed all steps, without hiccup, and and pleased to be playing tunes that I'd paid for and thought was just money thrown away. Not to mention I didn't want to send the thing in to Nintendo for $80..

Wendell Peninger - Replica

Great guide. Now I can play my great library of Wii games again. My one trouble spot was step 6, which took me about 40 minutes to end up doing wrong. My Wii now works great again. The only thing is that when I put a Gamecube disk in, there is a loud, clicking noise that doesn't stop. It still plays, but I'm just going to stick to playing Wii games on my Wii. I still can't believe I had to wait a month for my tri-wing screwdriver to be imported from Asia (thanks Amazon).

Nick - Replica

What an excellent guide. A huge thank you to the creator! Took an hour with the "help" of my 6-year-old daughter. ;)

jasendorf - Replica

Great experience. The order was filled and delivered in 4 days. The instructions with pictures were excellent. Step 6 was the trickiest. Forget the tweezers. Use the spudger and a small flat head screwdriver and pry the connector off side to side. I took about 1 hour. It is very straightforward but not for the novice.

morrison - Replica

Fantastic step by step guide! Took me about 10min with no problems and the Wii is back up and working.


Dave - Replica

Perfect! Next time won't be so cheap and order the complete set of tools instead of just the Tri-Wing screwdriver :)

Another victory over replacement economics :):)

David Toebaert - Replica

One more thing. Since Wii s with a defective DVD drive would typically be older, I would advise at step 15 to recommend replacing the battery, it's quite standard and easy to find, type CR2032.

David Toebaert - Replica

What does the battery power?

Leah Walsh -

the battery powers the internal clock

so that you don't have to reset the time every time you plug it in :)

Floyd Bunsen -

Thanks for this guide! I fixed my niece's Wii, when loading data is like music to me now!

maggiico - Replica

Good guide. I followed it but when I tried the DVD is not spinning. The DVD can be inserted and ejects nicely but it does not spin. I opened it up to step 22 again and checked the cables and connector, but it all looked fine. Anybody got a solution?

Erland Schonbeck - Replica

This was an excellent guide! I fixed my mother-in-laws Wii with this guide.

Dana Kennard - Replica


My Wii works as new with a new dvd drive

Peter Kok - Replica

The guide worked really well. I had no problems replacing the drive. Unfortunately, I still get the disc read error from my Wii. Does anyone have any other ideas about how to fix it?

Dan Neunaber - Replica

I read, after having problems with the first replacement drive, that it's pot luck with cheap DVD drives - whether the optics are really correctly aligned is anyone's guess. In my case, the drive occasionally read a Wii disk, but would usually cause an error on returning from a game to reading from the disk again. The signal that it failed to read a disk at all was a series of drive startup sounds, each followed by a loud click - I guess the optics failing to find something on the disk, retrying, and eventually returning to park position.

The only other thing I noticed is that the drive data cable can easily become bent when you reassemble the device. The kink in the data cable of our device did not prevent the second drive from working correctly. But I could imagine that a wire could be broken by such a kink.

stephenwpfeiffer -

Thanks - really great! Had to try twice, because the first replacement DVD drive was also bad. Only problem - I don't think that the front panel wires can be unplugged on my device. Eventually just left the front panel attached by it's wires. Parts and tools ordering over the web site is a real help as well.

stephenwpfeiffer - Replica

This was a great guide! I fixed my family's Wii following this guide, and the disc drive has worked great ever since!

Joshua Tracy - Replica

Just took the old defective Wii apart for the heck of it today and I was wondering if the DVD drive could be salvaged to rip wii games on a pc? It doesn't look like it uses standard connectors.

Marshall - Replica

Does the PCB in the original drive need to be moved to the new one?

Certainly CLEAN - Replica

I just completed this repair on my daughter's Wii and its back to working good as new again. only took about 30 minutes. Not overly complex and difficult...just a lot of small screws.

Thanks for the great guide! Saved me from having to figure it out on my own.

Richard Spilker - Replica

Only went through step 18, as I needed to remove a daughter's bracelet that the son inserted into the drive - my step 19 was to take out the 5 screws holding the drive together - but I was reassembled and playing in about 20 min. A really well done and clear write up.

Rusty Shackleford - Replica

Excellent guide! Before you start, get a small parts tray with at least 15 bins in it, and put the screws from each step in a separate bin. It makes reassembly MUCH easier!

larry - Replica

Caution: I tried repairing my Wii Classic with a drive from a Wii Family Edition. Now it won't play GameCube discs anymore. Besides buying another drive, does anyone else have any ideas on how to make this work? Or are the newer Wii Family Edition drives not able to play the smaller discs?

Adam Yaksich - Replica

Great and very clear, you need to mark all of the screws, such as pots or as I did envelopes to hold the screws at each step. need to make sure you have the right screwdrivers - the philips ones seem very sensitive to using the correct size.

Richard Latham - Replica

Ed sheeran music love

James newton - Replica

Fantastic!! Around an hour. Made an 11yo boy happiest kid on the planet. Thank you, David. :D

Chris Howard - Replica

Excelent guide, thanks!

Mike Konopka - Replica

Where would one get all of the screwdrivers for this?

Gavin Frody - Replica

all u need to do is get the ifixit pro tech tool kit and the nintendo wii triwing screw driver on amazon thats it and its very easy to take apart the only difficult part is getting the ribbon and wire cable back onto the thing its easy to remove but hard to put back on

erik -

thank god i looked at this before i took the disc drive out and i bought my new one on ebay and now i can play my games again without the discs getting scratched to !&&*

erik - Replica

good idea because it it going to work

hamzaalkhulaidi - Replica

Good guide to fix DVD drive on Wii. Main trouble I had was to attach cable back to new DVD drive. Didn't realize that the second cable bacame longer and easier to use after hidden part was taken out of housing in last step to open.

Sathish Goli - Replica

Excellent guide. Very good visual to help user know hes’s in the right place. Putting it back together I had issues with the last two tri-wing / tiny screws and had to re-appropriate two of the longer tri-wing screws at key areas to hold the Wii together. It is solid, so I’m not worried. Thanks!

shaunwtx - Replica

these instructions were spot on and very easy to follow. the illustrations were very helpful. thanks!!!

Chris Morton - Replica

This was very helpful,i thought i had to buy a new console but thanks to this guide i can play my wii again,thank u so much!!

Jean Lopez Romero - Replica

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