This guide will teach you how to disassemble the GameCube Optical Drive Assembly for the purpose of accessing the Optical Drive and the laser.

  1. Turn over the Gamecube so that the bottom side is facing up.
    • Turn over the Gamecube so that the bottom side is facing up.

    • Locate the four screws (circled in red) on each corner of the device. Then, use a 4.5 mm Gamebit screwdriver to remove all four screws.

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  2. With the bottom side of the GameCube facing upward and the screws removed, carefully pull the outer shell of the unit away from the top half. Then place the inside of the unit facing up.
    • With the bottom side of the GameCube facing upward and the screws removed, carefully pull the outer shell of the unit away from the top half. Then place the inside of the unit facing up.

    This can also be done whilst being in the normal upright position after all 4 of the 4.5mm Gamebit screws have been removed. Pull the top of the shell directly upwards and it should slide off easily.

    Less chance of snagging any wires or parts.

    Christopher Cox - Replica

    • Gently press down on the clips located on either side of the the back panel, as shown, and carefully remove it from the main part of the device.

    A second picture clearly showing which direction to pull the back panel away from the unit would be nice.

    rubixtriangle - Replica

    • With the back panel removed, carefully unclip the controller ports at the front of the unit.

      • A ribbon cable (outlined in yellow) is still attached to the unit. Do not disconnect this cable.

      • Controller ports are where the controllers plug into the game console, and are a half circular shape.

    well... what happens if accidentally i disconnected it?

    negroporexcelencia - Replica

    presumably nothing major. The CMOS battery is attached to the controller ports, so the most i'd expect is that the gamecube loses it's date/time setting. As long as you reset that before jumping into animal crossing or something, you should be fine. I'm currently doing a teardown of my gamecube, and if something does prove to have gone wrong, i'll report back.

    sigoshi -

    okay, i finished putting it back together. gamecube works fine and surprisingly still remembers what year it is. boots into smash bros and shows memory card contents fine.

    sigoshi -

    • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two 2 screws(circled in red) that are located on the back of the control port.

    • Carefully separate the gray outer casing of the control port and the circuit board.

    • The left side of the unit contains the cooling fan and its housing. Carefully remove the two (2) screws attaching the cooling fan housing to the unit.

      • Do not detach the red and black cooling fan wire from the main unit.(red wire)

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Remove the four (4) Phillips #1 screws retaining the ground springs (outlined in teal).

    • Carefully remove the ground springs from the main unit as shown in the second photograph.

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    • The optical drive is secured to a metal plate.

    • Using a Phillips #2 screwdriver, unscrew the twelve (12) screws that are around the outer edge of the optical drive (circled in red).

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    • Carefully separate the optical drive assembly from the rest of the GameCube unit.

      • The optical drive assembly is secured to the motherboard underneath by a slot; some force may be required to carefully free the assembly.

      • The metal plate and the actual optical drive will remain attached (picture 3).

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    • At this point, your optical drive assembly should be separated from your GameCube (picture 1).

    • Flip the optical drive assembly upside down

    • Shown in picture 2, remove the 6 Phillips #1 screws with a philips screwdriver.

    • Once the screws are removed, gently lift and remove the metal plate (shown in picture 3).

    • Be careful not to disturb the brown ribbon cable (highlighted in the yellow).

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    • Remove the blue wire by gently pulling.

    • Disconnect the Brown cable. This is done by gently pulling the black tab away from the white plastic. This will loosen the tension on the brown cable allowing it to gently be slid away from the tab.

    • Shown in the third picture, remove the 4 Phillips #1 screws connecting the circuit board to the optical drive assembly.

    • The fourth screw is located behind the screwdriver in the third picture (highlighted in the orange circle).

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    • Gently remove the circuit board (the large green square) as shown in the three pictures.

    • DO NOT SEPARATE the red wire or the white ribbon cable connecting the circuit board to the metal plate.

    • Red Wire

    • White ribbon Cable

    What would happen if I accidentally separated the white ribbon cable... because I watched a video of some guy going through this same process. Separated all the cables and his worked. My cube stopped reading disks recently. Laser is calibrated properly. Begins to spin then stops


    Is there anyway I can save my cube

    kyleharms10 - Replica

    I'm just guessing here, but I think they mean there's no need to separate those cables to complete the repair—just be careful not to pull or stress them. Like you said, nothing bad will happen if you choose to disconnect a couple cables. As for what's wrong with your cube, you might want to try asking your question over in the Answers forum.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    There is a small tab to the left of the red wire that you need to pull out to release the circuit board.

    patriotsfansince87 - Replica

    Why do we need further disassembly that this ? The potentiometer is already accessible at this point. Why do we need to tear down the lens from it’s slot in step 16 ?

    Startide Harlock - Replica

    • Use a flathead screwdriver to carefully release the four plastic clips holding the drive assembly together.

    • The last clip can be rather hard to find. Carefully use a screwdriver as leverage to unscrew and release the last clip, which is highlighted in blue (Picture 3).

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    • Gently lift the metal plate off of the drive assembly (shown in the first picture).

    • Be careful not to sever the red wire or the white ribbon cable still attached to the two halves of the drive assembly.

    • Then flip the two halves of the drive assembly upside down as shown in the third picture.

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    • Use a flathead screwdriver to release the two clips located on the back half of the drive assembly.

    • The final clip doesn't need to be released; the top half of the drive assembly will slide away from the lower half.

    • Finish removing the top half of the drive assembly from the base.

    • Be careful not to detached the red wire or the white ribbon cable still attached.

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    • Once the top half of the drive assembly is detached, turn it upside down.

    • Using a philips screwdriver, carefully remove the 3 final screws located near the bars of the lens assembly.

    • Once the the three final screws are removed, the lens assembly can be extracted (as shown in the second picture).

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What type of optical drive could I use to replace the one in said GameCube once I've broken it down?

Bob Marotta - Replica

Did you ever find out, Bob?

Lee Martin -

I found OEM parts (removed from other Game Cubes) available on Ebay. Just ordered the part for about $16.

erin clark - Replica

Good walkthrough. My 8 year old completed this repair with minimal help from me. Thanks!

erin clark - Replica

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