We will teach you how to first remove the battery and back panel then access the joystick for repair or cleaning purposes.


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Remove the two Phillips screws securing the upper rear panel.
  • Remove the two Phillips screws securing the upper rear panel.

  • The screws will not completely detach from the back panel.

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Hinge the upper rear panel upwards and outwards to remove it.
  • Hinge the upper rear panel upwards and outwards to remove it.

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  • Remove the battery from its housing by lifting it up from the side closest to the outside edge.

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  • Remove the ten Phillips screws attaching the rear panel.

Can't take off the screw top left next to the battery. What type of screwdriver do I use and where can I find some?

Little Mac - Replica

  • The rear panel is attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable, so be careful not to lift the rear panel too far from the device.

  • Carefully pull the rear panel straight up from the device.

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  • Carefully flip the back panel over to locate the attached ribbon cable.

  • Remove the two Phillips screws attaching the ribbon cable to the rear panel.

  • Take the opportunity to remove the Left and Right triggers, they have hinges that may break and springs that may jump away.

You can also detach the cable from the motherboard safely by flipping up the connector on the motherboard. Just don't forget to reattach. Some will find this tedious but may save time if you know what you're doing with said connectors.

pivotanimationz - Replica

pay attention: my 2ds dropped it's lens covers at this step

Jos van Reenen - Replica

The picture you have there has the camera lens ribbon installed upside down. The ribbon needs to be pointing down when you re-attach it not up.

Rick Parrish - Replica

  • Remove the trigger button on the top right corner by pulling upwards and outwards.

  • Remove the right red side panel by pulling outwards.

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  • Use a spudger to lift the gray locking lever on the joystick ribbon cable ZIF connector. Pry straight up from the motherboard on the side of the connector opposite the cable.

  • Gently slide the cable straight out of the connector.

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  • Remove the two Phillips corner screws holding the white joystick cover.

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  • Remove the joystick cover. It should detach with little force.

  • Remove the joystick washer under the joystick cover.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My ribbon cable is broke, Is there a way to fix it?Thanks.

Deez Smith - Replica

When I put the circle pad back in, my 2DS thinks that I am holding up and right on it, when in reality it is in the neutral position. Please help.

CraftedGamer 1170 - Replica

Recalibrate it in system settings.

Artemy Matveev - Replica

The guide fails to mention that the joystick ribbon cable is locked into the motherboard. You can use a spudger to lift the grey tab, leveraging upwards on the side opposite of the ribbon cable. The tab will pop up and should make getting the ribbon cable out (and back in) easier.

I followed this guide and ripped the ribbon cable while attempting to get it connected back to the system. If I had known the grey tab unlocks, I might not have ripped the cable by trying to force it back under the pins. My iFixit tweezers were also very sharp, and may have cut the ribbon cable. Would anyone be able to recommend something gentler for the ribbon cable?

Ryan G - Replica

@ryango This looks like an oversight on the part of the guide author. I’ve updated the text with (hopefully) better instructions. Sorry it led to tearing your cable. :( That looks like a pretty standard ZIF connector, and once unlocked, it should disconnect and reconnect with minimal force. Personally when working with ribbon cables I prefer blunt-nose tweezers, but it sounds like your tweezers weren’t at fault here. Thanks for the heads-up, and better luck with your next repair.

Jeff Suovanen -

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