Use this guide to replace the I/O Assembly cable (includes the headphone jack and micro-USB port).

  1. In the following steps you will release the clips (highlighted in red) along the perimeter of the Nexus 7's rear panel.
    • In the following steps you will release the clips (highlighted in red) along the perimeter of the Nexus 7's rear panel.

    • Do not use excessive force while prying the clips. They can be easily broken.

    Mine doesn't look like this. There is no metal band around it. The only opening looks like its between the front glass and back which is on the front. I'm afraid to try it for fear of breaking it. Any suggestions?

    Kim McCauley - Replica

  2. Gently insert a plastic opening tool near the top of the Nexus 7 between the rear panel and the front panel assembly.
    • Gently insert a plastic opening tool near the top of the Nexus 7 between the rear panel and the front panel assembly.

    • Carefully run the plastic opening tool along the top edge to pry the rear panel away from the front panel assembly of the Nexus 7.

    My Nexus 7 looks nothing like this. These instructions are horrible as they do not work.

    Andy Garcia - Replica

    • Insert the plastic opening tool between the rear panel and the front panel assembly near the power button and pry up at several points along the right edge of the Nexus 7.

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    • Pry up the rear panel along the left edge using the method described in previous steps.

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    • Gently lift and remove the rear panel up off the front panel assembly.

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    • Using the tip of a spudger, push first on one side then the other to "walk" the battery cable straight out of its socket on the motherboard.

    I have the newer version of Nexus and the battery connection inside is different from pictured here. I can't seem to get any part of the connector backed out. Any further details about how to accomplish this step?

    indianowen31 - Replica

    After my post I tried it again, and realized the connector comes straight UP, not OUT. Once I went this direction, the process was simple.

    indianowen31 - Replica

    I followed this, everything worked fine. Even though the battery is now charging, the OS doesn't recognise when the USB cable is connected to a wall socket or a PC. The battery icon when the tablet is shut down shows charging so it works, but the OS in itself doesn't seem to know about it...any ideas?


    Daniel Zakrisson - Replica

    Thanks for your guide. It makes the process very straightforward. Easier than I was expecting.

    Les Gordon - Replica

    Superb easy to follow guide. Thanks greatly, the nexus 7 lives on ! Just need to patiently wait for it charging now !

    stuart - Replica

    Yes, this is a really helpful guide. I wouldn't have had a clue without it, but it all turned out to be very simple. Thanks a lot!

    Ian Gibson - Replica

    I managed to break one of the two small golden pins to the right of the battery cable (obscured by the tool in the picture above).

    Is this terminal (sorry for the pun)?

    I tried re-assembling (without screwing the assembly back to the bezel) and the display doesn't work.

    gravelld - Replica

    Step 6 could be much clearer. I thought it meant to pry the connector upward, away from the surface. When I did this, all the pins broke off. The correct procedure would appear to be to slide the connector along the surface toward the wire side and battery, leaving the pins at parallel to the surface.

    Unfortunately I don't think my Nexus 7 is salveagable now.

    Warren Harris - Replica

    Watching a YouTube video helped. Dislodge the battery first, then pull the battery away from the connector and the connector will become dislodged quite easily.

    d_ratner_1999 - Replica

    • Peel back the copper ESD shielding covering the bottom of the motherboard.

    • Do not try to remove the copper shielding, as it is still attached underneath the battery.

    • If you're just replacing the micro usb charge port, there is no need to peel back the copper heatsink like in the photo, the speaker assembly can simply be moved out of the way once unscrewed. If the speakers are to be replaced simply peel back the bottom corner to expose the speaker connection. Leave the rest of the heatsink shield alone.

    Peel back the copper heat spreader for the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor

    Jack J - Replica

    • Using the tip of a spudger, push the speaker cable straight out of its socket on the motherboard.

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    • Remove the following screws securing the speaker assembly to the display assembly:

      • Two 4.25 mm black Phillips screws

      • One 3.2 mm silver Phillips screw

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    • Lift and remove the speaker assembly out of the Nexus 7.

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to peel back the cloth tape covering the headphone jack and the I/O assembly cable.

    • There is no need to completely remove the tape. Just peel it back enough so that the tape is only adhering to the ribbon cable and not the metal frame.

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to flip up the retaining flap on the I/O assembly data ribbon cable ZIF socket.

    • Be sure you are prying up on the hinged retaining flap, not the socket itself.The hinged retaining flap is the black piece which flips up easily with the spudger.

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    • Remove the following screws securing the I/O assembly cable to the Nexus 7:

      • Three 3.2 mm silver Phillips screws

      • Two 2.3 mm black Phillips screws

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    • Without stressing the cable, and minding any tape that may still be holding the cable in place, gently lift the headphone jack up off its placement pins.

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    • In a similar fashion, lift the micro-USB port up off its retaining pins.

    • Lift and remove the I/O assembly cable out of the Nexus 7.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This fix isn't too much of a pain if you can find the parts! The tape on the lower-left hand side was, oddly, a bit of a pain for me. Make sure you try to remove it from the left, and not from the right!

Daniel Horner - Replica


Where to find this cable ? It seems to be out of stock everywhere :/

kytrix me - Replica

bloody brilliant guide. Thank you!! Thank you!! new usb port/music jack arrived today and I managed to replace old with new.

Muzza - Replica

Got the cable and some recommended tools on Ebay for $30. Just did this on my old N7 and it works perfect now. Head up tho, the recommended tools didn't come with a small enough head for the two 2.3 mm black Phillips screws. Luckily i did have a super small one. Don't strip those or you SOL. Also the cable doesn't come with the headphone jack cover. it is held on with just tape so take that from the original cable.


Do a ebay search for "Nexus 7 I/O". Should pop up. Look for cheaper ones than the $60 ones.

Mike Ricketts - Replica

Thank you so much for the clear guide. My Nexus 7 2012 is charging again! I ordered the part here:

Hans Iseger - Replica

Thank you very much guys it was a great saved lot of my money and device. its like a new one now...keep rocking.. thanks a lot.

Laxmikant Balapure - Replica

Wonderful guide, this rescued my tablet. Just a couple of minor observations:

After making the fix it seemed like disconnecting the speaker cable may not have been required. It seemed like it might have been possible to unscrew the speaker assembly but still leave it attached by its cable. That would mean steps 7 and 8 would be skipped.

Also had a problem budging one of the 2.3mm screws (left side) in step 13. But it was okay. I didn't think that it was necessary to use a smaller screwdriver as was said by another commenter. The #00 phillips was sufficient imho.

Mike G - Replica

Could not figure out how to remove the connection ribbon from the socket (step 12) without first removing the screws on the assembly (step 13). Then the right screw head (2.3 mm screw) was bad or maybe I messed it up, but I could not remove that screw. I pulled the assembly left, out from under the screw, then removed the connection ribbon. I could not get the new assembly under the unremoved screw with the ribbon cable connected, so I let the assembly rest on top of the screw. That's not right, but it is working. The battery charges, sound works from speakers and headphone jack.

Ordered part from here:

dugan804 - Replica


This guide seems to be for the 1st gen nexus 7 - anybody know if it applies to 2nd gen also?

Charles Eubanks - Replica

No, the 2nd gen is completely different. Even the model number is different.

1st Gen = ME370T

2nd Gen = ME571K

Mark -

Completed this morning. Found part through Amazon, had to be shipped from China. Repair itself not troublesome. The guide is brilliant.

Mack - Replica

Thanks you so much for this guide. We dropped the tablet with the usb cable connected. After this incident, we could not charge the tablet. The steps were easy to follow and the zoomed in pictures with the clear instructions made this repair possible. Most difficult part was putting back the smallest screws of the usb connector section. I can confirm that Mike was right, steps 7 & 8 are not needed.

Mario Laureti - Replica

What a brilliant guide! I am a 66 year old female with arthritis, and it took me some time... and lots of patience! But no matter how I tried I just couldn't get those two black, tiny (ant-sized!) screws back in! I just hope the rest of them will hold everything securely. But my device is charging again!

I'd bought a new battery as I thought that was the problem, so maybe the old one still works!

Thanks so much!


Kathleen - Replica

PS. I had also dropped it with the cable connected! And I didn't use steps 7/8. Instead of a spudger, I used a rubber Manicare brand cuticle pusher!

Kathleen - Replica

Great guide, I followed it with no trouble at all. Like some others here I didn't need to do steps 7 or 8 and it only took about 30 minutes taking it slowly. It means a Nexus 7 keeps going rather than being expensively replaced!

stuart - Replica

I have repaired a lot of devices over the years and this was by far the easiest to perform. Google and Asus did a heck of a job making it serviceable and ifixit did a great job showing us how!

Matt Schulte - Replica

Everything went well with this micro USB replacement.. Careful when putting back the cover even though I was careful the screen somehow cracked where I one of the clips was being squeezed back in..

laser - Replica

Great guide, BUT: for me, after this fix, the speakers did not work, and there are lots of others who had the same problem. The actual problem is that the headphone jack permanently detects headphones, which disables the speakers. I use a sound control app called soundabout to disable this auto detection. The USB connector needs to be better Asus / google!!

Mr Funston - Replica

thanks so much for the soundabout app comment.. tried it out and the speaker works fine..

Ancy Mathew -

I've got the same problem but my N7 has previously been repaired at an electronics shop costing £80. Since then the speakers have become dodgy, the USB was dodgy and now won't work at all. I've never repaired anything before but it looks like the USB component had been pushed too far in making it impossible for the cable to go all the way in. Do you think I'll have to replace the component or is there a way of bringing it back down? I think the component probably works fine, its just in the wrong position. Any thoughts? Thanks.

sean cooling -

Thank you so much for providing this step by step guide, my tablet ceased to charge reliably following me dropping it, bending and breaking the external charging plug. This has worked like a dream. I used a wooden cuticle stick instead of the plastic tool and employed a tiny piece of blu tac to keep the tiny screws on the end of the screwdriver, it made it much easier to keep the little blighters under control. Thank you thank you thank you...... feeling accomplished :D

carpediemsmail - Replica

I successfully changed out the battery and the charging port/audio jack and I have never repaired electronics in my life. The two together took maybe 20 minutes. Bought both pieces on Amazon, the battery was about $19 and the charging port was about $12. Super super easy, but definitely make sure you have a 1/32" and a 3/34" precision screwdriver for the charging port assemlby.

coneill1211 - Replica

hi, I have aq Nexus 7 2012 we had trouble with the charging point so we purchased a new one with the aid of your ifix it and also a new battery every thing went very well,but

when we put it on charge it would not charge. I took out the new battery and the new charging point with the ifixit info i went over it all again slowly refitting first the charging point then the new battery but still it won,t work or charge, can you help.

ray knapp 18-5-15

jean knapp - Replica

great installation guide. however I have a couple of special private comments to the person who refurbished this and used Glu and Loctite. quite the challenge. but it would have been much worse without the wonderful pictures included in this guide. thank you much.

Rite2jeff - Replica

Excellent tutorial! Had a little trouble removing the old ribbon, but after some wiggling it came out smoothly. Found the replacment piece on amazon for $10. Tablet now charging like new. THANKS A MILLION!

Carrie Johnson - Replica

I lost one of the 2.3mm black Phillips screws. Any idea where I could get another?

sheila - Replica

Excellent guide, smooth install.

I would add a few additional suggestions/clarifications:

* Agreed that 7 & 8 are not necessary but for ease I used a piece of tape to gently hold the speaker assembly up and out of the way.

* I bought a Mobile Phone Toolkit from Radio Shack which I've now used for multiple phone and tablet repairs.

* If the small screwdriver you're using isn't magnetized, rub the tip for a few seconds on a magnet and it will make the screws much easier to remove and re-install.

* The disconnecting of the I/O Assembly is done just like the battery connection in Step 6. Once you lift the black flap, rock the connection back and forth with the spudger to separate. See the 3rd picture on Step 6 to see what the separated connector looks like.

bberonda - Replica

My N7 had a bad USB connection... It worked fine to charge, but the connection kept dropping randomly when using the USBOTG functions. Pulled the I/O cable out and re-soldered all of the USB socket's pins, works great now.

I had ordered a new socket (Tyco Electronics part 1554266-1, ~$2) in case it needed to be replaced. I didn't end up using it but it looks like it should fit and it has a good solid lock.

rbol - Replica

thx for sharing this. My Nexus is now charging again ;)

rpatzke - Replica

Thank you for sharing this, I have just fixed 2 nexus that were not charging, total cost €10 ☺

Peter - Replica

Great pictures and for the most part calm informative instructions. But for being so thorough I feel like there are two more little pieces to the assembly - at least for me. The silver housing for the headphone jack needed to be removed (along with the very sticky small black rubber tape tab holding it on) from the broken ribbon assembly — and replaced onto the new one. Its edges get popped into slots on either side of the headphone jack opening. The silver cloth tape then went over the black tape tab going sideways to the corner as shown in step 11 photo b. Also I found a silver cloth tape tab underneath the power port running front-to-back on the bottom of the copper-colored deck on the one removed. I had already reassembled but had I known I would have moved this to the new assembly as well. Thanks.

Roman - Replica

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