Use this guide to replace your Defy's display assembly. Replacing the display assembly will give you a new front glass panel and digitizer.

  1. Remove the battery cover and the battery itself.
    • Remove the battery cover and the battery itself.

    Also remove the SIM card. (You do not need to remove the micro SD card.)

    Anthony Berkow - Replica

    I tried the same however , the lower right side corner is not responding to the the touch.

    Have any one got the same issue...

    DIY - Replica

  2. Using a Torx T5 screwdriver, remove both screws near the camera.
    • Using a Torx T5 screwdriver, remove both screws near the camera.

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    • Using the Torx T5 screwdriver, remove all 7 screws around the mobile: 3 on each side + 1 on the botton.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Using a plastic opener tool, open the device removing the back cover.

    • Remove the power button and volume button.

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    • After opening the device, carefully, using the plastic opening tool, peel off the lcd and digitalizer conectors from the mainboard.

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    • Remove the two yellow rubber protectors near the screws. The rectangular yellow rubber protector might fall off too so put it aside.

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    • Separate the Frame + Digitizer, the LCD and the mainboard.

    If you change the whole glass/digitizer and plastic frame around it: remove all rubber things from the old one and place in the new specially the orange one around the microphone hole. If you miss this one there is going to be an echo when calling without headset!!!

    Gustav Frid - Replica

    • Now, using a plastic opening tool, carefully insert it between the frame and the glass and force it slowly to remove the adhesive. You may also heat it to help.

    • Now, Remove the rest of adhesive from the frame to better apply the new digitizer on it.

    • Follow this backwards to reassemble the mobile.

    Do not try to force the glass from the frame! First gently heat the glass near the sides using a hot air gun or simply by holding it over a small gas stove flame (at least 15cm away). The heat must not be enough to burn your hand and therefore not damage the plastic either! Just gently push on the inside of the glass until it starts to separate from the frame. Any force can warp or damage the frame so be patient.

    You cannot simply reverse the instructions to reassemble! An important step is to clean the remaining traces of adhesive with a cotton bud dipped in some alcohol, and then apply strips of special 2mm wide, black, elastic double-sided adhesive tape to the frame in preparation to glue in the new screen and digitizer. Ensure you cut the tape so it does not obstruct any of the holes for the 4 home key LEDs, earphone, proximity detector, etc. Then remove the backing from the tape and the new screen, pass the ribbon cable through the slot, and drop the screen into place.

    Anthony Berkow - Replica

    i just changed the LCD from my defy+..

    i think it's a nice giude. maybe some pics could be turned around, but it's ok!

    Bealphares Voluptarius - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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