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If Replace battery is displayed, the battery is unreliable, regardless of the operating time displayed under Batteries. In this situation, replace the battery even when the STATUS window indicates that significant operating time remains. When using an external 12V DC supply, two battery modules must be installed to ensure proper operation. The No battery capacity alarm and high priority technical alarms cannot be silenced.


• To guarantee reliable battery backup, two fully charged battery modules must be connected at all times.

• Dispose of batteries according to local regulations and not with ordinary waste.

  1. Find the battery modules on the front of the ventilator.
    • Find the battery modules on the front of the ventilator.

    • To remove a battery module: Pull the lever slightly and press the release button while continuing to pull the lever until the module is released from the ventilator system.

    • Remove the module from the ventilator system.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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