1. Con il case chiuso, posizionare l'Unibody capovolto su una superficie piatta.
    • Con il case chiuso, posizionare l'Unibody capovolto su una superficie piatta.

    • Premere il lato scanalato della chiusura di sgancio dello sportello di accesso, affinché sia possibile prendere l'estremità libera con le mani. Sollevare la chiusura di sgancio finché non è in posizione verticale.

    The A1286 has no Access Door.!!

    I actually can see no sign of the battery!...

    aguib - Replica

    Citazione da aguib:

    The A1286 has no Access Door.!!

    I actually can see no sign of the battery!...

    I assume you have the newer model, with the built-in battery. It's still removable with tools, but these are the wrong instructions for that model.

    lgc90 - Replica

    when will there be a guide for the other unibody macbook pro. that does not have an access door?

    irishking - Replica

    Is there a manual to show, how disasembly the display, i mean, after step 5, to check the display between lcd and aluminiun back case?


    Max - Replica

    On other guides you state the height of the HD that can be supported, e.g. MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 Hard Drive Replacement , I have read ( but have not confirmed ) that the uni-body MacBook Pro can be fitted with the 750GB and 1TB 12mm drive from Western Digital.

    Can you confirm this?

    Many thanks in advance.

    ahothabeth - Replica

    Citazione da SHerwood Ball:

    My display and aluminum casing has separated.

    I don't know if it just snaps back together or does it need to be glued.

    I dropped mine on the carpeted stairs and the display still works.

    I'm hoping I can just snap it back together and that no plastic pieces or teeth of the snapping

    portion have been broken........

    SHerwood Ball - Replica

    When you say "left fan" is this "left when looking at the logic board after turning the computer over and looking it up opening it up" or "left when sitting at the computer keyboard and typing on it"?

    thvv - Replica

    We always use left and right in reference to the computer when you're using it.

    Andrew Optimus Goldberg -

    Directions were great and the worn dc in board was replaced. The hardest part of the procedure is disconnecting the data display cable. A better description of step 21 is to slide the connector parallel to the circuit board towards the outside corner. Reconnecting correctly took several tries.

    I used the tip of the spudger to nudge the corners a little at a time to seat the connector.

    The ribbon connector for the keyboard has to be inserted all the way before seating the retaining cap. It took me three tries . First try power button did not work second try numbers keys did not work.

    Thanks for the directions ...could not have done it with out them!!!

    landryd - Replica

    Hola. Poseo un MacBook Pro Late 2008 y debo cambiarle las cornetas. Me sirve unas cornetas de un MBP Late 2011?

    jegonzalez80 - Replica

  2. Adesso, lo sportello di accesso dovrebbe essere abbastanza rialzato per sollevarlo e rimuoverlo dall'Unibody.
    • Adesso, lo sportello di accesso dovrebbe essere abbastanza rialzato per sollevarlo e rimuoverlo dall'Unibody.

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    • Verificare che la chiusura di sgancio dello sportello di accesso sia in posizione verticale prima di procedere.

    • Prendere la linguetta di plastica trasparente ed estrarre la batteria, rimuovendola dall'Unibody.

    • Premendo la chiusura, questa bloccherà la batteria in posizione.

    Do I need to wait for the battery to charge completely before using the computer (while plugged in)?

    Kaila Potts - Replica

    No. You do not need to charge it completely before removing it.

    Titus (#1579) - Replica

    • Rimuovere le otto viti seguenti, che fissano il case inferiore al case:

      • Una vite con testa a croce da 5,4 mm.

      • Tre viti con testa a croce da 14 mm.

      • Quattro viti con testa a croce da 3,5 mm.

    Hi, My name is Jess I need help asap I accidentally dropped my macbook Pro and i cant find the silver screw for the top left back side, Does any one know if I can replace it with an eye glass screw?? If you can help at all Please e-mail me at Chambliss_jess@yahoo.com thx please help me my bf is going off... ;(

    Jess - Replica

    The fixit PH00 is the wrong screw driver for this entire job. It did not fit in the screws, it was too pointy and caused screws to be rounded off.

    mattrittgers - Replica

    • Con entrambe le mani, sollevare il case inferiore da quello superiore.

    About midway along each edge is a snap. To release each snap, gently slide the flat edge of a Spudger under the lower case, then lift the lower case away.

    jonathansturges - Replica

    I have an late 08 macbook pro and replaced my cd drive with a hd caddy and hard drive put in it. everything works but my wifi is saying no hardware installed. Bluetooth and camera working just the wifi isn't. Everything was working just find before i did this but now i cant get my wifi back on. I checked the cable looks to be inserted properly any one else had this happen or have any solutions ?

    myjellio - Replica

    Having the same problem after this step with wifi not working anymore - it says “no airport card installed”… Any suggestions/fixes?

    David Lassiter - Replica

  3. Diffondi allegria Fixmas
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    Diffondi allegria Fixmas
    Ottieni $12 sul tuo acquisto di $50 o più con il codice FIXMAS12
    • Scollega il cavo della fotocamera estraendo il terminale maschio dalla sua presa.

    And in that case, I lost my camera and bluetooth connection.

    Ian Ho - Replica

    You have to be EXTREMELY careful when detaching and reattaching this cable!!! It carries your Bluetooth, iSight camera, and Wifi connections!! I was being very careful when reattaching it and ending up either messing up the connector on the logic board or the cable itself- both cases are equally as bad. The cable doesn't snap back in or have guides, and it is therefore difficult to know if it's in as far as it needs to be, etc. If you mess up the connector on the logic board (that's what it's connecting to), you have to replace the entire logic board, and if you mess up the cable itself (it has very small, delicate metal connectors), you have to replace your entire display!! Each costs around $500/ea! I did a ton of research before embarking on this procedure and really wish someone had made a note of this prior- learn from my mistake!

    Evan Roth - Replica

    I had some difficulty getting the 'isight' cable back on. Pay close attention when you remove it as you will need to reattach the cable at an angle to get the small protrusion on the right side of the connector passed the little black plastic block that is glued onto the system board. It looks like this little block is there to keep the cable from slipping out... so it makes it tricky getting it back in.

    Andrew Gill - Replica

    Personally I would avoid disconnecting the cable from the socket as advised in this step, one should be able to proceed simply by carefully lifting the cable free from the adhesive holding it on to the optical drive.

    Like others here, I followed Step 6 as per the guide and ended up with no Bluetooth or iSight camera, due to somehow damaging the connector and/or socket, despite taking the utmost care. It is possible to carefully slip the old drive out, and a new drive in, with the cable connector in situ (at least that was the case on my Late 2008 MacBook Pro).

    Trevor - Replica

    You can remove the small smooth block that is blocking this plug pretty easy. Once you connect the plug then you can stick that block back in place, it's just glued down.

    Melyn Vicente - Replica

    I second what Trevor wrote: it's actually pretty easy to work around the cable without unplugging the connector and, as it's extremely delicate, I therefore recommend skipping this step.

    jack - Replica

    • Rimuovere il cavo dati della fotocamera dal canale nell'unità ottica.

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    • Utilizzare un inseritore per rimuovere il connettore dell'unità ottica dalla direttamente dalla scheda logica.

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    • Rimuovere le due viti con testa a croce da 8 mm che fissano la staffa del cavo della fotocamera al case superiore.

    • La vite all'estrema destra potrebbe restare nel cavo della fotocamera.

    • Sollevare la staffa del cavo della fotocamera fuori dal case superiore.

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    • Rimuovere le tre viti con testa a croce seguenti, che fissano l'unità ottica al case superiore:

      • Una vite con testa a croce da 3,5 mm.

      • Due viti con testa a croce da 2,5 mm.

    I can't remove one of the Two 2.5 mm Phillips screw, the one on the top of the picture.

    It seems to be very tight and I am using a newertechnology PH00 from my Mac repair tool kit.

    I am afraid to damage the head of the screw. What do you suggest to do?


    Francisco - Replica

    You most likely need a jewelers screwdriver to remove the two 2.5 mm screws. they are very tiny and very tight

    jsjamieson33 - Replica

    ph 000 will do the trick

    jsjamieson33 -

    The screws outlined in red are actually 3mm long.

    bmehilos - Replica

    I ruined the head of the 3.5 mm Phillips screw. What kind of screw is this (M1, M1.2, ...?)?

    Michael Domhardt - Replica

    I know this is a little late, but I found a part number from another guide. It says that all three of those screws are the same. Here is the part number for that screw: 922-8662, and here is a link to what I found on that screw: https://www.impactcomputers.com/922-8662...

    Under the "specifications" tab, it says that they are M2.

    Chase Smith -

    The top screw was locked tight for me also and I eventually stripped the phillips screw head. The only thing I could do is drill it out. Since I replaced the optical drive with an SSD, I didn't need the screw after all.

    Darren Deffner - Replica

    And this is just bad business:

    I ordered the iFixit set exactly for (see title above) - installing Dual Drive! All happy, there I sit with my new little screwdriver set, step one, two, and then…this garbage here. The iFixit Screwdriver base is too FAT, to get those two micro screws, holding Optical Drive…imagine my disappointment, misfire of this investment.

    So I had to…borrow the screwdriver from a friend, to finish the job.

    If someone from the company reads this - Your handle is too %#*@ thick - do something!

    female goat intimate lingerie - Replica

    • Sollevare l'unità ottica dal bordo sinistro ed estrarla dal computer.

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    • Scollegare il cavo dell'unità ottica estraendolo direttamente dall'unità stessa.

    • Inserisci qui la traduzione

    One more thing - you need to remove the bracket next to the cable.

    shigmas - Replica

    • Rimuovi le due viti nere a croce Phillips #0 che fissano la piccola staffa metallica di montaggio. Trasferisci questa staffa sul tuo nuovo lettore ottico o sul case dell'hard drive.

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Be extremely careful removing the drive retainer bracket screws. Stop immediately if they resist. These were extremely tight in my case, and I (carelessly) ended up stripping two, even using the correct screwdriver. Keep your extractor handy. (Apple technicians suggest the Alden Grabit-Micro.)

Michael Ahlers - Replica

Since 2010, My Macbook Pro's Superdrive is not work..

It is not read DVD or CD... and I can't write DVD/CD...

I fix it ;)

I cleaned the superdrive's lens with alcohol...

After I clean the superdrive's lens, my Superdrive is working!!! ;)

Thank you!

Peter - Replica

Thank you for your help!

kehowell1 - Replica

This was super easy. I just took mine apart and found a piece of tape lodged in it. Works great now. Thanks.

Dana Kimble - Replica

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