Here is how to get access to the battery in the Lezyne Micro drive using a vice and ratchet sockets (no special tools).

I found that my brilliant new light that I bought from the UK did not charge, so rather then paying the ridiculous amounts of postage to claim warranty, I thought I would try to fix it myself.

  1. Mount the light in between a 11mm socket and 22 socket like so in a vice.
    • Mount the light in between a 11mm socket and 22 socket like so in a vice.

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  2. Slowly clamp, the clear light cover will push in. There is quite a lot of resistance.
    • Slowly clamp, the clear light cover will push in. There is quite a lot of resistance.

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    Ottieni $12 sul tuo acquisto di $50 o più con il codice FIXMAS12
    • Keep on going until the resistance fades. The light cover will be depressed as shown. and the electronics will just fall out.

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    • You can see where the electronics slides into.

    • You can see how it is held in with friction from the raised plastic bevel. If you wish to make it easier to disassemble, file the friction bevel down. Don't file down the keying semi circular bevel.

    • The last picture shows the plastic filed down.

    Many thanks, replaced the battery in 5 mins.

    I advise removing the rubber button before re-assembly, It’s easy to put in afterwards.

    Your picture seem to show it absent anyway.

    Tony - Replica


To reassemble your device, just put it back together.

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Thanks just repaired my Lezyne Macro Drive front light. Light would flicker, just needed to re-solder the top left resistor shown in step 4.

richard taylor - Replica

Thanks to your instruction I was able to fix my lezyne micro drive which had denied to work after short-circuiting the charging leads by accident. Just cut the battery and reconnected it - light was working again! Worked out nicely!


mongo - Replica

Is it a 123 cell it takes? I will do this when I visit my father as he has a large vice. Thanks for the guide!

Aerotec - Replica

Yes a "CR-123" cell 3V lithium ion

graham -

you can just push the electronics and battery out with your thumb. Usually the issue with these batteries is the battery contact gets slightly corroded. Clean it with battery cleaner, and twist the battery a bit for a new and clean connection.

scotdferguson - Replica

Thanks for this!

I found that my battery was not charging correctly, flashing green for 3mins and then going solid, but only taking 0.6V charge, not the normal 3V+.

The solution was to remove battery and charge it independently with a more powerful charger. Once replaced, all is well, it charges perfectly now.

P Fonk - Replica

Thanks for the helpful how to. Did you have to remove the rubber button before pushing out the electronics?


Niu07 - Replica

A correctly assembled unit will NOT have its internal parts removeable by thumb pressure, unless youre Marius Pujanowski.

It relies on the grip for its seal. The socket thing is the way to go as the large socket is there to accept the tray as it is being pushed out. Do it in your hand and you risk snapping the USB donglerooney.

John Robertson - Replica

Brilliant! Took me all of 15 minutes to push the cartridge out and replace the battery with a fresh Sanyo 18650 . My light has only been lasting about 2 hours on the lowest flash setting and hardly any time on full beam.

kevinross - Replica

Ps, mine is a Macro drive, bigger battery but same process to push the cartridge out with a pair of sockets

kevinross - Replica

When stripped down there is a small wavey washer... can anyone confirm where this goes? Is it between the led and the lense?

Neil - Replica

the washer should be placed between the LED and the battery cartridge. there are three little plastic pegs on top of the battery cartridge. place it inside of them. I guess its purpose is to push the LED against the lens.

Rupert Angermeier -

Thanks Rupert... I came to the same conclusion in the end and my lights are running again with new batteries.

Neil -

I have the macro drive front light. It flashes green when charging but before long goes constant green. when I switch it on it lasts about 30 seconds before turning off. There is no red low battery warning. I can turn it straight back on and again it lasts for 30 seconds only. has anyone got any ideas please?


David Tyson - Replica

Hi David, I'm having the exact same issue. Have you found any resolutions?

James Purslow -

Hey, thanks! Simple but effective. My macro drive started to flicker and switching off unintentionally. I thougt it was a loose contact somewhere but couldn’t find any bad soldering on the electronics. After pulling out the battery I saw that one of the battery contacts was a little corroded. I cleaned the part with contact spray and a brass brush. Now it works like new!

Luk - Replica

Presumably you remove the black plastic end of the light before trying this? How does the 22mm socket hold the light while still allowing the electronics to be pushed outwards without crushing them?

Phil W - Replica

My macro shows fully charge but soon as I turn it on it switches off after a flash….. any idea why?..

Magoo - Replica

I don’t have a vice, so I used a silicone gun, the top off of my herb grinder (plugs the end of the gun perfectly) and 2 sockets (22mm & 12mm), I only had to squeeze once and the light came apart. Nice guide, useful, thank you.

Quanchy Plimp - Replica

Thanks for this, I was going to send my macrodrive off for repair but thanks to your instructions, I was able to change the battery in a few minutes, much cheaper and easier, especially as the light is a few years old now

Rob Lockyer - Replica

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