1. Turn the phone off.
    • Turn the phone off.

    • Remove the back cover by sliding the tab away from the phone using one finger.

  2. Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.
    • Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.

    • Carefully remove the battery and set it aside.

    • When installing the battery, make sure to align the metal pins with those of the phone.

    • Turn your phone around and open the flip phone.

    • Locate the two grey rubber plugs on the LCD portion of the phone. These plugs cover up two screws.

    • Remove the two grey screw-covers at the bottom of the screen

    • Remove the screen by using the tab to eject the screen.

      • There is a gap between the case and the screen near the ear piece

      • Insert the plastic opening tool in the gap and pry the screen up.

    • The plastic screen cover is glued onto the phone, do not be alarmed if it may be difficult to pry it off.

    • Unscrew the four corner 3.21mm screws to separate the the top cover of the phone

    • Turn your phone around

    • Remove the top cover of the phone by inserting the plastic opening tool into the groove.

    • Carefully open the cover.

    • Desolder the top ear piece using a soldering iron to remove the component

    • The ear piece is the black component that is located at the top with black and red wires

    • Remove the ear piece from the phone by lifting it using a plastic opening tool.

    • Desolder the wires connected to the LCD board using a soldering iron

    • Disconnect the Ribbon connecting the two pieces carefully with the plastic opening tool.

    • Remove the LCD screen.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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