Having trouble reading in the dark? Replace the display's LED lights if the lighting on your Kindle is uneven or absent.

  1. Using a spudger or plastic opening tool, gently pry the bezel from the screen. It is easier to start in the corners and work your way around the bezel.
    • Using a spudger or plastic opening tool, gently pry the bezel from the screen. It is easier to start in the corners and work your way around the bezel.

    • Do not insert the spudger too far under the bezel; it could easily damage the screen.

    I found it easier to start this step off with one of the Opening Picks found in the iOpener pack.

    NathanF - Replica

  2. Remove the eleven 3.0 mm Phillips screws surrounding the midframe.
    • Remove the eleven 3.0 mm Phillips screws surrounding the midframe.

    • At the top of the display, a strip of black tape covers one screw.

    On 3G version you will not have the top middle screw.

    BJones - Replica

    • Lift the midframe out of the case.

    • If the midframe is stuck, slide it to the left first, and then lift it out.

    There are clips in the bottom of the case helping hold the midframe in. Lift the top of the midframe up enough to clear the black back piece and then slide up and out.

    BJones - Replica

    • Turn over the midframe to locate the battery.

    • Remove the three Phillips 3.0 mm screws securing the battery to the midframe.

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    • Gently lift the battery from the bottom, and slide it out of the midframe.

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    • With the case and battery removed from the midframe, begin removing all cables attached to the motherboard.

    • Place the device so the midframe's backside faces up. Start with the cable on the bottom left corner.

    • Use a spudger to lift up the white locking cable tensioner and slide the flex cable out.

    • Proceed counterclockwise to the next cable and repeat. Small flex cable on the bottom won't need cable tensioner lifted, just carefully pull out.

    The second connector is not exactly a "repeat". The lock to be lifted is on the cable side, whereas the first connector's lock is away from the cable.

    Yishai Sered - Replica

    Does anyone know the part number or for that matter where i can purchase the original LED assembly?


    naz zan - Replica

    • Remove the white flex cable by gently lifting the yellow plastic connector.

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    • Remove the yellow anti-static tape from the display ribbon cable connector.

    • Use a spudger to lift up and disconnect the cable tensioner.

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    • Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the seven 3.0 mm Phillips screws securing the motherboard:

      • Three silver screws with silver washers

      • Two silver screws with no washers

      • One black screw with a golden washer

      • One black screw with a square washer

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    • Remove the motherboard.

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    • Use a pair of tweezers to remove the white strip of tape that covers the LED lights.

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    • Use a spudger to gently remove the plastic screen from the display.

    • The plastic screen is held on by a thick layer of glue. Be patient when lifting the screen to avoid bending or breaking the thin plastic.

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    • Once the outer screen is removed from the Kindle, gently use your fingers to pull off the LED lights.

    Thanks for the guide but the problem is finding a replacement for the led lights. Have you found any seller?

    FFF - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello to you! Your guide helped me to understand what happened with my kindle. I've got a scratch on the screen but it seems not very deep; the scratch is on a plastic screen, mentioned on the 12-th step. Is it possible to replace this screen with the same one or simple screen protector can do? Thank you.

Alexander - Replica

Can the LEDs simply be removed using this method? I think they are giving me a headache, even on the lowest setting...

Jessica - Replica

Best way is to jailbreak the kindle and use KO reader. In that you can switch off the lights completely. This is a software hack but then you do not need to open the paperweight at all

ziphyr zz -

Is it possible to replace the LEDs with warm white or even yellow (no blue light at all)?

Rob Noble - Replica

i'd also like to replace the LEDs with a warmer light -- but I wonder foremost: can I really detach and reattach the plastic (as it is glued onto the display?) without destroying the SMOOTH and EVEN lighting when I reattach it?

dominik - Replica

I removed the plastic screen easily enough but the glue that held it to the display leaves quite a mess on both sides and loses it's tack once removed. I suppose I could clean both sides (with IPA?) and remove the old glue but what's best to reattach the plastic to the screen that will give a nice clear finish?

I actually bought a new screen without the LEDs (all that was available) and it doesn't even have the plastic cover on it yet.

andy - Replica

I was wondering, if it is possible to connect the two LED lights to the same power driver?Recently I noticed that my led bulb turns on/off for a split second randomly over the past few days. Does this mean it is starting to die or could it be something..please visit our website:

Light Hut - Replica

Can someone please confirm that this process is reversible without totally destroying the screen i.e. when you put it back you won't see glue smudges everywhere?

Virgil Ierubino - Replica

Are you kidding me? You lost me at #3. Does anyone know where I can get this done by a professional?

kariesmom1 - Replica


nach Austausch des Akkus funktioniert das Kindle PW bis auf die Beleuchtung normal.

Wie erkennt man, ob die Beleuchtung defekt ist.

Wo kann man die LED Beleuchtung fürKindle PW erwerben?

Bernd Burchartz - Replica

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