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This guide is to remove and replace the chip responsible for touch ID on the home button. This guide requires microsoldering and may not restore function to a new home button. This guide is extremely difficult and requires specific tools and equipment.


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    • In this tutorial you will learn about fixing the home button in an iPhone 7. To find out more about iPhone repair and more check my other guides!

    Is anyone else questioning this video? That IC chip is responsible for the home button click. Not the Touch ID. If you were to put it on a new home button and then try to use the new home button, you would be unable to use Touch ID.

    Jon - Replica

    I’m questioning the statement “This quide requires microsoldering and may not restore function to a new home button.”

    Is the author making the obvious point that if the connections aren’t done properly the process won’t be successful, or funtionality may not be restored regardless?

    daniel vellone - Replica

    The U10 chip is a capacitive touch controller responsible for the button press of the iPhone 7. It has nothing to do with touch ID which is self contained in the button. Replacing the button will invalid touch ID.

    timothy_nankervis - Replica

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

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Do you have clear instructions and tools how to do it

Abbigail huari - Replica

So do you need to move the chip to replace the home button?

Dylan McGarrity - Replica

You need to reball or replace the chip to repair Touch ID.

Alex Sander -

If the home button or its flex cable is broken then it's completely shot, short of taking it to an Apple store for a replacement.

On the other hand, it could also be caused by the home button's extension flex cable running through the back of the lcd, and/or a damaged camera/speaker flex cable on top. So make sure to check all those out carefully before resorting to the Apple store.

After reading through a lot of suggestions, here's one which sounded interesting to me. Low and behold, this solution has actually worked!! I have removed that single screw completely, restarted the phone, and the home button started working perfectly.

05/31/2017 by screensaviors

I loosened the screw behind the center of the home button (holding it to the metal bracket), and it magically works now. This may not fix a lot of them, but it worked for me. I was just tightening that screw snug, but must have been too snug.

billa.4you - Replica

Very good points, it will certainly help people to resolve some of their problems, thanks for sharing your experience!

Alex Sander -

I hope you see this comment as I need to pick your brains, my iPhone 7 home button is none responsive, and obv the notification saying ‘Touch ID is not available’ keeps taunting me! Upon opening there is no obvious damage to the home button itself or the flex connected. However there is damage to one of the flex cables connected to the body of the phone itself. Do you know if this cable itself could be replaced therefore fixing the home button?? Any advice appreciated


Daniel cox -

Do you offer a service to do this?

Craig Matthews - Replica

I tore the HB flex cable is there a way I could Microsoft the connections back together?

Antonio stewart - Replica

My kid who is 13 took his iPhone 7 out of his pocket, and it was cycling between white screen with logo to black screen. He noticed a crack in the home button. took it VZW they said total loss. took it another place where they. said they can replace the screen and make it an iPod. Is there really nothing that I can do about it?

Angela Seesholtz - Replica

“may not restore function…” Could you elaborate on this? if the process is done correctly and the transfer of the chip is successful will functionality be restored? Was the fix detailed in the video successful? Thanks

daniel vellone - Replica

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