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This guide shows you how to solder a replacement micro USB port for the Samsung Galaxy J3


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    • When your Galaxy J3 smartphone has a problem with charging you need to apply this method to resolve it. If you need further help let me know in the comment

    Het glas was gebroken en dit vervangen Maar vanaf dan steeds de melding Batterij temperatuur te laag ? wat heb ik juist nodig en kan ik dat zelf ?

    Mvg ,


    eddy van den eynde - Replica

    Het glas was gebroken en laten vervangen door persoon van Repair Café Maar vanaf dan steeds de melding Batterij Temperatuur te laag ? Kan ik dat zelf herstellen en wat heb ik nodig ?

    Mvg ,


    eddy van den eynde - Replica

    The video is hard to see. I'm attempting to resolder new usb port.

    Besides solder gun, new usb and saulder, what else is needed?

    Tim Edris - Replica

    Thanks for videotaping this repair. Do you have a version that does not look like abstract are, though? I hate to complain but it is hard to make out exactly what's going on in this video.

    were you vacuuming the solder that had to be removed?

    What is the spec for the wire?

    thanks for any illumination you can provide on these topics.

    El Crashitan - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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For beginners, this video explains the basic steps and equipment needed to replace any soldered usb port on any device.

And It is explained without annoying music.. LOL

Alan Sears - Replica

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