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Microsoldering technique for replacing a faulty IC to restore touch functionality in the iPhone 6.


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    • In this tutorial you will learn how to resolve hardware touch issue in an iPhone 6 smartphone. In case of any troubles contac me through the comments.

    Nothing about the M1 jumper… some details really lacking.

    Mike Moran - Replica


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

Membro da: 28/02/2017

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Do you change that ic with new one?

thanks before

aqsha asri - Replica

No, I have desoldered the proper chip from the other motherboard. Thanks for your interest and best luck with the repair!

Alex Sander -

Is it a good idea to change the whole screen

michael quartey - Replica

You are right, but sometimes it won’t work. Especially when it is a hardware issue.

Alex Sander -

queria o esquema eletrico do iphone 6 G, pois tenho 7 trilhas rompidas e preciso saber como ajeitar!! vcs tem o esquema?

se tiver pfv entre em contato… gmail;

Rafaela Morais - Replica

Please translate your comment to english, thanks :-)

Alex Sander -

hey guys , i have an iphone 6 , my issue is a bit complicated. my iphone screen works like 70 percent of the screen . the screen left side doest respond to touch . i have changed displays but the same issue remains

Amaan Liaqat - Replica

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