This technique explains how to send and run Super Mario on a TI 84 Plus. This method will work for a TI 84 Plus, TI 84 Plus t, and the TI 84 Plus SE. It will not work on the TI 84 Plus CSE nor the TI 84 Plus CE.


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  1. Download TI Connect, make sure you download the right version according to your OS.
  2. Using this link, download and send all files to your calculator. Included is a shell called MirageOS. MirageOS will allow you to easily run the game.
    • Using this link, download and send all files to your calculator. Included is a shell called MirageOS. MirageOS will allow you to easily run the game.

    • Make sure to extract the files from the .zip before trying to send them to your calculator!

    • Open TI Connect, and install it onto your computer. You will need admin privileges to install it.

    • Once you are done installing TI Connect, connect the small end of the USB cable to the calculator, and then connect the larger end to your computer.

    • Once TI Connect has installed, open the TI Connect app. Click on Send to Device.

    • Click browse, then find MirageOS, then open the MirageOS.8xp file in the TI Connect app. Click Set to Archive twice at the top once it has loaded, and then click Send to Device.

    • After clicking Send to device, if TI Connect does not open a mini dialog that says it is sending the file over after 10 seconds, click Send to Device again, and repeat until it shows that dialog

    • Now, turn on your calculator. Press the [apps] button, then scroll down to MirageOS and click [enter]. Press [enter] on MAIN, then press [enter] again on MARIO. You should see the Super Mario screen now. Press [enter] on a level to start playing.

    • The controls for playing are 2ND to jump, arrow keys to move, and APLHA for special abilities ex: flower abilities.

    • To exit out of Super Mario, press [clear] and when back at the MARIO & MAIN selection screen cursor up to MAIN and press [2nd] and [mode].


Hope you enjoyed this guide, and happy gaming! Please note that if your calculator crashes during execution, or you reset all memory on the calculator, you will need to resend the game over again.

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Jeez this needed a lot of work to fix! But I think I made it into a much better, more robust guide. It’d be great if you’d post this in the correct TI 84 Plus Device page. Also, please do more research about your guides and pages before posting them. People like *quality* guides, they don’t care if you’re pumping out tons of low quality, duplicate, or poorly researched pages. ;-)

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Hey @ajcooke01 I noticed you changed the images back to the old TI Connect. I’d like to know why since I believe people should really move away from the old TI Connect and use the new one. The new one still works with the TI 84 Plus and is a heck of a lot faster and easier to use; especially for new people. I really think this guide will benefit from people using the most recent TI Connect since it has better community support and is easier to use.

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@thelastmill if it works don’t mess with it.

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Fine, it’s your guide. :)

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