If you leave a light on or leave a car foo too long without drive it may happen that your battery runs completely flat. In this case your central lock will not function and you need to open it with a key.


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  1. Unlock the drivers door with a key
    • Unlock the drivers door with a key

    • Check if any lights are on. Turn them off

    • Open the hood

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  2. If you have a multimeter - check the voltage on your battery. Anything above 12 is good (this means your problem is not the battery).
    • If you have a multimeter - check the voltage on your battery. Anything above 12 is good (this means your problem is not the battery).

    • If it is close to 0 it means that something is still draining on it (probably a light is on)

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    • You can jump start the car by connecting it to another battery, car or booster battery (see other guide on how-to). You can also charge existing battery if you have a charger. Use any available option.

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    • Once you connect the power the alarm may go off (depending on how you opened the car)

    • To disable alarm, before you put a key into ignition, lock and close all doors and unlock it with a key from the outside. This should stop the alarm.

    • If this did not work or you already have a key in ignition you can disable the horn by removing the corresponding fuse (see pic which one). There is also a tool for removal in the compartment

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    • Additionally it may happen that the gearbox is stuck and does not allow you to move it

    • For this there is a unlocking mechanism under a cap, from the right side.

    • Pull it up using a plastic card or something similar

    • Then push down on the middle part (eg. with a key)

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    • if you used a boost you want to drive for at least 30 minutes for your battery to pick up some charge

    • use the gearbox in 'S' position for this drive - it disables the engine start/stop feature and also keeps the revs higher, thus the battery will charge faster.

    • Check again if you have left any missing ligts on which may have drained your battery

    • If you find the battery flat again, and no light have been left on - show your car to a mechanic. You may either have a dead battery or problem wth a charging circuit.

    • Punch your code into the radio to unlock it (simply press numbers 1-6 in secuence). Code is 5 digits long.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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