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    • First steps which need to be done in order to restore Huawei phone to the proper state.

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Alex Sander

Membro da: 28/02/2017

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display of my phone doesnt work time and again even display off button doesn’t work. it gets automatically switched off time and again . does it happy because of water on display ?

Samyog Acharya - Replica

It is very probable that the liquid damage caused this issues.

Alex Sander -

i have a Huawei P8 Lite 2015 and it got water, everything works fine, but not the display, i did open it up to see if any corrosion on the logicboard but there is nothing so i ran out of ideas to fix it, anyone who had this problem and fixed it plz share how you fixed it

sorry for bad english, i hope you can read it

Magnus Kaas - Replica

If there isn’t any corrosion then it is probably the faulty display. Try to change the lcd and let us know if it resolve the issue. Best luck!

Alex Sander -

My Huawei p8 life 2017 dropped in the water.I opened the back and used the hair dryer dry it out.after few minutes,it worked.But after seeing the moist in the front camera,I dried it out again with the dryer.Now it is no more working.No matter how I pressed the power button and the volume button.Please any suggestion how to work it on again.Thanks.

Hokolic Chan - Replica

Did you see any signs of corrosion?

Alex Sander -


My phone dropped into water and does not charge anymore. Symptoms are : the lightning symbol appears briefly then disapppear and mobile does not take charge. When plugged on outlet, the mobile starts, a red light is blinking and mobile keeps on restarting because battery is 0% ( at first, it was blocked at 2% so I could use when plugged but not anymore). So I think some protector blewed up (like a fuse) to protect battery from shortcut

I just don’t know if I have to change motherboard or battery or something else. How should I confirm this ?

thx in advance

yohann bouvier - Replica


A bit of water entered my huawei p8 it works time to time but it's glitchy…how do I fix it??

Musa mwenya - Replica

hi there i have a huwaie p8 lite 2017 it got water damaged i took it all apart down to bear shell i replaced the battery the front lcd sreen and back it all comes on etc but flickers and doesnt show screen properly but everytrhing is brand new any ideas

Jonathan Collins - Replica

as im puzzeled and not sure watt to do next

Jonathan Collins - Replica

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