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As time goes on, a set of concrete steps can often develop cracks, chips, holes, or even tile replacements from the dried mix concrete. These forms of damages can often lead to unsafe conditions when walking up or down the steps, so it is highly important to repair your set of concrete steps before the damage gets too immense.

It is significant to be aware of damages like these to help provide safety for individuals in our environment, and overall a pleasing look to a designated area. Instead of calling a professional for assistance and paying a substantial amount, or letting time go by and ignore those steps which can cause hazardous domain, these easy steps can overcome your issues.

Follow this easy and step-by-step guide for a long-lasting set of concrete steps.


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  1. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps, How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 1, immagine 1 di 1
    • Remove any excess tiles from the staircase that need repair.

    • Make sure to apply rough grip gloves and eye-protection.

  2. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 2, immagine 1 di 1
    • Use a claw hammer and chisel to flatten/smooth the surface of concrete to reduce any unsound or flaking stones.

    • Be sure to hammer and chisel within the flat surface; don't dig too deep into the stairs.

  3. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 3, immagine 1 di 1
    • Apply a wet, stiff bristle brush to remove dusted concrete.

    • Firmly and aggressively press against the brush onto the concrete, to ensure all flakes are absent.

    • Make sure to leave no holes or corners untouched before moving onto the next step.

  4. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 4, immagine 1 di 1
    • Insert the larger chisel into the bucket of the quick-setting cement, in the motion of mixing.

    • The amount of cement should cover 1/3rd of the chisel before reapplying.

  5. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 5, immagine 1 di 1
    • Slowly smear the quick-setting cement onto the surface of the smooth concrete.

    • Use one of the faces of the chisel to press against the concrete with paste.

  6. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 6, immagine 1 di 1
    • Using a margin trowel, press firmly towards the quick-setting cement to flatten the concrete from a left-to-right motion each time.

    • Pressing firmly and slowly will result in a more professional look.

  7. How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps: passo 7, immagine 1 di 1
    • After applying the quick-setting cement, reapply your tiles and wait 5-7 hours before hardening.

    • If no tiles are needed for your staircase, wait 5 minutes when surface becomes firm to mold and shape the concrete.


By completing these easy steps on repairing concrete steps, you’re finishing repair will provide a pleasing look and safety for the environment.

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