This guide will explain how to replace the primary fans of the device. There is another fan located in the northern section of the interior of the device that this repair guide will not cover. This guide deals with the more involved sections of the device.

  1. Push up on the arrow-shaped switch.
    • Push up on the arrow-shaped switch.

  2. While still holding the  switch up, remove the battery.
    • While still holding the switch up, remove the battery.

    • Remove the two 5mm Phillips #0 screws from the hinges

    • Open the device as if you were going to use the device. Using Tweezers, pry the hinges from underneath the screen

    • Not much force is needed to pull the hinges off once the tweezers are properly positioned

    • Remove the wire connection by gently pulling on the fuse and connection itself.

    • Do not pull on the wires, as this can remove the wires from the connection, destroying the fuse.

    • Remove the four 4.0 mm Phillips #0 connecting the keyboard to the frame

    • Gently lift the keyboard up from the frame so that you can see the ribbon still connected.

    • Remove the ribbon by gently pulling up the ends of the white receiver it is inserted in to.

    • You may need to use tweezers for this part.

    • During reassembly, when inserting the ribbon, you will hear a quiet, clicking sound when pushing down on the ends of the receiver. Hearing this ensures the ribbon is in place.

    • Remove sixteen 5.0 mm Phillips #1 screws from the underside of the device

    • Remove the one 5.0 mm Phillips #1 screw underneath the battery home

    • Remove the additional four 5.0 mm Phillips #1 screws from the hinge of the device

    • Remove the two 4.0 mm Phillips #0 screws attached to the cicuit board above the keyboard

    • Gently remove the disconnection to the right of the circuit board

    • Take the circuit board off by pulling up on the right side of the circuit board

    • The board is plugged in to the device at this location still, but the outlet is hidden.

    • Pulling on the right side can snap the circuit board, so it is essential you pull on this side only

    • Remove the five 5.0 mm Phillips #1 screws from underneath the keyboard

    • Disconnect the ribbons from the circuit board underneath the keyboard housing unit

    • Remove the connection beneath the left hinge of the device

    • Pry the device apart to expose the inside of the device

    • This should be relatively easy since all connections and screws are removed. However, a spudger can be used if you are having difficulties.

    • Remove the latches securing the fan housing unit by unscrewing the six 4.0 mm Phillips #0 screws

    • Lift the housing unit a few inches from the device to expose the two small connections.

    • Remove the two small connections directly above and below the fan housing unit

    • Remove the fan housing unit and flip it over

    • Remove the eight 3.5 mm Phillips #00 screws from the fan housing unit

    • Remove both or whichever fan needs to be replaced

    • There should be bronze electric tape on the fan housing unit. Do not hesitate to tear the tape in order to open the housing unit


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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