This guide will show you how to replace the fan of the HP Pavilion G60-247CL.

  1. Press down and to the  right on the battery lock slide.
    • Press down and to the right on the battery lock slide.

    • Once slid over to the right the battery will pop up and out.

  2. Locate RAM access door on the bottom side of the laptop.
    • Locate RAM access door on the bottom side of the laptop.

    • Locate the two screws holding down the RAM access door.

    • Unscrew the two screws with a size #1 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Lift up on the RAM cover and remove it to reveal RAM sticks.

    • Gently pull apart the two metal tabs located on both sides of the stick of RAM.

    • Gently lift the RAM stick up and out of its seat.

    • Repeat the previous two steps for the remaining stick of RAM.

    • Remove the seven screws from the back side of the laptop using a Philips Head screwdriver size PH1.

    • Remove the seven screws from the battery compartment using a Philips Head screw driver size 0.

    • Turn the computer around to the front side.

    • Using the spudger tool prop open the key board casing.

    • Carefully lift up the key board.

    • Then gently pull up the connecting wire clip to completely detach the keyboard.

    • At the top right of the laptop there will be an another wire clip holding the keyboard casing.

    • Carefully pull out the wire clip to fully detach the covering.

    • At the top right of the laptop remove the black wire from under the metal tabs using the tweezers.

    • Remove the black wire from the top right corner by gently pulling outward.

    • At the top left of the computer remove the black clip using the spudger.

    • Push the spudger to the right to pop out the clip.

    • Locate at the bottom left of the computer a white clip.

    • Using the spudger prop out the white clip.

    • On the left side of the computer locate the black wire with the clear clip.

    • Gently pull the wire to the right to detach it.

    • At the top corners of the computer, unscrew the 3 screws using a Philips Head screwdriver size 0.

    • Lift up the top half of the computer carefully.

    • Locate the two screws at the bottom corners of the screen.

    • Using the tweezers remove the rubber black covering over the screw.

    • Using a Philips Head screwdriver size 0 remove the two screws.

    • Using the spudger prop off the screen covering.

    • Remove the covering to expose the screen completely.

    • Remove the bottom two screen bearings.

    • Using a Philips 1 screwdriver remove the two screws on each side.

    • Using the tweezers remove the red and white wire from the bottom of the screen.

    • Prop the screen up slightly .

    • Using the tweezers unclip the white wire.

    • While the screen is still propped open remove the black wire from the bottom middle of the screen by pulling gently.

    • Remove the screen from the outer casing carefully.

    • With the battery and RAM removed, locate the hard drive access panel.

    • Remove two 1.2 mm Philips#01 screws.

    • After the screws are removed, slide the hard drive panel to right to remove it.

    • Identify the three screws holding the hard drives cover in place.

    • Remove each screw using a #0 Philips screwdriver to reveal the hard drive.

    • This particular laptop does not contain a hard drive-- yours will.

    • Locate the storage battery, next to the hard drive.

    • Genlty pop out storage battery with fingers.

    • Locate the Wifi card cover panel, left of the RAM.

    • Using a Philips #1 screwdriver remove the screw holding the panel down.

    • Lift up on the screw side to remove the panel.

    • Remove two 1.2 mm Philips#01 screws.

    • As the screws are removed the Wifi card will pop up.

    • Remove Wifi card by pulling to the left of the laptop.

    • Flip over to the top view

    • Remove five 1.2 mm Philips#00 swrews

    • Using a spudger unclip the casing around all corners and edges.

    • lift up the casing and remove to reveal the speakers.

    • Remove highlighted 1.2 mm Philips #00 screw from right speaker.

    • Using a spudger, remove the highlighted white wire.

    • Using a spudger, remove both additional highlighted wires from the motherboad.

    • Lift up and out each speaker from the base.

    • Locate the fan in the top left corner.

    • Carefully remove the wire attached to the mother board, using a spudger.

    • Locate the disk player in the bottom right corner.

    • Remove three Philips #00 screws.

    • Slide out the disk player to the right.

    • Gently remove highlighted wire using a spudger.

    • Remove highlighted wire connected to motherboard by gently yanking downwards.

    • Remove last highlighted wire connected to the motherboard, using a spudger.

    • Gently remove motherboard with fan from the shell.

    • Flip over the motherboard to view the back side.

    • Remove four 1.6 mm Philips #01 screws.

    • Gently lift out the fan.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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