Powerball gyroscopic exercise tool is great device to build strength of hand’s muscles but is very sensitive to accidental dropping.

Too sensitive in my opinion which could be a part of producer's way of doing business. Hope I'm wrong.

OK, my Powerball felt from sofa and after this it was very hard to make it spin and when it eventually started I feel strong vibrations with accompaniment of annoying sounds.

I asked shop for repair but they told it’s beyond warranty.

So, if warranty is no longer the problem I just opened it and I have found a way to repair it.

Here is the guide.


  1. Remove rubber band.
    • Remove rubber band.

  2. Find two small Phillips screws holding both housing halves and unscrew them.
    • Find two small Phillips screws holding both housing halves and unscrew them.

    • Use some flat tool, I used small blade of my Swiss Army knife but spudger should be a better choice. Pry one half from the other. You will hear loud click and then it should open.

    • Remove gyro. It’s connected to white plastic roundel which really is a part of inner bearing. It slides on the both sides of housing.

    • Look at these surfaces and you will find several small deflections. They were made by gyro’s axis when it hit the floor. These deflections put up resistance during rolling and this is the reason it’s so hard to spin device.

    • You have to fill them with Superglue or other cyanoacrylate glue. Fill them and wait for around 20 minutes.

    • Caution: check if glue you use is OK, try it on some hidden area of housing.

    • Use some sharp tool and remove surpluses, make these places as smooth as you can. From time to time put gyro back in place and roll it on both halves of housing until you’ll feel it’s enough.

    • Put whole device back in reverse order and test it. The more you will spin it, the smoother it will work. The best thing is: you can fix it over and over again and you don’t have to pay again.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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