This guide will show you how to replace the camera module of the Fairphone 2.

Pick a corner of your slim case and get between the two parts with your thumb's fingernails.
  • Pick a corner of your slim case and get between the two parts with your thumb's fingernails.

  • Pull up the back part of the slim case to separate the small snap fit connections.

  • Remove the back part of the slim case.

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Get in between the front part of the slim case and the phone's body with your thumb nail.
  • Get in between the front part of the slim case and the phone's body with your thumb nail.

  • Separate the snap fit connectors on the front part by pulling it to the side and pushing against the display.

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  • Remove the front part of the slim case.

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  • Push the battery toward the top of the phone.

  • Pull the battery out away from the phone.

It isn't necessary to remove the rim if all you are doing is changing the battery. That becomes necessary if you are to proceed farther into the phone.

It might be good to begin by saying switch the phone off. The Fairphone is for everybody and most will have no experience of disassembling electronic devices.

Jim Kinnibrugh - Replica

  • After taking out the battery you can unlock the display assembly.

  • Flip the two blue switches to the inner position.

  • Slide the display assembly towards the bottom of the phone.

Being technically nervous I couldn't do this. I didn't know how much pressure, pull or push was required.

Roger Halford - Replica

After I'd watched the video my confidence increased!

Roger Halford - Replica

It was a bit stiff and not so easy.

M ichael Cross - Replica

I have not this easy access to the two blue switches. How Can I do that?

Anne - Replica

Super, nachdem ich’s im Video gesehen habe, war es supereasy, vielen Dank!

Imke - Replica

You don´t mention taking the rim off the display first. That stymied me completely. Do add that to your otherwise clear and helpful instructions. Best wishes - Walt Patterson

Walt Patterson - Replica

This guide is based on the old bumper made in one piece. We should update to the sandwich bumper with a top and bottom part.

Tobias Isakeit -

  • Another possible way of sliding the display assembly open.

Impossible de déplacer l'écran vers le bas chez moi. Je n'ose pas forcer... c'est normal?

benbahmedf - Replica

I can not slide the display assembly. Some help?

Laura Ivorra - Replica

The display sits very tight.

So you need to gently apply a little force to slide it open the first time.

It is hard to get a good grip on the two parts for a successful "magic move".

Tobias Isakeit - Replica

Leider kann ich weder mit "little force" noch mit "much force" das Display nach der Entriegelung bewegen. Wer kann mit mehr Details helfen?

Christine Heckmann - Replica

It did work for me. Make sure, you have unlocked the blue switches in step 3 (sorry, had to mention that). if you can't get a grip, you might try to lay a ruler or two credit cards on top of each other on a table that is tight at the wall,

- place the ruler/credit cards on the table and just attaching the wall

- place the PF2 with the display upside down on the table in front of the ruler/credit cards with the blue switches towards you and the headphone plug attaching the ruler/cards.

- then gently but with increasing force push your two thumbs towards the top of the main FP2 unit (or use more fingers to push both in the centre as well as on the two edges). make sure you push horizontally and that the ruler is not higher than the border of the display unit (1.5-2 mm).

(hope i could explain myself in and understandable way! ;-) )

metaworx - Replica

Thank you a lot ! This worked for me.

Nicolas Dudermel -

Thanks, it worked for us as well.

deRahier -

great tip! Thanks so much

Matthew Kelly -

Really helped! This way finally worked for me. Thanks :)

Imogen Michel -

Perfect Metaworx, it worked for me as well :)

siohdk - Replica

Your nails are slightly long? You are lucky. Hold the phone with the screen on your right palm with the blue bits facing your body. Make sure your fingernails are holding the top of the screen. Push the back of the phone with your left hand. It worked for me.

Askateth - Replica

Mit einer alten Haltekarte für SIM Cards als Hebel habe ich das Display vorsichtig abgeschoben

Joachim - Replica

Unglaublich fair, dass ich mich mit diesem Kack alleine beschäftige - wenn ich so weitermache, werde ich demnächst die Trümmer meines Fairphones wahrscheinlich durch Ungeschicklichkeit so beschädigen, dass es unbrauchbar ist!

Ralf Kiefer - Replica

  • Take off the display assembly.

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  • Remove the three Phillips #0 screws of the module which are nicely marked by the blue circles.

  • Now the module should stand off a little bit due to the pogo pins underneath.

Danke! Geht alles gut. Nur einen so kleinen Schraubenzieher, den hat ja nicht jeder :-( . Das Geht dann auch mit einem Schweizer Messer, mit der Spitze der großen Klinge. Vorsichtig auf die Schraube aufsetzen und leicht - ohne Kraft - drehen. Sonnige Grüße au Berlijn

solar - Replica

  • Take out the whole module.

Is it possible to do this last step without the pliers?

Mathilde Pellerin - Replica

Definitely, yes.

Tobias Isakeit -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Information on what to do with the old module can be found on the FairPhone support page and in the FairPhone forum.

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Alles gut - hat wunderbar funktioniert, insbesondere dank des Videos für Schritt 4

Walter Strohschein - Replica

Heel snelle levering van mijn nieuwe camera!

Het was ons (mijn man) vast niet gelukt zonder de goede begeleidende filmpjes! 

Betty Bol

Betty - Replica

die Variante mit slim case ist noch nicht berücksichtigt

Ansonsten: super Anleitung

W. Koch - Replica

Hat prima funktioniert dank einfacher Anleitung und einfacher Bauweise.

Christian Heider - Replica

Geschafft! - Schritt 4 war beim Slim Case nicht so einfach, aber nach ein paar Minuten hatte ich es raus. Ich frage mich bloss, was ich nun mit der alten Kamera mache..? Kann man die zurückschicken? Gibt es dazu irgendwelche Infos? Danke für die Anleitung und allfällige Infos bezüglich “Zukunft der alten Kamera” ;-) !

Claudia Serena Herrmann - Replica

Hallo Claudia, Gratulation zur gelungenen Reparatur. Bezüglich alten Modulen kannst du hier auf der Seite von Fairphone mal vorbei schauen:

Tobias Isakeit -

cool, einmal auf und zu, und es läuft wieder! Besten Dank!

Theater Carnivore - Replica

Danke – hat super funktioniert!

Kaethe H. - Replica

Great instructions - very easy to use. Thanks a lot!

Damion Milliken - Replica

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