You should have a basic understanding of tool usage (ie. screwdrivers)

Remove the face plate by depressing the small plastic tab
  • Remove the face plate by depressing the small plastic tab

    • *NOTE: eject disk tray first before dis-assembly to gain access.

For my BDP-S185, there was a steel wire spring running through both the face plate and tray that came dislodged. I could not put it back in place, and two plastic tabs on the face plate broke. More detailed pictures of this step and the fine parts involved in the face plate to disk tray latching mechanism would be useful.

Tom Roden - Replica

Release front 4 tabs in order to slide main cover forward.
  • Release front 4 tabs in order to slide main cover forward.

    • *NOTE: slide only a few mils forwards before next step.

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  • Release tabs on both left and right sides of unit while maintaining forward pressure to slide cover off.

    • *NOTE: The arrows depict where the tabs are located.

hi team 7…..

you don’t suggest a way to release the tabs weather it’s in or out….

you emphasis on the removing the cover delayed the importance getting at the release tabs

peter - Replica

  • After cover removal, you should now have access to the internal components.

  • We will begin removing the power supply. Compress the center clip and open plastic shield.

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  • Release clip to remove 6 pin power cable.

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  • Unscrew two mounting screw for power supply. Slide forward and pull out for removal.

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  • This should be your current progress thus far.

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  • Release tab to remove plastic power supply shield.

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  • Remove the three screws.

  • Now depress metal tab to fully remove heat sink clamp.

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  • Pull on indicated ribbon cable to begin removal of front display.

  • Now remove single screw to remove front display panel.

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  • This should be you current dis-assembly progress thus far.

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  • Next, remove all three ribbon cables attached to optical disc drive.

    • *NOTE: largest ribbon cable has small secure clamp, be sure to release it before pulling.

  • Now unscrew both mounting screw for optical disc drive for complete removal.

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  • To completely remove the main board, locate screws on back of unit. Unscrew these 2 screws and then slide main board out.

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  • You should now be completely dis-assembled. For further dis-assembly of the optical disc drive, continue to step 15.

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  • First remove metal shroud exposing tabs.

  • Peel back security tape and release all 4 tabs (2 on each side) for removal of top cover.

  • Now the internal components of the optical disc drive are now exposed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi! I have just a quick question! The front display panel of my Sony Blu Ray player had broken! The small board with the USB mounted onto it, remote sensor and buttons! What is the name of this board? I was looking to order a replacement

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Nice info. Need to know how to get replacement bluray player. Any ideas? Do not want to buy new TV yet.

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now I know I'm missing lots of

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