Questo smontaggio non è una guida di riparazione. Per riparare il tuo Oregon Scientific Ultra Thin Weather Station, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza.

Weather Box, front side
  • Weather Box, front side

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Rear side
  • Rear side

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  • External front side is a a plastic screen glued to the equipment. To disassembly it, insert a knife to cut the glue. It is soft glue, silicone, probably.

  • Be carefull to not damage external plastic with knife

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  • After plastic screen removed, it can see the screws.

  • With a small screw driver, take them off. There are eight screws.

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  • After screws removed, it is posible disassembly equipment by inserting a flat screw in the sides. It is strong enough to resist some efforts. Be carefull anyway.

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  • Internal view

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I see that your weather box LCD screen in your pictures is not working. I have just fixed the same issue on my BAR800 weather box; if you have not fixed that issue yet, I can tell you how to do that.

Fulvio Galiani - Replica

how do you fix that i have busted screen on a bar 800 and need directions

Filip cauwel -

Hi Fulvio, I have a BAR800 and the display has some missing segments - please can you let me know how to fix it.


Vic -

Hi Fulvio, I have the same problem! How did you fix it?

Andrea V -

I lost the the sound on this demo. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Sheila McWilliams - Replica

I was hoping that Andre could repost this repair. I only show a partial post. This fix is exactly what I need. Thanks, Sheila

Sheila McWilliams - Replica

Hello, useful repair description. It does not solve the whole but it helps .... My bar 800 was defect. Screen was flashing whole time, like a kind of reset during inilization that never ends up .... So all possible signs in display were shown and after 1 sec all off. This again and again...Thanks to the instructions i disassembled the station. I disoldered the small platine and seems to work ALL again!!! What is then the small platine for?! My suposition is that the small platine could be a barometer, that only is issued for wheater forecast. Now it is showing raining and maybe forever ....

pilaralfageme - Replica

Can you please repost or add once more your procedure?

Frantisek Suchy -

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