1. First remove back cover, battery, chip and memory card .
    • First remove back cover, battery, chip and memory card .

  2. Remove 4 Torx T5 screws.
    • Remove 4 Torx T5 screws.

    • Press these four latches (each side has two) to open front cover.

    • Carefully remove the front cover with blade tool.

    • Carefully remove the bottom cover. This cover has no screws, only latches.

    • Front cover, rubber keyboard and bottom cover removed.

    • Remove these two Torx T6 screws at top of the smartphone.

    • Carefully remove the assembly. Dont forget to move away the plastic clip holding the assembly down. You can find this in the center on the bottom.

    • Base assembly with small connectors and parts.

    • Remove the LCD connector.

    • Carefully open the LCD and keyboard assembly, and remove keyboard connector.

    • Both sides of the LCD and keyboard assembly removed.

    • I think that two small blocks are the gps antenna.

    • Both sides of battery - for reference only.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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does anyone know if e71 have any battery on board? time and date keep resetting with battery removed.

cyfcyf - Replica

Yes there is, under the keypad, 3/4 of the way down the left side of looking from the front. It is soldered on to the board so take good care.

Samuel Wyatt -


I have this phone, but I can not charge it ,Because it has short in board ,plus it very short charger soket (female ), i’m use now extirnal charger only

what can i do ?

Dev Abokhadra - Replica

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