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Disassemblaggio Controller Wireless Xbox Series X

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Per riassemblare il dispositivo, segui le istruzioni nell'ordine inverso.

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So, is the joystick of series s/x the same as that of its predecessor ones onex?

kasynlife - Replica

I'm sure you know but yes they are the same

Joshua Llarinas -

This was a pain just to get to one button that was sticking. Luckily I didn't break my controller, especially those tiny wires for the trigger motors.

Joshua Llarinas - Replica

Is it permissible to use this guide to try and tear down a series 2?

Taylor Reynolds - Replica

Told a student of mine that replacing the USB port would be a piece of cake. I have 6 different kinds of USB-C receptacles in my supplies drawers, thought for sure I'd be able to impress them. Turns out I was wrong. the USB port they use has pins buried in places it's impossible to get to. They wrap the whole socket with a metal cover, trying to give the appearance that it's "reinforced", but when you get that cover off you can clearly see these are designed to fail. No way to reflow these with hot air or hotplate. So frustrating!

Jon Dresser - Replica

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