Is your motherboard damaged or are you looking for an upgrade? if so, this guide will show you how to locate and replace a motherboard.


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  1. Make sure the laptop is off and unplugged before starting this step.
    • Make sure the laptop is off and unplugged before starting this step.

    • Locate the battery on the underside of the laptop.

    • Push the two battery clips following the direction of the arrows.

  2. Push upward from the base of the battery.
    • Push upward from the base of the battery.

    • Pull battery away from computer until it is fully removed.

    • Remove the 10 2.5x5 mm screws from the base of the laptop.

    • Unscrew the final 2.5x5 mm screw attached to the cover.

    • The screw does not detach from the cover. Make sure the screw is fully unscrewed before attempting to remove the cover.

    • Remove the cover from the laptop.

    • Unscrew the 2.5x5 mm screw inside the RAM compartment.

    • Remove the disk drive from the side of the computer.

    • There is no need to press the button, the drive will come out.

    • Unscrew the two 2x3 mm screws inside the disk drive compartment.

    • Flip the computer over, and open the laptop.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to begin to remove the keyboard.

    • Use your hands to finish separating the keyboard from the laptop.

    • This can be a bit challenging, but it will come loose.

    • Lift the black clip from the tan connection for the keyboard.

    • Pull the the connection away from the clip.

    • Move the keyboard away from the laptop.

    • Lift the black clips from the tan connections for all 3 locations marked.

    • Remove the connections from the clips.

    • Unscrew the five 2.5x5 mm screws.

    • Use plastic opening tools to remove base cover.

    • Use your hands to fully remove cover from the base.

    • This may be difficult, but it is possible.

    • Disconnect the two cables that connect the speaker and the fan.

    • These can just be pulled out, they do not have clips.

    • Unscrew the 2.5x5 mm screw from the fan.

    • Pull up and remove the fan from the laptop.

    • Unscrew the six 2.5x3mm screws from the motherboard.

    • Disconnect the black and yellow cable from the motherboard.

    • Begin to separate the motherboard from the laptop

    • Pull up to separate from the other internal pieces, and then pull to the right away from the case

    • Remove the final cable from the motherboard

    • This will allow the motherboard to fully come out of the computer


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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After pulling off the battery, the step to remove the four M2x3 mm screws was forgotten. Please update the guide.

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