Use this guide to disassemble your drill for cleaning, troubleshooting, or other maintenance.

Remove the seven T20 screws.
  • Remove the seven T20 screws.

  • Use the T-handle configuration of the screwdriver for the necessary force to loosen the screws.

    • This drill required some cleaning to access the heads of the screws.

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Wiggle the power supply cord to loosen the clamshell set and rotate the case open.
  • Wiggle the power supply cord to loosen the clamshell set and rotate the case open.

  • Remove the bubble level.

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  • Disengage and remove the spindle and gear assembly.

  • Lift out the field assembly and armature.

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  • Slide the armature out of the field assembly.

  • Rotate the field assembly to lay on the top. This allows for easier access to the frayed wire.

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  • Cut a piece of electrical tape about one inch long.

  • Wrap it tightly around the frayed section of the wiring.

  • It is easier to start with one of the corners and wrap the tape at an angle.

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  • Lay the field assembly back down and align the armature.

  • Reinsert the armature and rotate to point it "drill downward."

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  • Compress the brushes in the brush ring so the ball bearing at the end of the armature assembly can get through.

  • Use a spudger or similar thin tool.

    • Side view. This is not far enough.

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  • Reaching from the sides, use the spudger to insert the armature even farther.

  • Side view. This is far enough.

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  • Lay the field/armature assembly down.

  • Place the ball bearing ring on the opposite end of the armature.

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  • Place the motor back into the bottom half of the clamshell case.

  • Make sure the three ball bearings are aligned with their receptors. Slightly adjusting the armature inside the field may be necessary.

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  • Replace the spindle and gear assembly.

  • Lift and adjust until the two helical gears are meshed properly.

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  • Place the switch into the slot.

  • Tuck the wiring both inside the edge of the case and out of the way of the support pegs.

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  • Thread the power cord through the support pegs.

  • Insert the top end of the cord protector into the slot.

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  • Replace the level.

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  • Using the notch, align the two halves of the clamshell case and close it.

  • Pay special attention to ensure the wiring all stays clear of the support pegs and the ball bearing wheels and level all stay in their slots.

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  • Rescrew all seven screws using the T20 driver.

  • To ensure a tight fit, use the T-handle configuration on the screwdriver.

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  • Finished.

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Plug it in and see if it works more reliably.

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