The Cosco step stool is a common house hold item that has been around for decades. Older Cosco step stools tend to get worn and need replacements to still be functional. This guide will show you how to disassemble the seats from a Cosco Step Stool Stylaire (model 44-B) and replace the cushion and upholstery material.

  1. Cut two pieces of foam for each seat cushion.
    • Cut two pieces of foam for each seat cushion.

      • Bottom seat: 14" x 12"

      • Back rest: 14" x 6"

  2. Cut two pieces of oil cloth for each seat.
    • Cut two pieces of oil cloth for each seat.

      • Bottom seat: 20" x 18"

      • Back rest: 17.5" x 9.5"

    • Using a Phillips #0 screwdriver, unscrew the back rest from the stool.

    • To detach the seat, lift up the seat and use a flathead screwdriver to lift up all four tabs underneath.

    • Use the flathead screwdriver to pry the top of the seat off.

    • The base of the seat will stay attached to the stool.

    • Use a flathead screwdriver to lift up the tabs on the back rest to remove the metal plate.

    • Remove old materials from each metal seat plate.

    • You may need to use a paint scraper to scrape off the foam.

    • Clean off any rust using vinegar and paper towels.

    • Use the spray adhesive to spray the metal plates and apply the foam to their respective pieces.

    • Let it sit for five minutes to dry.

    • Spray adhesive onto foam and center each metal plate on the cloth so that there is an equal amount of cloth peeking out on all four sides.

    • Smooth cloth onto each metal plate, pushing from the center, outwards.

    • Fold the cloth up over the sides and clothespin it down along all four edges.

    • Let it dry for at least one hour.


To reassemble your device, follow steps 3-5 in reverse order, using a hammer to push down the tabs.

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